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BBC 2010-03-19

BBC News with David Austin.

    President Obama is postponing a trip to Indonesia and Australia, so he can stay in Washington to try to get his health care reforms passed by Congress. Mr.Obama had already delayed the long arranged trip once and was due to set off on Sunday. But with the crucial vote on the reforms expected within days, the trip has been put off entirely until June. From Washington, Mark Mardell reports.

    The President has made changes to America's health care insurance system, he's flagship domestic legislation. It's dragged on for over a year and divided the country. It will be damage if he can't get it through. The climax is near, so far there is no sign of any Republicans voting for it. It fate lies in the hands of a handful men in the president's own party. Who either feel it allows for easier abortion or who simply fear a backlash in November's elections. He favored from a measure they are can stitch on dislike.

    The United States and Russia say they are close to new nuclear arms reduction treaty. Speaking after discussions in Moscow with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the final agreement would be reached soon. From Moscow, Robert Winfield Hales reports.

    For the last year, US and Russian negotiators have been trying to slash out a new treaty. Today in Moscow, Hillary Clinton confirmed that a new treaty is now close and they are now discussing where it will be signed. President Obama urgently needs a foreign policy success. When he came into office a year ago, he made an improving relations with Russia a censor piece of his foreign strategy. A year on, there is little concrete to show for it. That's why for America much more than for Russia sailing this new treaty is so important.

    Nigeria has recalled its ambassador to Libya, following a suggestion by the Libyan leader Mu'ammar Al-Qaddafi that Nigeria be divided into two states-- one Christian and one Muslim to help stop Nigerians from being slaughtered. Hundreds of people have been killed in Nigeria in recent weeks in religious and ethnic violence. Our correspondent in Nigeria Peter Greste has more.

    Colonel Gaddafi 's coming implied that a recent wave of killings in the central Plateau State is about religion. But analysts say that why it has religious overturns to call of the crisis is a struggle for land and political power. Now the Nigerian government has active by recalling its ambassador to Tripoli for consultations. In a foreign ministry press briefing, its spokesman ... said Colonel Gaddafi's comments are insensitive and diminished the colonel's state in his credibility as an African leader has been calling for the unity of the entire continent.

    A man has pleaded guilty in a Federal Court in New York to hijacking an American

    airliner to Cuba more than 40 years ago. Luis Armando Pena Soltren, an American citizen, admitted to boarding the Pan Am flight in 1968 and ordering its diversion to Cuba in mid-flight. He spent four decades in Cuba until surrendering to the US authorities last year.

World News from the BBC.

    An American woman accused of plotting with Islamist militants to commit murder overseas has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her in a court in Philadelphia. The authorities say the woman cleaned the roads, went online, calling herself Jihad Jean and trying to recruit Islamist fighters and raise money for Jihad or Holy War.

    A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip has killed a farm worker in southern Israel. The first death from such an attack since the Israeli offensive last year. Two Palestinian groups claimed to carry out the attack. Abu Ibrahim who is the spokesman for ... propaganda said the operation was in response what he described as Israeli abuse of Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem.

    As part of Palestinian resistence, we can not stand idly by in the face of Israeli violation against our blessed exile Mosque. And this operation was carried out by our rocket group which fired deep inside Israeli territory. Israel says its response would be strong and appropriate. The rocket struck as the European Union Foreign Policy Chief visited Gaza.

    Scientists in the United States have genetically engineered fruit flies of their sperm grows in the dark. A technique which could help researching human fertility. The scientists altered the sperm of fruit flies so that it glowed either red or green. When the flies made it observable to see what happens to live sperm within the female after a calculation. One of the officer of the research Professor Scott Pitnick explains how he felt when saw the multicolored sperm through the microscope for the first time.

    It far exceeds our expectations in that we can essentially track the fate of every sperm the female receives. But really, it's really seeing auburn in the novel observations of the complexity of what sperm do inside the female reproductive tract that no one has ever been able to observe before. That's really knocked us out. Professor Scott Pitnick.

And that's latest BBC News.

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