Unit 4 He said I was hard-working

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Unit 4 He said I was hard-workingHe,I,he,Unit4,said,was,Unit,unit4,unit

    Unit 4 He said I was hard-working


    1??2009宁波?—When was the first man with A(H1N1)flu in mainland China known for sure?

     ______ May 11,2009.

    A. In B. On C. For D. Since 2. (2009绍兴)Lindas teacher was so mad ______ her because she made lots of mistakes in the test.

     A. at B. in C. on D. about 3. (2009贵阳)In China students ______ greet the teachers when classes begin.

     A. are supposed to B. are suppose to C. suppose to 4. My mother ______ me a big apple.

     A. pass B. passing C. past D. passed 5. The boy ______ won the first prize is called Roy.

     A. when B. whom C. who D. which 6. My uncle remembered ______.

    A. when we moved to the city B. when did we move to the city

    C. when we move to the city D. when do we move to the city 7. Please ______ my homework to Jack, and tell him to ______ to the math teacher.

     A. hand in ,pass it on B. pass on ,hand in it

    C. pass on ,hand it in D. hand in ,pass on it 8. Lily said she ______ mad at Lucy ______.

     A. not ,anymore B. isnt ,anymore C. wasnt ,anymore D. was ,anymore

    9. What do you think of his speech?

     Oh, wonderful. But he sounded really ______ when he first started speaking.

     A. aloud B. worried C. nervous D. quiet 10. My teacher was disappointed ______ me last year.

    A. at B. of C. with D. on 11. Do you know ______ his father will come to school tomorrow?

     A. which B. if C. who D. what 12. She should ______ her nervousness.

     A. go over B. get over C. got over D. look over 13. Im ______ at tennis, but Joy even does ______ in it than I.

     A. good, well B. good, better C. well, well D. well, better 14. The teacher asked the students ______.

     A. if teacher they interested in English

    B. whether were they interested in English

    C. whether were they interested in English

    D. if they were interested in English or not

    15. Ill bring ______ dictionary with me.

     A. myself B. self C. my own D. owns 16. Mr Li is very strange. I had a hard time ______ with him.

     A. work B. to work C. working D. worked 17. Im sorry ______ hear that.


     A. to B. about C. be D. / 18. I ______ him to stay here for one more week.

     A. hope B. think C. wish D. make 19. ______ a player. Im looking forward ______ the 2012 Olympic Games.

     A. For, at B. As, to C. With, for D. Of, to 20. The children of the village should ______ their eyes to the outside world.

     A. open up B. put up C. open on D. put on 21. She will ______ the area after finishing her studies.

     A. return to B. return C. to back D. get back 22. The mountain is about 10,000 feet ______ sea level.

     A. on B. over C. above D. onto 二、完形填空

    Several years ago there was an old man in a village?He had 16 fields?horses

    and sheep?He had only one son?but he 17 bought any books?exercise-books?or

    things like that for him?Even he didn't want to 18 the teachers?Of course they

    wouldn't teach his son?And four years 19 ?the boy didn't know how much one and one was?

     Now the boy was eleven?he couldn't read or write?And the teachers didn't take

    20 back?The old man couldn't teach his son himself?He thought and thought? 21

    he decided to get a tutor?家庭教师?to teach the boy?He wanted a man who could

    work but eat 22 ?

     One of the villagers learned this and decided to play a joke 23 him?He said

    to the old man, “I know a young man?He can teach your son and he wants no pay?’’

     “Does he eat much?”

     “No? 24 but the northwest wind?”

     The old man was happy?Just as he was going to get the young man?his wife came

    out and said?“Don't leave so soon?What are you going to do 25 the wind blows from the southeast?”

    16?A?a lot B?much C?most D?a lot of

    17?A?ever B?never C?even D?always

    18?A?give money B?get money C?cost D?pay

    19?A?past B?pass C?passes D?passed

    20?A?him B?his C?he D?it

    21?A?at least B?at last C?at times D?at first

    22?A?more B?fewer C?less D?better

    23?A?against B?for C?on D?with

    24?A?something B?nothing C?anything D?everything

    25?A?if B?how C?whether D?since


    A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a year. You may


    fail in an exam if you are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If you want to be good at English, you have to read and speak English as much as possible. A few days before the exam you should go to bed early. Its bad for you to sit up studying until deep into the night. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, try to understand the meaning of each question. When you have at last finished your exam, check your answers. Correctthe mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out.

    1. If people want to do well in the exam, they have to work hard_______.

     A. every day in a year B. for most of the month

     C. for only a few days D. late at night

    2. If people want to learn English well, they _______.

    A. only need to learn grammar

    B. must often practice English

    C. have to go to England

    D. should go to bed early

    2.It is important to _______ a few days before the exam.

     A. play too much B. have a good sleep

     C. read the question papers D. have a good drink

    3. When people have finished the exam, they should _______.

     A. stand up and leave at once

     B. answer a few more questions

     C. make sure that they dont miss anything out

     D. leave some mistakes on the question papers

    4. The best title for this passage is _______.

     A. An important exam B. An easy exam

     C. Get ready for an Exam D. How to Pass an Exam

    My little brother is six years old, in first grade. Yesterday, he gave mum a letter from his teacher. I got a red card today. Could you please sign this letter?

    he said to Mom. The letter showed that he had been talking during reading time. He gets a red card only once in a while. His real worry is that he hardly ever gets top scores in his schoolwork. The best he gets is OK, but often his score is

    You can do better than this. My mom tells me You can do better than this

    would mean Very bad in China.

     In America , teachers are very nice to their students. They never say anything too bad about their students; even if the students are making trouble in class or not working hard enough. The worst they might say is Please be nicer tomorrow.

    Many parents are pleased with a B-grade for each subject.

     I've heard that things are different in China. Expectations(期望) are very high

    for students. Even from first grade, they have a lot of homework. My first-grade Chinese cousin spent more time on homework than I did when I was a Grade 6 in the US! Yet his parents and school thought he was a bad student. But to me, he was good,


    even though he didn't meet his parents' expectations. My parents tell me that Chinese students are years before American students in math and science!

     Do you think its too strict in China? Or do you think that its not strict

    enough in America? Maybe both are true!

    ( )1. When students get"OK", it means they get ___ scores in their school.

     A. not bad B. very bad C. the lowest D. the best ( )2. Many parents in America are___when their kids get a B-grade.

     A. happy B. sad C. angry D. worried ( )3.What doesonce in a while in the first paragraph mean? It means ____.

    A. usually B. often C. sometimes D. once a day ( )4. The story mainly tells us ____.

     A. expectations in China are very high for students

    B. American schools are not strict enough with the students.

    C. Chinese children have more work than American children.

    D. about the different expectations between China and America. 四、书面表达



    Teachers What they said

    Math Hard-working

    Chinese Good at writing

    English Do well in listening

    Physics Can do better

    ... ...

    Dear John,

    Things are fine here. I finished my mid-term exams last week, and I got my report cardtoday

    What about you ? Write to me soon .

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________




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