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    A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.

    ; Why do people immigrate to other countries?

    ; What is the reason you moved out of your country to move here? ; Is immigration from one country to another a problem? In what ways do

    you see it as a problem?

    ; Do you know any immigrants?

    ; Do you think that immigrants are treated well in most countries? ; Do you think there is a relation between immigration and crime? ; Should any government limit the number of immigrants entering the

    country? What would be a good number?

    ; Is local culture threatened by immigration?

    ; How far should immigrants retain their culture?

    ; Should immigrants have the same rights as native citizens? ; Is there a difference between political and economic immigration?

    ; Should immigrants have the right to vote? In which elections? ; What should be done with the illegal immigrants entering a country? ; Should the country of origin of illegal immigrants be held responsible? ; Do immigrants have a good or bad reputation in your part of the


    ; Should students be allowed to wear clothes with cultural or religious

    symbolism at school?

    ; Do you think immigrants are treated with more suspicion now than they

    were a year ago?

    ; Do you know anyone that is married to an immigrant? ; Do you know any people who have emigrated from your country?

    ; Would you ever think of emigrating?

    ; Why would you think of emigrating?

    ; What would be some of the issues that would concern you about


    ; Are there a lot of immigrants in your community?

    ; Do immigrants in your community isolate themselves into a certain


    ; Should immigrants be required to learn the local language?

    ; How would you help an immigrant learn the local language? ; How would you encourage children of immigrants to become bilinqual

    by maintaining the original language and becoming fluent in the local


    ; Should immigrants be educated in their original language or the local


    ; To what extent should official documents be written in several

    languages to accommodate immigrants?

    ; Are immigration regulations too strict? In what way should they be


    ; How long should immigrants be required to live in the new country

    before they can become naturalized?

    ; What should be the requirements for naturalization?

    ; How does an immigrant become a citizen in your country? ; How does immigration affect the economic situation in your community? ; To what extent has the culture of your community become richer by


    ; How is your community incorporating immigrants into the life of the


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