life a first floor situation

By Julia Roberts,2014-10-12 12:31
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life a first floor situation

    When your body faces genial breezes to kiss noodles, the oriole Ti Yan language, green hills and blue waters, good farm ten thousand just of beauties of spring, settle however will sink into among them;When you face such as the gold silver, return with a full load of gold autumn stanza, not definitely surprise not already.You canned once think, but that full of life beauties of spring was to experience successively ice-cold magnificent posture after baptizing, that lovely view in gold autumn poured is bore intense heat crystallize after melting.Return to Mou to contemplate, practical we of the life is as well like Si.Not experience some kind of ambition are as cold as the Che bone of brawl, which can obtain to mix coming into nostrils of body result joss-stick?

    Life ambition.Is a first floor situation, like a big tree, but it is still only just a seed.The sheen of the life is needed life ambition to polish up, it gives with the indicator of life's brightest hall.Also have it, we would maintain to more walk in belonging to our route of travels more far, the ideal is very big, general is the whole life from cradle to the grave have no the life ambition of a life time, a life ambition of stage, a year of ambition.But the life ambition is also very small, even a month, a day, an hour and a minute of ideal can also eliminate the most beautiful little spark in your heart and wash the boundless dust of one way thus, all the way and forward.If the heavy flower in spring what bloom of bright, if the star Dou in summer He Shan Zhuo silver Hui, the road of life, if start to hoist sail a sail, lead one poetry to green jade Xiao?I feel the riddle bottom is easy-that is to let the"seed" that can grow up big tree in heart fall to the ground, take root, draw sprout.

    The physical fight is a second floor farm land.Big tree again big, its growth also needs process.Youth, would be a clearly the beautiful but refreshing vocabulary is being placed in if under the Si brilliant date of we are next.The old heart unavoidably also looks forward to a lot, yes, who not thirst like to be own seaman, lead the boat sail of life to sign the ground of awl into the another one?From refuse to be distracted to study the parties of student who know the word to positively become the office worker of rapidly busy favour, we stepped over the part of duty of adulthood six, the most attractive chapter also silently and first presents to public from here in the life.Is

    united at heart to with concentration want and fly a sheltering and protecting of parents, fight shot to belong to oneself of heavy Xiao nine day, actually, my youth is made decision by our oneself!Method rather than disappear quietly ground to shout entrance, drop arm total amount the ground after escaping from the glasshouse face limitless world, we can be fond of Mang, can should be calm and steady for a while:My Fang China, if I what make decision?In the life, the city of the material self meets a not gratifying matter and suffers encumbrance, is misunderstood, is rejected each time etc..Feeling at the moment is undoubtedly the Zu Zhi that is together hard to exceed.But is this to grow up medium joys and sorrows, the growth of big tree needs sunlight and nutrient.The demanding hour pleases will your believe that himself/herself and courage Wei Suo donate money to charity.Remember:The flower in the glasshouse is long of although is gorgeous, but inside a life time always could not send forth it that Qin person of fragrant. The harvest is the 3 F territory ground:The autumn of the gold came, our big tree also really grow up.Its growth refracts the road of a shining life.And ignore this"tree" can be tall and big in stature to sign especially, the branches and leaves bushiness even is to bloom, result.Don't say if this big tree's end harvest equivalent in a few days pays today as well.If harvest, is already a kind of result, .Just like the life, victory, then harvest fresh flowers and applause, lose war, then harvest experience, much more several experience, then come again afresh.Only we use the fetter that the pertinacity breaks luck and use to believe that oneself and courage illuminate career.Sow ideal, unremittingly kill brutally, believing eventually will have a day of "the wild goose leads to worry heart to go to, mountain title good month come", trust eventually will have result! The things of the past is like song, the on the travel in life was certainly frustrated and had been already regretted deeply, but didn't have already lost youth of good-looking.Believe an oneself, hope to be always certain, let us record that sentence:Missed the sun, I didn't sob, otherwise, I will miss moon and star Dou.So, let us together encourage!

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