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     Journey of Hope Grief Support Center

    3900 West 15

    Anticipating Loss

    th Street, “Learning that someone in your

    Suite 306 family is ill and/ or dying is a blow to Plano, TX 75075 Anticipating everyone the news touches. If the onset of the illness was sudden or Loss unexpected, you and the rest of your

     family will likely feel shock and Support Group numbness at first. This is a natural

     and necessary response to painful


     [CUSTOMER NAME] Perhaps the most compassionate [STREET ADDRESS] thing you can do for your family [ADDRESS 2] during this stressful time is to reach [CITY, ST ZIP CODE] out for help on their behalf

     Dr. Alan Wolfelt

     Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transitions

     Everyone grieves when

     adjusting to the changing

     roles of their family when

    Where Children’s Hearts someone they love is ill Begin to Heal

     and/or dying.


History General Information

    Who: The Journey of Hope Grief Support

    Center is a non-profit organization Age 9-99 (No Childcare will be available) dedicated to providing group grief support to children, teens, and their What: parents or adult caregivers who are Grief Support Group for those who face anticipating or mourning the loss of a prolonged illness and/or the impending loved one. Son, Age 16 death of a Loved-One The Journey of Hope offers these When: services in a warm, caring, and Nine week programs offered in nurturing environment where the Summer, Fall & Spring feelings of grief, pain, and loss may (Call the office to find out be expressed. Trained facilitators when the next session begins) lead participants in their personal journey toward healing and healthy Groups divided by age reconciliation of their grief. (children, teens, adults) for sharing and constructive hands on activities Where:

    Journey of Hope Office Daughter, Age 12 th 3900 West 15Street, Suite 306

    Plano, TX 75075 Contact

    Families wanting support groups How:

    and program information To begin attending group, please

    may contact our call the JOH office for registration

    Program Director

    972.964.1600 Husband

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