Unit 8 Why don't you get her a scarf

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Unit 8 Why don't you get her a scarf

    Unit 8 Why don't you get her a scarf?


    1. I think ______ important to listen carefully to the teacher in class.

    A. this B. that C. it D. its 2. It’ll ______ you ten minutes to walk there.

     A. use B. get C. take D. make 3. Why _____ on Saturday?

     A. not go B. not to go C. with D. going 4. Im afraid I cant agree _____ you.

     A. to B. at C. with D. for 5. Shall we go to the supermarket now?


     A. Good idea B. Thats right C. Lets not D. No, we cant

    6. It’s ______ to work out this problem.

     A. enough easy B. easily enough C. easy enough D. very easily 7. What are you going to do this weekend?

     I _____ yet.

     A. havent decided B. wont decide C. have decide D. didnt decide

    8. Mr Li_______ England. He _____ London for two weeks.

     A. has been to , has been to B. has gone to , has been in

     C. has been to , has been in D. has gone to , has been to 9. How long have you ______ the book?

     A. borrow B. borrowed C. kept D. lent 10. Have you seen the film Return Of the King?

     ______. Im going to see it tonight.

     A. No, I didnt B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I have D. Not yet 11. Why _____ wash your face? I can see what you ate this morning.

     A. not you B. wont C. dont D. not

    12. What about _____ English next year?

     A. studies B. studys C. study D. studying 13. John, someone in your class phoned you this moring.

    Oh, who was ______?

    A. he B. she C. it D. him 14. Did you get a present ______ your mother?

    A. for B. at C. to D. with 15. Alice _____ his invitation to the party, but she didnt want to _____ it.

    A. receive, accept B. received, accept

    C. accepted, receive D. accept, receive 16. (乐山)Surprised and happy, Tony stoop up and _____ the present from his boss.

    A. received B. accepted C. refused 17. (黄冈)Im very tired these days because of studying for physics.

     Why not ______ music? It can make you _____.

    A. listen to, to relax B. listen to, relax

    C. listening to, relax D. listening to, to relax


18. (河北)Mary got good grades in school. _____ excited she is ?

     A. What B. what a C. How D. How a 19. What should I get my mom _____ her birthday?

     A. in B. to C. for D. with 20. This is his pen. Could you please _____?

     A. give him it B. give it him

    C. give it to him D. give him to it

    21. (无锡)Xiao Li said she would rather _____ join us.

     A. did not B. to not C. not D. not to 22. Mary, please ______ your young sister carefully.

    OK, Mom.

     A. take after B. take care of C. take from D. take care 23. Mr Brown has two _____ daughters. They are twins.

     A. twelve year old B. twelve years old

     C. twelve-year-old D. twelve-years-old 24. I waited until they were all fast _____.

     A. asleep B. sleep C. sleepy D. sleeping 25. She is a very kind lady and she has ______ a lot of money to the charity.

     A. given out B. given in C. given away D. given up 26. (温州)Why not join us in the game, Joy?

     _____, but I have to wash dishes first.

     A. Lets go B. Yes, please C. Id like to D. Not at all

    27. (沈阳)Its hot today. Why dont we go swimming?


     A. Thats a good idea B. It doesnt matter

     C. I dont, either D. You are welcome

    28. (大庆)_____ fine weather today?______ go out for a walk?

     A. What, Why not B. What, What about

     C. How, Why dont we D. What a, shall we


    I did a part-time job in an animal hospital last summer holiday, so I could see a lot of animals. Minnie was the funniest-looking 1._____I'd ever seen. She was very thin with less hair .And her tail 2.______like a rat's tail. She was brought by her owner because 3._____her ugly look. But I thought Minnie was very 4.____. She often helped other animals. 5._____I left the hospital ,l wanted to 6._____ a warm home for her. One day ,two kids came and told me they wanted to 7._____Minnie as their grandfather's pet dog 8._____their grandfather's six-year-old dog had just died. After I 9.______?they quickly took Minnie to their grandfather. I noticed the grandfather held Minnie in his arms and touched her softly. At that time ,l found the 10._____eyes were milky(乳白色的)he was blind.

    1. A. cat B. dog C. mouse D. parrot

    2. A. is B. seem C. look D. looked

    3. A. in B. on C?of


4. A. bad B. friendly C. personal

    5. A. When B. While C. How D.Where

    6. A. set up B. look for C. give away D. give to

    7. A. keep B. eat D. enjoy

    8. A.because C.if . D.after

    9. A.liked . B.disagreed C.agreed D.believed

    10.'s B.grandfathers' C. two kids' D. grandfather's


    Which pet is the best pet for you? Different pets are good for different people. People who live in the country can have almost any pet. Dogs need a lot of space to run, so the country is a good place for them. The country is a good place for cats, rabbits, horses, and birds, too.

    People who live in the city can also have pets. Cats are happy inside apartments. Birds, fish, and lizards can live in apartments. Dogs can be happy in apartments as long as they get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Dogs need to be walked every day. A jogger would make a good pet owner.

    Then the dog could run with its owner. Cat and dog owners must train their pets. Training takes time. Birds, fish, and lizards are better pets for people who are very busy.

    Cats and dogs both need soft beds to sleep on. Birds sleep on a perch in their cages. Lizards and fish need tanks to live in. One thing all animals need is lots of love.

    1. People who live in the country can have _____ as pets.

    A. dogs B. cats C. horses D. all the above 2. Which of the following is not mentioned as pets in this passage?

     A. Lizards B. Snakes C. Rabbits D. Fish

    3. Why does the author say that a jogger would be a good pet owner?

     A. The pet could run with its owner.

     B. The pet would not be well trained.

     C. The pet would have lots of love.

     D. The pet would have a good place to live in.

    4. Where does a pet bird sleep?

     A. In the water B. On a soft bed

     C. On a perch in the cage D. On a hard bed

    5. According to the passage, what must a pet owner give the pet whatever the pet is ?

     A. Enough food B. A lot of love

    C. A lot of water D. A comfortable home

    People know the dangers of fires. It’s good for a family to learn how to prepare

    for a fire. Here are sonic suggestions:

     Put a smoke a1arm in the house. Smoke from a fire causes the alarm to go off The alarm makes a loud sound. The sound tells everyone to leave the house at once.


     Make escape (逃脱) plans. They should know all the ways out of the house. If there is a fire, everyone follows the plan to get out. Part of the plan is to check all the windows to make sure they can be opened easily.

     Buy fire extinguishers (灭火器) in the house, Everyone in the family should know how to use them.

     Practise for a fire. They do fire practice because they teach children about fire safety. Everyone in. the family should know the following fire rules:

    * Don’t open a hot door! The tire can grow more quickly if you open the door.

    * Stay close to the floor! Smoke can be more dangerous than fire; the best air is near the floor because smoke rises.

    * What will you do if your hair or clothes start to burn? First, stop! Don’t run! The fire burns faster because of more air. Drop! Fall to the floor. Then roll! Turning over and over will make the fire go out. Put a blanket (毯子) around you

    to keep air away from the fire that may still be on you.

     There are many possible causes for fires. A wise family is ready all the time. If there is a fire, don’t forget to call 119 for help.

    ( ) 1. What does it mean when a smoke alarm rings at home?

     A. You have to get up. B. Water is running to the floor.

     C. Something is burning. D. Someone breaks your window, ( ) 2. The writer advises people to do the following to prepare for a fire except that ______

     A. they practise for a fire B. they make escape plans

     C. they buy fire extinguishers D. they use electrical cookers ( ) 3. When a fire happens, ________ if you open the hot door.

     A. the fire will grow more quickly B. the electricity will be cut off

     C. the door will soon be on fire D. the house will fall down ( ) 4. What are the right steps you should take when your hair or clothes catch fire?

     A. Stop, run, roll. B. Step, drop, roll.

     C. Run, drop, roll. D. Roll, drop, stop. ( ) 5. What is the best title for this passage?

     A. The Dangers of a Fire. B. The Causes of a Fire.

     C. Learn to Use a Fire Extinguisher. D. Be Ready for a Fire


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