Cooperation creates Win

By Julia Peterson,2014-11-18 02:52
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Cooperation creates Winwin,Win

    Cooperation creates Win-win

     Recently, a topic gives rise to hot discussion that is cooperation a

    good way in work?”. About this phenomenon, different people see the

    same object in different light. Some people hold the view that it just wastes time to cooperate with others because no one takes work as themselves. While others argue that it is a good way for people to co-learn. In my point of view, I would like to side with the latter one.

     There are several reasons to support my view. In the first place, it is a good chance to bring new idea into birth by cooperation. As we know, people who come from different places have diversifying education, and so their knowledge reserve vary one to another. For example, maybe one is good at presentation, while another one does well in writing. In this way, everyone can exploit the advantages to the full in the process of cooperation; as a result of the work can be dealt with in a proper way. Therefore, it makes a great contribution to create new ideas. If you do your work by yourself, you may not come up with a wonderful idea. On the contrary, ideas that come from different people may mingle together to reborn a new one.

    In the second place, it is a good way to bring into miracle power. As an old saying puts it like in this way that "A monk carries water to drink by himself; two monks collect water to drink; but three monks have no

    water to drink. Three monks have abilities to carry water, but they reluctant to cooperate. It reveals the importance of cooperation. On the contrary, there is another story about ants. One ant cant carry a grain of

    rice, but a growing number of ants can carry an elephant into the hole. By contrast, it is very obvious that cooperation has a powerful role in coping with the problems. Therefore, cooperation gathers an amount of power which contributes to solve the difficulties.

     In conclusion, from what I have mentioned that there are more benefits that we can get from cooperation. It is not only a good way to create new ideas, but also to make miracle. So, only by this way can it produce a Win-win result.

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