Unit 3 Lessons 23--24

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Unit 3 Lessons 23--24Unit

    Unit 3 Lessons 2324

    (20分钟 50)

?. 用所给词的适当形式填空(3分钟(10分,

    1. Many _____(thank)for your help.

    2. Danny _____(invite)many friends to his home last Sunday.

    3. My mother bought a birthday cake with thirteen _____(candle)for me.

    4. The big coat _____(fit)me next year. 5. He felt happy _____(have)his birthday with his friends.

    ?. 单项选择(3分钟(10分,

    1. Why don’t you try on this overcoat? It’s _____ fashion this year.

    A. on B. at C. for D. in 2. She didn’t know where _____.

    A. to go B. going C. should go D. go to

    3. —Thank you for the presents. They’re so great!


    A. Please don’t say so B. No, thanks

    C. I’m glad you like them D. No, they are not good enough

    4. This is _____ bedroom. Let’s go in it and have a look.

    A. Jane and Kate B. Jane’s and Kate’s

    C. Jane’s and Kate D. Jane and Kate’s

    5. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I’ll _____ some flowers _____ my mother.

    A. get; from B. buy; for C. get; to D. buy; from ?. 根据图画提示(完成句子(4分钟(10分,

1. —Where’s your mother, Sandy?

    She is _______________.

    2. Simon, _______________ the tap, please. OK. We should save water.

    3. Where does your uncle work?


    4. What can you see?

    A mother is ______________.

    5. This hairstyle!发型,is ______________ this year. Many girls like it.

    —Yes, it’s very popular.

    ?. 补全对话, 每空一词(5分钟(10分,

    A: Ben, tomorrow is your birthday. Am I right? B: Yes, but 1 do you know it?

    A: Mr. Chen told us. And we’ll have a birthday party 2 you tomorrow evening.

    B: That’s very kind 3 you.

A: 4 is a present for you. It’s 5 Li Ming and me.

    B: What’s that? Can I open it and have a 6 ?

    A: 7 . It’s a Chinese dictionary.

    B: 8 nice! I just need one these days. It’s very kind of you. 9 you for this wonderful


    A: I am glad you 10 it. By the way, would you like to see the flower show with me this


    B: I’d love to, but I can’t. I’ve so much homework to do. Thank you all the same.

    ?. 阅读理解(5分钟(10分,

     1. Silvia is from _____ and she will be _____ years old.

    A. Spain; 21 B. France; 30

    C. Japan; 21 D. France; 60

    2. If you are in Spain and today is your twelfth birthday, _____.

    A. you can get twelve presents

    B. your friends may pull your ear twelve times

    C. your twelve friends will come to your party

    D. you can get up at twelve

    3. In Japan, _____ is the beginning of a new life.

    A. the first birthday

    B. the twentieth birthday

    C. the sixtieth birthday

    D. the thirtieth birthday

     4. In France, when your birthday comes, _____.

    A. your friends invite you to go out for dinner

    B. you give presents to your friends

    C. your friends hold a party for you

    D. you invite your friends to go out for dinner

    5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

    A. In Japan, people often get something red on the sixtieth birthday.

    B. In France, the thirtieth birthday is the beginning of a new life.

    C. Gerard’s friends may invite him to a birthday party.

    D. Mrs. Sai is from Spain.

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