Friendship Despite Great Difference in Age

By Edna Cook,2014-11-14 23:09
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Friendship Despite Great Difference in Age

     Friendship Despite Great Difference in Age

     Last month, we watched a British film, in the movie , a man and a child influenced each other's story,.In fact the film's name is About a Boy .

    Will a 36 years old bachelor, living on his fathers heritage. He spends all his day

    buying things in supermarket chasing after the girls. Marcus a precocity boy, living with his mother whose spirit is not normal. In school other children laugh at him for his weird clothes. At home he feel painful for his mothers crying and other


     After an accident ,the two boys know about each other. Then, the big boy become the little boy's hope.In the movie ,they help each other and later they make friends with each other .I think their friendship can called friendship between


     In my opinion, in the real world ,this kind of friendship is precious. Let us take Clinton and George H. W Bush as an example.

     In our eyes, they should be enemies because Clinton shattered the Bush ' dream of re-election .But in fact ,they are good friends because the "let the bed ". Last year, Clinton and George H.W. Bush visited southeast Asian .At that time, the plane is only a large bedroom, another room is furnished with tables and chairs.At night, Clinton offered to let 80 year-old George H.W. Bush with bedroom, he decided to have a rest in another room.Then next morning, George H.W. Bush quietly look around, and found he was lying on the ,sleeping, then Bush was touched.

     “Every man is an island and I stand by that, but, clearly some man are part of

    island chains. Below the surface of the ocean they’re actually connected.” I think the this not only means that we are connected with others in the society, but also means that we should help others around us to make the society more and more beautiful. In the end ,I want to give everyone a advice : help others to happy yourself.




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