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    Unit 1 School life 板书

    1. Say the following to students:

    Good afternoon, boys and girls. I'm your English teacher; Miss Liu. It’s

    the beginning of the new term. You’ve just finished your junior high and are about to enter a new period in your studies. I am happy to give your lessons and I hope we can be friends.

    I can see that some of your are eager to know what studying at senior high schools will be like. Will it be different from junior high schools? Well, there are certainly many differences between them. Senior high school is a time of discovery, studying and hard work . What about schools in other countries? Do you have different experiences? Are schools all over the world the same? This is the subject of our first unit.

2. Ask students to read the instruction and tell them:

    Open your books, please. Here are four pictures that show some aspects of school life in the UK. Please discuss the difference between schools in China and the UK in groups of four. After three minutes, I’ll ask some to

    report what you talk about. Now, begin!

    Time is up! OK so from the first picture, what can we conclude the difference between schools in China and UK? Who wants to have a try? Lily,please.


    Very good,Thank you! The buildings in the UK are lower .Yes, it is the biggest difference from schools in China. Schools in China usually have a large enough campus to make sure students have enough space to study and play in.But most school buildings are taller, at least three storeys. Well, what's the second difference? Anybody knows?

    T : Excellent! Do you know what they are in picture 2?

    Yes, there are rows of lockers by the classrooms for students to put their stationary, books, exercise books and other belongings. Are there such Lockers in China?

    That's true. Students bring what they need for lessons to school and then take it all back home after school. Most schools in China do not have the equipment in the classroom.

TWhat about another difference?

    size of every class There are fewer students in a class, no more than 30 per class. There are usually more students in high school, perhaps 40 to 50 per class. Recently some schools are beginning to limit the number of students in each class.

    relationship between teacher and students Students have a close

    relationship with their teachers. They feel at ease and comfortable with them. It is similar in China. Nowadays, lots of teachers and students have established a good relationship with each other. They respect each other and work to gain a better understanding of each other.

    T: Students have kinds of activities .Without them, the school life would be boring. Each of school has its own special activities. Think of school activities and share some information on the Internet and in the magazines.

    some other aspects you know Students in the UK can choose whatever subjects they like or drop ones they are not interested in; they are graded A, B, C, D for every subject they choose rather than 100 points. In China, students have to learn the subjects required for all the high school students. They are not free to drop subjects even though they hate learning at all. They are scored according to the fixed points, such as 100, 120 and 150.

    3. Ask students to discuss the three questions in pairs, and them ask some of them to report their answers to the questions to the whole class. What is your dream school life like?

    What kind of school activities do you enjoy?

    What do you think of your life here in the new school?

Possible answers:

    Picture one

    We can see a wide playground and some low-rise buildings in the picture. From it we can see that the campus is a huge one, and it is larger than the normal high schools in cities of China. But the buildings there are lower than those of China we have a large population, so the local government cannot afford to provide as large an area as that in the UK for each high


    From the points of view, larger schools are better for the school activities of our students than the crowded ones.

    Picture two

    We can see a lot of lockers in the picture as we often notice in the movies about school life in the west. We like the idea that we can have a locker of our own. We can keep our secret or things in it, such as the posters of my favourite stars, our diary and our letters as well.

    Picture three

    In this picture, we find a huge and bright classroom in which there are only twenty students or so. Their desks are not in good order, which is not allowed in our school. They are even not facing the teacher when they sit there. It is very different from the classroom in our school. Picture four

    There are two students and a teacher in the picture. The teacher is carrying a snake in his hand while the students are making notes of maybe what the teacher is saying. Perhaps they are studying the snake. They seem to be enjoying their staying together. So we think the phrase “at ease with our teacher” means our teacher and we get along well with each other. We are not only teachers and students, but also we are friends. We like the idea that we can make friends with our teachers. Anny, do you want to be our friend?

    2. We have studied the four pictures about schools in the UK. Now discuss with your group members about the following question: What’s the difference in schools between China and the UK? Then draw some conclusions to complete the following form.

    Aspects Schools in the UK Schools in China

    campus and buildings Students can see huge campus and low-rise

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