Unit 2What should I do

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Unit 2What should I doi,do,I,Unit,2what,unit,2What

    Unit 2 What should I do


    1?(2009无锡) I find this computer game ______to play.

    A. enough easy B. easy enough C. enough easily D. easily enough 2. (2009太原)Can I ______ your textbook ? I left mine at home.

     Here you are. Do remember to bring it with you next time.

     A. borrow B. lend C. keep

    3. Wheres Lucy ?

     Im not sure. She ______ in the school library .

    A. maybe B. must be C. may be D. will be 4. My brother cant go and I cant ______.

    A. also B. too C. neither D. either 5. I think it was a good idea.

     But ______,

    A. I hope not B. I think so C. I dont think so D. Im afraid so

    6. My prize is different from ______.

    But ______ is the same as mine.

    A. Dick ,yours B. Dicks ,your C. Dicks ,you D. Dicks , yours

    7. (2009青岛)Could you tell me ______?

     At 10:00 tomorrow morning.

    A. how to leave B. when to leave C. where youll leave for D. who youll leave with

    8. Good manners usually help people to ______ each other.

    A. get on well with B. get started C. get together D. get well 9. Could you please ______ something for me ?

     A. do B. to do C. doing D. did 10. Miss Jenny gave us ______ on how to learn English well . A. some advice B. many advice C. some advice D. an advice 11. ______ in my class was invited ______ me ,so I didn’t go there.

    A. Everyone else ,except B. Else everyone ,except C. Other everyone ,besides D. Everyone else ,besides 12. When my brother arrived home, he remembered that he ______ his key in the classroom.

     A. forger B. forgot C. leave D. left 13. Why is your sister upset ?

     Because she ______ the final exam.

    A. failed to pass B. passed C. went through D.didn’t fail

    14. Tom ______ always ______ others when he has time.What a good boy!

     A. / , helped B. / , helping C. is ,helps D. is ,helping 15. When they went into the park ,they saw someone ______ football.

    A. plays B. played C. to play D. playing 16. ______ isnt a good thing ______ too often.

     A. It ,to complain B. It ,complain C. This ,to complain D. That ,complaining 17. I tried the dress but it didnt ______ me.


    A. fit B. get C. match D. keep 18. He loves his job and never complains about ______ long hours.

    A. running B. drinking C. working D. eating 19. (2010江西) How was the youth club last night ,Mark ?

     It was great fun .You ______ come.

     A. must B. can C. should D.may 20. (2009重庆)Waste paper shouldnt ______ everywhere. Its our duty to keep our

    city clean.

     A. be thrown B. throw C. is thrown D. are thrown 21.(2009成都)Could you lend me the book you bought last week ?


    A. Yes, here you are B. No, I cant lend it to you C. It’s not interesting


    When we were having an English test this morning, I felt somebody was watching me a little too closely. I turned my 36 quickly and saw Jack, who sat right behind me. My eyes caught 37 and he said very quietly ,“I hope you studied

    for this 38 !

    “What am I going to do ?”I thought to myself. I 39 cheating?作弊?in exams.

    Besides, I’d studied 40 for the test. Clearly Jack hadn’t. During the

    exam , I tried several ways to guard my answers so that Jack wouldn’t be able to

    see them. When the exam 41 , I felt I should let him know cheating was 42 . And

    I didn’t want to destroy?破坏?our friendship. My mind 43 the right words.

    “Sorry, Jack, 44 you know how I feel about cheating.” I said slowly and

    gently. “Maybe I could help you 45 before the next test.” “Ok , Bob,” he

    smiled weakly, “It might not be easy, but I’ll have a try.”

    1. A. head B. hand C. eraser D. pencil 2. A. hers B. his C. ours D. yours 3. A. exam B. job C. book D. chance 4. A. suggest B. like C. hate D. finish 5. A. slow B. slowly C. hard D. hardly 6. A. ended B. began C. went on D. took place 7. A. good B. wrong C. easy D. difficult 8. A. agreed with B. searched for C. took up D. looked at 9. A. and B. move C. so D. but 10.A. drive B. move C. count D. study 三?阅读理解

    One day, Jack's parents told him that his grandpa would retire(退休) after

    working for forty years. Jack said in surprise, "I'm only seven, so it means Grandpa has been„ er „ A really long time!"

     His parents said, "Yes. That's why we are going to have a surprising party for him. "

     Jack loved his grandpa and wanted to do something special for him. He remembered the business card his grandpa had given him two years before. He knew that his grandpa would no longer have the position(职位) on that card, so he decided


to build a new one for his grandpa.

     When the big day came, Jack was ready. But he didn't want to put his gift together with others'. He carried it around with him the whole evening.

     When all the other people left, he took his grandpa's hand and brought him over to a chair and gave him the gift.

     His grandpa smiled, "Well, it must be a beautiful gift. May I open it now?" "Sure!" Jack said excitedly.

     As Grandpa opened the gift, tears came into his eyes. Jack gave him the greatest gift he had ever got! They were business cards with new position: FULL-TIME GRANDPA! Jack said, "Now your full-time job is my grandpa!"

     Well, how much do I get paid?" his grandpa asked, smiling. "As many hugs as you want!" With these words, Jack gave Grandpa a hug." Well, I guess that means I'm the richest man in the world! " said Grandpa.

    1. Who was going to retire?

     A. Jack's grandma. B. Jack's grandpa.

    C. Jack's mother. D. Jack's father.

    2. Jack remembered __________ his grandpa had given him two years before.

    A. the birthday card B. the boy C. the book D. the business card 3. What did Jack decide to do for his grandpa?

    A. To build a new position for him.

    B. To draw a picture for him.

    C. To sing a song for him.

    D. To buy a gift for him.

    4. Which of the following is TRUE?

    A. Jack was the first one to give his gift to his grandpa.

    B. Jack was the last one to give his gift to his grandpa.

    C. Jack gave his gift to his grandpa together with other people.

    D. Jack gave his gift to his grandpa together with his parents. 5. Why were there tears in Grandpa's eyes?

    A. Because he would lose his position.

    B. Because he was not cared for.

    C. Because he was moved by Jack's gift

    D. Because he was unhappy.

    Sally was a student?It was going to be her mother's birthday?She wanted to

    buy her a present that would be nice and useful but not expensive?

     She went shopping after a quick and simple lunch?When she had been looking for

    half an hour?she found a shop that was selling cheap umbrellas?伞??and decided

    to take a black one?

    She thought?"You could carry that when you are wearing clothes of any color?"

    So she decided to buy a lovely black umbrella and took it back to school with her until her classes had finished?

     On her way back home in the train that evening?she felt hungry because she had

    such a small lunch that she went along to the buffet car?餐车?for another sandwich


    and cup of coffee?She had left the black umbrella above her seat in the compartment?车厢??but when she got back?it had gone!

     Sally began to cry?The other passengers felt very sorry for her and asked what the matter was?She told them that the black umbrella she had bought for her mother was gone?and that she had to get out at the next station?After the three other

    passengers heard it?they asked her for her mother's address so that they could sent the umbrella to her if someone took it by mistake and brought it back?

     And now a week passed. Sally got a letter from her mother?It said?"Thank you

    very much for your lovely gifts?but why did you send me three black umbrellas?" 1. Which sentence has the same meaning as" Mom can carry it when she is wearing clothes of any color"?

    A. Mom must carry it when she is wearing any clothes.

    B. Mom is beautiful in any clothes .

    C. The color of the umbrella will be OK for Moms clothes of any color.

    D. Mom can buy any clothes that she likes to wear.

    2. Where did she find the umbrella missing?

    A. On the train. B. At her school.

    C. At the train station. D. In the shop.

    3. From the passage, we can know that __________ .

    A. Sallys mother would write to her if she didn't receive the gift.

    B. one of the umbrellas must be sent by Sally.

    C. the three umbrellas were sent by the three passengers.

     D. nobody on the train took away the umbrella

    4. The best title of the story is _______.

    A. A lucky Girl B. The story of an umbrella

    C. on the train D. A happy mother

    5. The writer wants to tell us _______?

    A. we should look after our things when we are traveling.

    B. If we show our love to others, we can get and love from others

    C. we should often send our come parents gift.

    D. It's no use crying when you are in trouble.




    Dear friend,

     What a terrible day today ! This morning I was late for school and my head teacher was very angry with me .Then I found my math book was missing .Since I stayed up late last night ,I fell asleep in class this afternoon .I could hardly hear what the teacher said .There will be a football match on TV tonight ,but my mother doesn't want me to watch it .I really don't know what to do. Could you please give me some advice?


     Looking For Help



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