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    Advertising: Love Ads targeting love appeal to the desire

    The Magic of Communication to love and be loved, and use beauty, masculinity,

     We usually associate the word brainwashing and sex appeal.

    with prisoners of war undergoing a torturous form Comfort Ideas of comfort appeal to being of mind change, but we are exposed to warm, nourished, relaxed, and free from stress. brainwashing every day of our lives: advertising. Personal importance is about ego fulfillment:

     In its simplest form, it is the sign at the desire for status, success, power, and respect. McDonald’s that says “Big Macs 99?.” In its It includes ads to avoid embarrassment, such for most complex form, it is a meticulously planned products like antiperspirant and dandruff shampoo.

    and executed campaign to make us we want what Sense enjoyment appeals to sight, hearing, we don’t have and buy, buy, buy! touch, smell, taste, and fun.

     We are constantly bombarded by advertising

    from radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, and the Agency “Secrets”

    Internet. Our mailboxes are flooded with circulars Besides appealing to the basic and secondary and catalogs. Our virtual mailboxes are filled with human desires, advertising agencies use “secrets” spam. Billboards hug the edges of streets. for their ad campaigns to help sell their products.

     Advertising is as old as newspapers and as Product names are chosen to convey an

    modern and sophisticated as on-line services. Ad image. Burger King, Dairy Queen, Atlas, and agencies have developed because advertisers want Tiger Paws help make the product seem strong, to reap the greatest rewards from the money they large, and important. Nike, the “Winged Victory” invest in their advertising. The agency serves the goddess, suggests speed. Sunkist and Ocean Spray needs of the advertiser and in return receives as a bring to mind the idea of freshness from nature.

    commission 15% of the total dollars the advertiser Name Association - Advertisers remind us

    spends in television, radio, magazines, newspapers, that a new product is from the same makers of billboards, and other media. another product we already use and trust.

     Themes - The theme is the main message of

    Emotional Appeals the ad. The theme for Chevy trucks is that they are

     Advertisers want to gain the attention of the built to last. McDonalds’ theme is fun. The theme

    buying public and to encourage sales, so their ads gets the message across quickly and simply and are designed to appeal to five basic human often provides a catchy slogan. emotional needs that are considered universal,

     Slogans - The slogan is important because it is desires that human beings share:

    often the only thing the audience remembers when Life Safety, security, health, bargains and

    the ad is over. The slogan must be simple, economy, convenience, efficiency, cleanliness,

    containing only one message, and should include dependability, quality, and receiving information

    the product’s name. Chevy’s truck slogan supports about the product fulfill the desires for an

    its theme of being well-built: Like a rock. improved life.

     Sex Appeal - Because the desire to be loved is

    one of the strongest emotions, sex appeal is a

    powerful tool. Billion dollar industries from An actor in a white coat may proclaim that 9 out of Revlon and Clairol to Levi and Gap use 10 dentists recommend that their patients use a campaigns focused on the desire to attract the particular toothpaste or that the toothpaste reduces opposite sex. Beautiful girls and handsome men cavities by 98%. An actor in coveralls and holding sell endless varieties of soaps, soups, and sodas. a clipboard may explain which automobile has the

    best crash test ratings or the best gas mileage. Endorsements or testimonials gain attention

    Numbers are used to make products seem and help sell products. Endorsements are made by

    beneficial, dependable, and vital. everyday housewives claiming which detergent is

    the best and by super athletes raving about hot Color psychology is a relatively new science dogs. Millions of dollars are paid to sports and that has changed many ideas about advertising. movie stars to tell us which aftershave, which car, Color ads sell most products better than black and which beer, and which soft drink to buy. white. Some ads are black and white, using color

    only for the product being promoted! Studies Humor, Children, and Animals - Most

    show that cool colors such as greens and blues people love to laugh and enjoy looking at cute

    produce calm feelings good for cleaning or health children and adorable animals. Therefore, ads are

    care products and hot colors like reds and oranges full of clever remarks, humorous happenings, and

    create excitement that sells sports cars. all kinds of kids and animals. Young people

    identify with such images and older persons Plain folks - The person endorsing the

    remember their own childhood. product reminds the consumer of someone to be

    trusted, like a neighbor or grandparent. Promises - Among the promises advertisers

     Bandwagon - Join the crowd. Everyone else make are weight loss, clear skin, more energy,

    is buying this product, and you should, too! greater sex appeal and eternal youth. (But only

     Transfer - If you buy this product, you’ll be promise what you can deliver!) happy, secure, adventurous, successful, or Guarantees allow people to feel safe buying beautiful - just like the people in the ad. something they have not tried before because they Glittering generalities (puffery) Words like believe they can get their money back if the “helps” or “new and improved” are used to product does not work or if they do not like it. impress us, but are unsubstantiated. Think of this

     Special Offers make buyers feel that they are as inference without evidence. Although

    receiving a better value for their money. These advertisers in the real world use these terms, you incentives include coupons, gifts-with-purchase, should avoid them in your campaigns. quantity discounts, and free samples. A buyer

     As you prepare your ad campaigns, appeal to deciding between a Ford and a Dodge may choose

    their emotions and desires of your target audience. the Dodge when she finds out that air conditioning Make sure the theme is clear, the slogan is simple is included at no additional cost this month. and easy to remember, and the jingle is catchy. Offers with deadlines may spur buyers to action. Use the “secrets” of advertising to help you get

    your message across and sell your product. Scientific Statistics and Polls are used to help

    convince the consumer which product to purchase.

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