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    Societal Multilingualism 2012 Announcements & Links Lecturer: Dr Nick Wilson

This is where, until I can access Blackboard, I will post any announcements or links to relevant material

    for the course. If you want to ask questions, and are happy for me to share them with the rest of the

    class via this page, then email me. Obviously if the question isn’t relevant for everybody then I won’t share it.

    Nick Wilson


    Multilingual Manchester

    The link to the Multilingual Manchester site that I mentioned in class today is:

    Please browse around it to get some inspiration for your project.


    Session Planner

    Syllabus 2012

    General Reading List

    Urban Multilingualism Reading List

    Assignment Details

    Topic Suggestions Lecture Slides

    Week 1 Week 2 Lecture 3 (Week 4)

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