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     ndUpdated and effective from 2 November 2010

Advertising Policy Guidelines

    Advertising is separate from editorial content. Advertising in More to Life’s Newsletter or website is not an endorsement of a company, product or service. More to Life (MTL) is not liable for claims made for a product or service. MTL will only sell advertising in its publications/website when such advertising does not interfere with the purpose of the publication and when the advertising is not incompatible with MTL’s overall mission.

    The following principles are applied by MTL in determining the eligibility of advertising MTL’s publications.

General Eligibility Requirements

    ; All advertising in MTL publications/website must be relevant to,

    effective in, and useful in infertility or childfree living. Products and

    services that are offered by responsible advertisers that are of interest

    to MTL’s audiences may be eligible for advertising and will be

    considered on a case-by-case basis.

    ; All advertisements are subject to the approval of MTL and its editors.

    MTL, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline or cancel at any

    time any advertisement, either newly submitted or previously accepted.

    ; MTL reserves the right to decline advertising for any product or service

    that is involved in litigation with respect to claims made in the

    marketing of the product.

    ; Pharmaceutical companies must comply with the Association of British

    Pharmaceutical Industries regulations regarding advertising and


    ; All advertisements are accepted and published by MTL on the

    guarantee of the advertiser or the advertising agency working on

    behalf of the advertiser that they are authorised to publish the entire

    contents and subject matter of the content.

    ; It is the responsibility of the advertiser to comply with the laws and

    regulations applicable to the marketing and sales of its products or

    services. Acceptance of advertising in MTL publications/website should

    not be construed as a guarantee that the advertiser has complied with

    such laws and regulations. All advertisements must clearly and

    prominently identify the advertiser by trademark or signature.

    ; Layout, artwork and format shall be such as to be readily

    distinguishable from editorial content and to avoid any confusion with

    the editorial content of the publication. The word “advertisement” may

    be required.


    ; Advertising copy should be factual and in good taste and should not be

    deceptive or misleading. Any statements made should be proven and


    ; Advertisements that contain criticism of a competitor’s products and/or

    arbitrary comparisons are not acceptable.

    ; Advertisements must be non-discriminatory and inoffensive, in both

    text and artwork, and must comply with all applicable laws and

    regulations. Advertisements that discriminate against individuals or

    groups based on sex, age, race, religion, marital status or physical

    handicap will not be accepted.

    ; Third party advertisements will not normally contain the MTL name or


    Distribution of Newsletter and availability of advertising space

    ; The MTL newsletter is produced quarterly and is widely distributed to

    members throughout the UK.

    ; Copies of each edition also go to sister organisations both within the

    UK and overseas.

    ; No more than 10% of each edition of the newsletter will be made

    available for advertising and ads will be accepted on a first come first

    served basis.

Advertising space

    ; The amount of space allocated to advertising on MTL’s website is at

    the discretion of the Chief Executive.

    ; Advertising space will not be allowed to overshadow the charitable

    content of the website.

Media adverts

    Requests from the media for case studies/stories to be advertised in MTL’s publications/website will be accepted at the discretion of the Chief Executive. A charge will be made for this service, although some discretion will be allowed and the charge waived where it is deemed to be promoting awareness of infertility and/or the best interests of the charity and its users. A charge of ?50 will be levied; however, some flexibility may be applied if the Communications Officer feels from his/her discussions with the journalist, that an alternative amount would be more appropriate.


    All one-time advertising insertions are payable in advance. MTL reserves the right to refuse any advertisement if the account balance has not been paid in total.


    After the advertising space closing deadline, cancellations will not be accepted and the advertiser will be liable for full payment of the agreed advert.


Cancellation of Website ads

    Cancellations prior to the advert going live and where payment has been made will incur a 10% administration charge. Cancellation after the ad has gone live will incur a 25% administration charge

Entire and Only Agreement

    Any insertion order submitted by the advertiser represents acceptance of all terms and conditions applicable to the advertisement.

Mechanical Specifications

    Please read these specifications carefully. Advertisements improperly submitted will be returned or altered at the discretion of MTL; the advertiser will be invoiced for any alterations.


    Advertisements must be submitted electronically.


    For advertisements in the I N UK magazine, please submit a QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or Adobe Photoshop file for Macintosh with all associated fonts and artwork included. Adobe Acrobat PDF files are acceptable as long as they are high resolution (saved as press-ready) 300 dpi, 4mm bleed with crop marks, in CMYK, with fonts embedded.

    If there is a photo and/or logo, these should be supplied as jpegs, tif or eps and be as large as possible. A photographic print may be acceptable. A compliment slip or letterhead showing the logo may also be acceptable provided in both cases that the quality is good.

    A4 page size is 210 x 99mm with other sizes available half or quarter this. Lineage is available on request

    Infertility is an emotionally distressing illness for our service users and we are aware of the sensitivities, therefore please ensure that the images for adverts do not depict babies or pregnant bumps.


    For advertisements on the MTL website, please submit these as a jpg. Images at the bottom of the pages need to be 400 x 100 pixels, and for the scrolling ads at the top of the home page, images should be 193 X 102 pixels

    Infertility is an emotionally distressing illness for our service users and we are aware of the sensitivities, therefore please ensure that the images for adverts do not depict babies or pregnant bumps.





     Eighth Quarter Half Page

    Page Page

    Inside pages ?50 ?120 ?200

    per edition


    Banner on forums (This appears on ?400 per month

    every posting on every forum on the site)

    Banner on Home Page ?200 per month

    Banner on any one single page of web ?80 per month

    site excluding the Home Page and forums

    Rotating banner at top of home page ?100 per month

    maximum 10 ads scrolling on the page at any one time viewers have ability to

    scroll back to ad of their choice

Diary Dates on Events Page

Commercial Organisations: up to 100 words ?100; 100-200 words

    ?200, per month including logo

Non-Profit Making Organisations: Free lineage up to 50 words; 50-200

    words ?100

    Free Patient Events/Independent Support Group Meetings: Free lineage up to 50 words; 50-200 words ?100

Other advertising in magazine/website: prices and availability on request


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