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    Jul.1-31 ,2004

    ?Jul.14 Pilot training center of ?Jul.1 Summer air transportation of ?Jul.24 Chinese and American civilCAUC took the delivery of 2 Sikorsky 2004 initiated and will end on August 31st. aviationauthoritiessigneda6years'agree-helicopters. ?Jul.1 Cathy Pacific signed code ment of Sino-US air service development.

    ?Jul.14MacaoInternationalAirport shareagreementwithIberia. ?Jul.24XiamenAirlinecelebratedthe heldaroutinesecuritymaneuver. ?Jul.1AirChinastartedtochargeoil 20thanniversaryofitsestablishment.?Jul.14 The baggage choosing and additionalfeetoitsinternationalflights,but ? Jul.25 A Nong 5A aircraft of pickingsystemofdomesticdepartureflight not including the domestic segment of the HeilongjiangJiamusiAgricultural--Cultiva- inBeijingCapitalAirportfailedfor11hours. internationalroute. tionGeneralAirlinescrashedwhilecarrying

    ? Jul.15 Hong Kong Commercial ?Jul.3 Shandong province launched outtheagriculturaloperation,with1pilot AircraftCo.Ltd.forwardedpreferentialcard thefirstaircargoservicetoEurope. injuredslightly.

    plan-INSIGNIA member plan, specially de- ?Jul.3 China Eastern Airlines Gansu ?Jul.25 According to the annual sta- signedforcharterpassengersinAsia. Branch reopened flights from Lanzhou to tistics of the world air oil seller in 2003,

    ?Jul.16 Guizhou XingYi Airport Hong Kong Shenzhen Chengyuan Air Oil Company waspassed the check before acceptance and was ranked at the 38th with over 400,000 tons ?Jul.5 An aircraft of Air China from

    putintooperationonJuly18th. oilsupplied. Beijing to New York returned to Beijing

    ?Jul.16 The 11th five-year plan CapitalAirporturgentlyafteroneandahalf ? Jul.26 FAA formally granted seminar of air traffic management was held hours'flightduetothemechanicalfailure. Guangzhou Hangxin Electronic Co. Ltd. re- in Chengdu. pairinglicense?Jul.6 Beijing PanAm International

    ?Jul.17 Asiana Airlines launched ?Jul.27 Air China Chengdu Mainte- Aviation Academy Shijiazhuang Base laid

    Seoul-Tianjin-Seoulairservice. foundation. nanceBaseformallyinitiatedthereplacing

    work of B737's left keel beam. ?Jul.21Trainingmaterialcompiling ?Jul.7 Fenghuang Airport held a ma-

    meeting of civil aviation special vehicles ?Jul.28 The main landing gear's tireneuverofscatteringpassengerswithasimu- operatingabilitycertificationwasheldin latedexplosionintheterminal. of a CRJ200 of Shangdong Airlines crackedBeijing. while taxing and braking after landing at?Jul.7 A freight charter from

    ?Jul.21 Air China Cargo selected BeijingCapitalAirport. HangzhoutoSeoul,thefirstfreightcharter

    PW4056 to power its two new 747-400 ?Jul.28 Approved by CAAC, Shang- service of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, was

    freighters. launched. hai Airlines purchased all the property of

     China United Airlines with 70 million Yuan.?Jul.21 24 million A shares of ?Jul.7 Approved by CAAC, Aokai

    Sichuan Haite Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. with the ?Jul.28Thefirstpart1.5millionof3 AviationCo.Ltd.,anindividuallyrunairline,

    name "Haitegaoxin" were listed in Shenzhen was founded. million philanthropic stipends donated by stockmarket. Xiamen Airline was prepared.?Jul.11 Macao and Iceland signed air

     ?Jul.21 Air China Chengdu Mainte- transportationagreement. ?Jul.28 Huangshan Airport launchednance Base held a training course for X ray a non-stop tourism air service from? Jul.12 Flight MU5302 from

    workers. Huangshan to Seoul. Changsha to Shanghai encountered the wind

    ?Jul.23 Xiamen Airline signed an ?Jul.28 Dragonair added Frankfurt shear in Zhejiang, with 8 people injured in-

    agreement with ACAC to order 6 ARJ21s. cluding3stewardsofChinaEasternAirlines. and Stansted in London as its 9th and 10th

    cargostationinitsallfreightnetwork. ? Jul.23 Datian-FeDex Kunshan ?Jul.12UrumqiInternationalAirport

    ground operating station was founded and started using the charging system for ?Jul.30 Air China Southwest Branch putintouse. parking. tookthedeliveryofitsfirstA319.

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