serious campaigns should be launched against smoki

By Albert Duncan,2014-10-12 12:34
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serious campaigns should be launched against smoki

    Serious Campaigns should be launched against smoking

     It is apparently certified that the harm to human health as a result of excessive smoking. Governments across the world have taken some measures against smoking. However, statistics show that the population of smokers has still been rising in recent years. The health of individuals, families and even the environment are in danger. Thus in my opinion, our world governments should launch serious campaigns against smoking.

     The first point is that smoking leads to many fatal diseases and threatens peoples health. According to the medical evidence, one

    single cigarette contains more than 20 kinds of poisonous chemicals, which can seriously harm the organs of human body such as lung, heart and liver. As a result, people can easily contract lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. If we dont take effective measures

    against smoking, the condition of peoples health will become worse

    and worse.

     Second, smoking affects the health of next generations. It has proved the harm to the fetus health as a result of smoking. The fetus who lives in smoking environment with a long-term may be deformed. In our daily life, such reports are likely to be seen on TV everyday. Thus smokers are not only hurt themselves, but also get their families suffered. In this sense, smoking undoubtedly accounts

for an obvious hindrance to the next generations heathy growth.

     The last but not the least, smokers infringe the rights of non-smokers to breathe clean air. It is proved that non-smokers have greater chances to get lung cancer than smokers themselves. Non-smokers can also suffer from headache, coughing, throat soreness and other illnesses. Therefore, smokers should stop smoking since every one has the right to breathe clean air.

     From what we have discussed above, we may easily come to the conclusion that governments should take immediate and effective actions against smoking for the sake of the health of people and the environment. For instance, every individuals should be committed to contend against smoking.

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