sth you do need a lot of courage

By Joshua Greene,2014-10-12 12:36
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sth you do need a lot of courage

    College English 1 (Integrated)

    Writing Assignment

    Final draft

    Name: IvyGroup:ACC1A

    Topic:A moment when you did something that took a lot of courage

     Many individuals insist that nothing is difficult to the man who will try.The following case is a typical example of this thing. On this summer holiday, our family choose a sunny weather and early in the morning we arrived at climb ZiJing Mountain. Although this is not my first time to climb ZiJing Mountain, I was a little nervous. Because we did not choose the usual way to climb. That day we chose a difficult route. I thought it is good for my health, so I immediately agreed to this proposal.

     At the beginning, I felt simple as usual. It was only need you to climb stairs, so I began to run up and I was so happy because I kept ahead. But a few minutes later, I was thirsty and tired, so I stopped to climb and drank some water. After a while my father was ahead of me. He told me :do not hurry, otherwise you will feel so tired and want to give up. I listened to his suggestion and I felt better than before.

     After a while, we climbed the final part which is the most difficult. But I did not feel afraid, on the contrary, I was full of confidence. So

    I ran fast. Unfortunately, it was not as simple as I thought. It was really difficult; the final part was almost vertical. When I wanted to give up, my father gave me a helping hand and told me: you just think take the next step and try again to take the next step. Do not think about how difficult it is. You need to try your own strength to overcome this difficulty. Fortunately, I climbed to the top of the mountain and I saw the attractive scene.I admired deeply the beauty of nature:the magnificent mountain,the beautiful clouds,and the green pinesall the things were the craft of the nature. How

    wonderful! Of course I took a lot of photos as permanent memory. As a reward, my parents ask me to a dinner. I was happy not only I ate a big dinner, but also happy I conquered my fear.

     From this case, I learn something:as long as you have courage, you can conquer every mountain, no matter how high it is! This same principle applies to daily life, when you meet some difficulty, you should bear in mind that nothing is difficult to the man who will try. I fully convince that I will have more confidence to challenge high difficulty route.

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