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    Jun.1-30 ,2004

    ?Jun. 23 Air China declared to re- ?Jun. 1 Air China Cargo Co. Ltd. Nanshan Radar Station. open the non-stop flight from Beijing to implementedaircarriersreceivingregula- ?Jun. 11 China Eastern Airlines

    Phuket on July 16. tions officially in order to make its cargo signed agreement with Airbus on purchas-

    ?Jun. 24 Shenyang Taoxian Interna- transportationclearingmanagementcompat- ing20A330swithatotalvalueof$2billion.

    tionalAirportdeclaredtolaunchscheduled iblewiththeinternationalpractice. ?Jun.14 Itisannouncedthatflights

    return flight from Shenyang to Moscow. ? Jun. 8 Two individually-run between Shekou and Hong Kong will be ?Jun. 28 Sanya Fenghuang Inter- enterprises, Chunqiu Airlines and Aukai added due to the continuous growth on pas-

    nationalAirportwashonoredas"theNational Airlines, got the approval from CAAC to sengerstraffic.

    Customer Satisfied Unit" and " the National establish. ?Jun. 15 Korean Air declared to

    CredibilityUnit".?Jun. 8 Hainan Airlines entrusted launch a flight from Seoul to Urumqi on July

    ?Jun.28 BeijingCapitalInternationalCivil Aviation University of China (CAUC) 17.

    Airport Terminal 1 passed the beforehandtotrainthefirstpilotstudentswith4-year ?Jun. 16 Air China Chongqing Of-

    check, which will be put into operation be-undergraduate courses of the common high fice announced that from June passengers taking Air China's flights from Chongqing

    ?Jun. 28 China Southern Airlines?Jun.10 China Southern Xinjiang to abroad via Beijing, Shanghai or

    took the delivery of 2 China built ERJ145sAirlineslaunchedUrumqi-Khash-Islamabad Guangzhou should only pay 300 yuan for

    from Harbin Embraer Company.airroute,andKhashAirportbecomesthesec- the domestic segments, and passengers

    ?Jun. 29 A training aircraft of CivilondinternationalairportinXinjiang. transferring in Hong Kong should only pay

    Aviation Flight College (CAFC) crashed at?Jun. 10 Shanghai Airlines obtained 200 yuan for the segment from Chongqing

    Mianyang of Sichuan Province killing 2 per-IOSA certificate from IATA. to Hong Kong.

    sonsonboard.?Jun. 10 Ten Japanese flight atten- ?Jun. 17 Beijing Capital Airport

    ?Jun. 29 China Southern Airlinesdants were employed by China Southern would annex and reorganize Guiyang

    launched an air service from Shanghai viaAirlines,andtheywouldtaketheirpositions Airport,andmeanwhileBeijingCapitalAir-

    Beijing to Amsterdam, which is the first airafterahalf-monthtraining. port would carry out binding purchase on 8

    route of China Southern Airlines to Europe?Jun. 10 Projects of New Baiyun regionalairportsinGuizhouProvince.

    from Shanghai.Airportincludingterminal,hangarofChina ?Jun. 17 EVA Air reported 26% rev-

    ?Jun. 29 Hainan Airlines signedSouthernAirlinesandintegratedsupporting enuegrowthrateforthefirst5monthsthis

    agreement with LOT Polish Airlines on in-constructionpassedthenationalinitialcheck year.

    ternationalairroutesoperation.smoothly. ?Jun. 20 The original China North-

    ?Jun. 29 CAAC reported Chinese air-?Jun. 10 The Check Center of Air ern Sanya Airlines was renamed as China

    linesflightpunctualityrateof79.9%,justtheTraffic Management Bureau (ATMB) carried SouthernHainanAirlinesofficially.

    sameasthelastyearperiod.out a 3-day flight check on 2 sets of blinded ? Mid in Jun., Guangzhou New

    ?Jun.30 AirticketdeliveringstaffslandinginstrumentsinUrumqiAirport. Baiyun Airport was approved to open by the

    of the air ticket agencies in North China are?Jun. 11 Director of ICAO Asia Pa- nationandthedetailedoperationdatewill demanded to wearing badges when provid-

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