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    1. Recently, the has brought into focus.

    2. A much debated issue these days is whether A or B.

    3. There is a growing tendency these days for people to do A.

    4. The controversy around whether A or B describes the dilemma faced by many


    5. Nothing has received more praise and abuse than

    6. This issue of whether A or B has been widely argued/debated currently. 7. Nowadays, an increasing number of people come to realize/be aware of the

    importance of


    1. Some people believe A, but others claim B.

    2. Some argue that A. On the other hand, opponents of this view say that B. 3. Some suggest/hold the opinion that A. However, other people hold a different

    point of view.

    4. Some people believe that A, while others argue/claim that the opposite/reverse is


    5. According to the opinion of some people, there are quite different attitudes



    1. Although some people acclaim that , I still prone to go to the other side based

    on the following reasons.

    2. Accounting to my personality and fondness, my favor goes to the first view. 3. Considering the views of the two sides, I prefer to put weight to the pros rather

    than cons.

    4. In my point of view, I would prefer

    5. I firmly believe that

    6. I find it hard to agree with


    1. In this essay, I aim to explore this complicated phenomenon from diverse

    perspectives and identify the relevant contributing factors and bring up some

    effective measures.

2. What has possibly contributed to this problem? In the first place,

    3. It is such an arduous job to identify the reason for , which involves several

    complicated factors.

    4. The reasons can be listed as follows. 5. A number of factors could account for

    6. This problem may result from


    1. A has improved the quality of our lives and are playing an significant role in our

    daily life.

    2. On the positive/plus side,

    3. A has a positive impact on people’s lives.

    4. Nothing can match with A in terms of


    1. The first and foremost one is,

    2. Last but not least,

    3. History has told us that,

    4. It also has been said that,

    5. Another thing why I dispute the statement above is that I am very sure that

    6. A common sense goes that,

    7. One of the strong point is that,

    8. I can think of no better illustration of this idea than the example of

    9. No one can deny/ignore/overlook the fact that

    10. A good case in point is

    11. Nothing could be more apparent than the evidence that

    12. Here is an old saying, It’s the experience of our forefathers. However, it is still

    correct in many cases even today.


    1. Without exception, A has brought us not only benefits but also risks.

    2. However, just as the same sword has two edges, has its negative side as well. 3. However, just as the same coin has two sides,

    4. Though we are in basic agreement with

    5. Although A has brought convenience to us, many people have begun to realize

    that it is the source of trouble as well.


    1. The first key factor to solve this problem is Another key factor is

    2. We can figure out many ways to alleviate the present crisis. 3. People have found many approaches to dealing with this problem. 4. It is high time that

    5. Here are a few examples of some of the measures that might be taken


    6. Faced with …, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the


    7. No effective solution can be at hand to resolve the problem of , but the general

    awareness of the significance of might be the first step in the right direction.


    1. From all what has been discussed above, we may come to the conclusion that

    2. Taking into consideration/account all the aforementioned factors, we may safely

    arrive at the conclusion that

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