the ideal english summercamp

By Clara Harrison,2014-10-16 11:15
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the ideal english summercamp

The Ideal English Summer Camp

    Sunshine and laughter during an ideal English summer camp seem to be the ideal cure for our last busy semester. Depression is at least a major issue of our students in the department of physics. Left unchecked, stress can lead to illnesses which affect physical fitness, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, anorexia, insomnia and dreamful sleep and severe aches and pains, sore back and backache in particular.

    Yet although busy schoolwork is customarily cited as the main cause, ordinary idle summer holiday, regarded by most students as the best cure for depression, can be even more damaging.

    Instead of tackling the problem before it goes away, the sheer numbers of students still believe an idle summer holiday will work magic for them. But summer holiday slip by, only to give them more excuse for laziness. It in turn becomes a complex vicious circle, with students coming back more stressed than before they went home.

    Then disappointment also works. Once your high hopes of your ideal summer holiday lets you down, you will not be refreshed, and may feel in need of another holiday. So that kind of summer holiday, if it does not kill you, will not help you to recharge your own batteries.

    In a word, an ideal English summer camp can be a great choice. It is not as busy as school days, and is not as boring as the above idle summer vacation. Especially we can learn a lot. And that can be a fine transition from a freshman to a sophomore.

    In my opinion, a quantity of English activities might be involved, which in turn help us to find out our potential in English learning. And our boys are innate game players, that kind of things will be to our taste. Besides, interest can always be the best teacher. So performing these activities in a more compelling way will be what we want. But promoting our English ability is the priority. Followings are my personal views about the ideal English summer camp.

    Firstly, listening and speaking is of great significance, without which how can we communicate with others in English. Therefore teachers can create some daily topics to encourage us to talk about, such as the weather, hobby, lifestyle and so on. If the foreign teacher can join the conversation, that could do better.

    Secondly, studying Western culture is definitely useful. The foreign teachers can teach western table manners, festival activities, the western lifestyle and some social no-no as well. Lacking such common senses can be terrible especially when you are intended to go to the west.

    In addition, singing English songs or watching English movies is beneficial to improve our sense of English learning. Imagine that we all sing English songs while walking and for rest we all enjoy those funny movies under the trees. That can be fantastic!

    Last but not least, English drama is necessary. Because this activity can improve many-sided English skills, such as listening skill, speaking skill and writingskill as well .So teachers can hold a playwriting competition, which means that the victor

    has the privilege of making his drama performed. And to be honest, my favorite English activity is the English drama. And I once joined an English drama together with my classmates, and the result is satisfying. However, what matters is that we all enjoy it very much.

    All in all, an ideal English summer camp can surely light our boring summer vacation, and improve our English skills as well.

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