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    Key to Unit 1 2009

    Part 1 Fire Hits New High Rise in Central Beijing


    A fire at a major new building in the heart of Beijing is rare. But on a day like Monday, when people ___set off

    fireworks__nonstop__________________ to celebrate a holiday known as

    the Lantern Festival, Beijing resident Lauren Lindheimer, didn't quite know at first what she was seeing.

    "We were in our apartment, and our _ master bedroom_(主卧室)_____ _ faces

    the CCTV tower. At about 9:30, my husband looked out the window and it looked like there were LED(light-emitting diode发光二极管) lights running up the

    side of the building," said Lindheimer.

    She said it took her a few minutes to realize they were actually looking at __flames_________.

    "We have some good binoculars;双筒望远镜?, and we pulled them out. And then

    we started to watch it, and within about half an hour, it looked like an inferno;毁灭性大火?," she added. "That's when we got on Facebook and started to find out if any other people were seeing anything. And we have some friends who live in the building even closer, and they told us it was the Mandarin Oriental [hotel]."

    The Mandarin Oriental hotel was just north of the headquarters for China Central Television, an _architecturally iconic;标志性的?_____________

    building. The hotel was due to open this year. The CCTV tower is reportedly unharmed.

    Several hours after the fire began, official Chinese TV reported the incident, but said the fire was completely under control. Eyewitnesses at the scene __contradict the account__________________, though, saying they still

    saw fire in several of the building's top floors.

    There is no immediate official word as to whether the fire was due to _accidental or intentional causes (_偶然或有意的原


     Part 2 Listen to the following dialogues and choose the best answer from the 3 options.

NO 1 Pizza Delivery

    1. Which topping is NOT mentioned as one available from this pizza shop?

    A. bacon

    B. mushrooms

    C. Italian chicken

    2. What pizza does the man finally order?

    A. pepperoni and green peppers on one half and Italian sausage and black olives on the other

    B. pepperoni and Italian sausage on one half and green peppers and bacon on the other

    C. pepperoni and mushrooms on one half and green peppers and Italian sausage on the other

    3. What else does the man order with his pizza?

    A. a salad and orange juice

    B. bread sticks and a beverage

    C. a drink and chicken sticks

    4. What was the total of his order?

    A. $15.19

    B. $15.90

    C. $15.99

    5. What is the man's telephone number and address?

    A. 3040 South 60 East at 340-1870

    B. 1314 South 16 East at 340-1870

    C. 1340 South 16 East at 340-1870

Part2 NO 2 Making invitations

    1. Where did Doug and Diane first meet?

    A. at school

    B. at a restaurant

    C. at a party

    2. How did he know where she lived?

    A. He asked a friend for directions.

    B. He followed her home.

    C. He looked her up in the phone book.

    3. Where does Doug invite her to go with him on Thursday?

    A. to a restaurant

    B. to a theater

    C. to a dance

    4. What is Diane's response to his invitation on Thursday?

    A. She can't go out because she has to study.

    B. She is sorry, but she has another date.

    C. She has to work that day, so she can't go. 5. How does Diane feel about Doug's idea for Friday?

    A. She thinks if would be a great idea if she had the time.

    B. She feels that it would be uninteresting outing.

    C. She has done the activity before, so she'd rather not go

Part 3 Storms cause chaos in China.

    Watch the report about the snow storm we have experience last month and fill in the blanks.

    It is the world's new superpower, forced to a ___standstill_;停滞?

    And the millions, they're waiting, and waiting, with no way out. ________________.

    desperate_绝望的________________. The young, and the old, and the ______

"Can you help us? We want to go out."

And with each passing day, ___tensions______ __rise________, and sometimes

    they spill over. But the army is here to marshal the migrant workers who are all year through the factories that make high streets(business done in shops)cheap, and now

    deny their one moment's freedom.

    In this one province, there are 19 million migrant workers. So how desperate would you be if this was your one holiday of the year? Well, this week, no one is going anywhere.

Not much has moved in this ____massive_______ country for days. The heavy snow

    fall for 50 years has ____crippled_;破坏?______ communications and

    _____paralysed_;使 瘫痪?________ power supplies电线. All this on the eve of the

    Chinese New Year(春节) when tens of millions go home to see their families.The situation is so serious that the prime minister has been out to calm the crowds.

Apologizing and promising ____swift action___________.

    But crowds this size make the communist nervous, and the railway station, there are ___queues to join queues and__and growing


    This man tells us he hasn't seen his wife and children for three years, and fears he will miss them for a 4th. A couple say their wedding will be cancelled if they can't get home. Others we find behind locked gates complain they've been effectively __imprisoned_______________.

    "Yes, very cold and hungry, and angry."yes, very angry and hungry ”"and angry and hungry?" "yes, yes."

    Tonight, more migrant workers will march to the station, but still there are no trains to catch, no way home

    Part 4 Watch the following report and fill in the blanks or answer the question. American people's observance of MLK Day(马丁. 路德. 金日)

    From Memphis, where Dr. Martin Luther King died, to Saint Louis in the Midwest today, to Los Angeles, Americans ___honored____________ the civil

    rights leader, who changed the world by his _bravery____________, his

    __leadership领导能力_________ and his ____vision_远见________.

    "I have a dream today."

    "I remember crying like a baby. I remember saying this is the America I want to be a part of. "

    Bill Clinton at King's Church in Atlanta, linking him to the success of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

    "We've got all these different people seeking the __presidency 总统职位

    ____________. And guess what? It's all possible because of Martin Luther King's ___vision__________ of the beloved community."

    Republican Mike Huckabee was in the front pew(教堂长椅). At a King Parade in

    Florida, Mitt Romney offered advice to African Americans.

     What advice did Mitt Romney offer to African Americans?

     To teach kids that they should get married before they have babies and encourage the formation of families as it is enormous advantage to kids. President Bush was with kids at the King library in Washington‟s Birthday observance.

    "It's an opportunity (to) __renew__________ our deep desire for America to be a hope, Land of

    Promise(期望中的乐土) for everybody." That was King's message.

    "He was ____prophetic预言性的______ enough and ____patriotic_(爱国的)__________

    enough to celebrate America and yet challenge America to rise up." "T.T.A. We are the dream", a message celebrated by millions today.

    I am Steve Handelsman , NBC News, Washington

    Part 5 Listen to the story and fill in the blanks

NPR This I believe

    Sweet Fridays NPR

    I believe in figuring my own way to do things.

    I believe in the power of numbers.

    I believe in barbeque.

Well I believe in friendliness.

    I believe in mankind.

    This I believe.

    We invite everyone to write for our series this I believe and today‟s essay comes from Lena Winkler of Worthington, Ohio. She‟s a 3rd year medical student with 5 young children. Here‟s our series curator, independent producer Jay Ellison.

Many people send us essays about ___holding onto (sticking to)______a belief during times of

    hardship, times when even the belief itself can be damaged and needs to be __restored______.

    That‟s what Lena Winkler is doing with the help from her children and plenty of sugar. Here she is with her essay for this I believe.

    I believe in the power of tradition.

    1 Who is the speaker?

     She is a mother of five children ages from 4 to ten, and she is in her third year of medical school, she is also going through a divorce

    The details of the divorce, who‟s right, who‟s wrong, are not important, because like all divorces, everyone gets hurt. I will be relying on traditions to ___pull us through;度过? this intact_

    好无缺的, 原封不动的, 未经触碰的_________________.

    Last year I earned medical school credit working with a nonprofit healthcare organization for women and children in the Republic of Georgia(格鲁吉亚). Georgia, formerly a Soviet Country,

    reminds me of my family, _collapsed_________ and worried, but bright with

    _personality_________ ____strength _______ ___and hope______________________

    When I finished my work there, I brought home the traditional dolls, daggers and wine but I also brought home*, sweet Friday.

    It was a tradition of our Georgian office where every Friday at 3 pm, work would stop for a blissful(happy,joyful) half hour while we convene( come or gather together, 聚集) in the

    basement kitchen to feast on cake, ___gorgeous_;极好的?___________, fluffy(松软

    )delights of cream and sugar. The cook, drivers, doctors, office staff and bosses would gather to connect and relax. Then slightly lightheaded, and sometimes even a little nauseous(作呕) from

    overdoing it, we would return to our offices to _wrap up finish_________ business before the


    My 5 children and I have instituted(establish) this indulgence among our neighborhood friends

    ever since. Sometimes we baked the night before, huge lopsidedwith one side lower smaller,

    than the other, 一边高一边低? layer-cakes, outsized;特大的? cookies are sloppy * *.

    Sometimes if medical school obligation's overwhelming, I __whirled_;旋转?_____________

    through the grocery stores as I raced home, ____grabbing__抓住, 攫取______ cookies, bright

paper plates and napkins. It‟s not just the extravagant sweetness of the afternoon, or the regularity

    of the occasion that qualifies these as a tradition.

    2 What qualifies Seet Friday as a traditiuon?.

    Attention to detail and anticipation(期望)

     Always a table cloth, maybe not ironed and always a scent of peace, pine __boughsbranch

    ___________, a pumpkin, or some flowers from the garden. My children and I fantasize(daydream, imagine or create a fantasy 幻想) about the event all week long and then

    walking home from school on Fridays, we ___round _______ __up聚集 _______ everyone we

    pass. “We‟re having cake today, come by. There‟s coffee and milk too.”

    Mother and children __linger_徘徊, 逗留_____________ in the yard in nice warm days,

    abandoned backpacks and jackets strewn across the grass.

    In the winter children squeeze * a chair around our big kitchen table and the mother crammed to the living room.

    Sweet Friday, it‟s now a part of our uncertain and frightening divorce-dominated life. I feel a

    responsibility to keep up with small traditions like sweet Friday and not slip into ____dread_惧怕

    担心__________ or ___self-pity________I believe that by stubbornly maintaining this weekly tradition, my kids and I are creating a ritual to carry us into the future. Already we reminisce about

    past week Fridays and daydream about the one coming up.

    Lena Winkler with her essay for this I believe. In the recording studio where Winkler read, her 5 children sat at other side of the glass,

    listening. It was Friday and they are on their way to get candy and cakes to bring back to the neighbors. To see the more than 20,000 essays that

    have been sent to our series or to submit one of your own, visit for this I believe, I am Jade Ellison

    Part 6 : Watch the speech and fill in the blanks.

    Note: This is part of the speech delivered by Al Gore in 2000 shortly

    after he won the primary election. It is simple but worth your


    AL GORE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: ... to make sure you vote

     not only for president but on other races and important propositions. In

     the West, the _polls(投票站)_________are still open. Go to the

    ___polls________ and vote.

     Now my heart...


     My heart is full tonight, and I want to thank all of you who are here and

     all those across America who have stood with us and helped to bring us this

    moment. This is your victory too. And I...


     And I want to say something to -- I want to say something to a good man

     for whom I have great respect, Senator Bill Bradley and Ernestine Bradley

     and to their supporters. I received...


     I received a very __gracious_________telephone call from him a few moments ago, and

     I appreciate that. I think that anybody who has heard Bill Bradley

     throughout this campaign has come away from the experience _moved_________and

    ___touched___________by the strength of his commitment to __healing_弥补

    弥合_______the divisions in our

     country, especially divisions based on race. He believes in this __healing_____

     heart and soul. I share his commitment to it.


     I have learned from his _passion__________for it.


     Tonight I _salute__ 致敬_______ Senator Bill Bradley and Ernestine

    Bradley, his wife.


     In this primary campaign so far, I have never taken a single vote for

     granted. Those traveling with me can __attest prove or testify to

    __________to that fact. And in the weeks and months ahead, I never will.

     I know that I have to work for your vote. I want to earn your vote. And so

     tonight I want to reach out to all who believe that this is a time for

     great _progress_________, for great _reforms____ for an America of

    _tolerance______ and high _ideals_________.

     We stand at a __mountain-top________ moment in our history: the longest

    period of economic growth this nation has ever known. Under President



     ... almost 21 million new jobs. Welfare reform. Crime down. We're putting

     100,000 new police on our streets.


     More Americans are safer. More Americans have hope. America is strong,

     __prosperous_____________, at peace in the world.


     But while we are here -- but while we are here to celebrate great

     victories, I say to you tonight -- and hear me well -- you ain't seen

     nothing yet.


     Our fight has just begun. Our fight for the working families of this

     country has just begun, and tonight, I invite all Americans who seek the

     best America, all Americans regardless of party to join us in this ___cause_


     We need to build -- we need to build on our record of prosperity. We don't

     need to go back to where we were eight years ago.


     They(refer to whom? ) tried -- they tried their approach before. It produced

    a triple dip(三倍的下降)

     ___recession_;经济衰退______and quadrupled;增加四倍? the national debt.

    If you don't want to go back

     to that, then join us now. Our campaign is your cause.


     If you believe -- if you believe in using our prosperity wisely to lift

     our nation up, not wasting the ____surplus_;赢余?_________ on a risky tax

    scheme, then join us now because our campaign is your cause.


     If you believe in common-sense affordable tax cuts to help working

     families save for college, then join us now. And if you believe we can

     invest in our people and still live within our means and even pay down the

     national debt, then join us now, because our campaign is your cause.


     If you believe -- if you believe in __setting aside____________ enough of

    the surplus to

     __safeguard_保障__________ Social Security;社会保障? and

    ___strengthen_____________ Medicare;医疗?, then join us now. Join us. Our

    campaign is your cause.

     Join us to secure health care as a fundamental right to __cover________every

    single child in the next four years, to move forward step by step to universal

     coverage, and then pass a new program of medicoverage so that all of our

     ___seniors( old men)________will have the financial help they need to

    purchase the

     prescription drugs that their doctors prescribe for them.


     Join us...

     KING: That's Al Gore. Happy night for Al, talking to his workers and

     co-workers and volunteers in Nashville.

     We'll take a break. And when we come back, we'll talk with Karen Hughes,

     communications director for the Bush campaign, and resume our panel. Don't

     go away.

    Questions for discussion and you neednt write down the answer.

    1 Why did Al Gore sing his opponent Bill Bradleys praise?

     To win the support of Bill Bradleys voters.

    2, Why did Al Gore mention the achievements made by Clinton s Administration?

     To ask voters to elect him, the democratic candidate as the next president since Clinton is also a


    3,In They tried -- they tried their approach before. It produced a triple dip

     ------and quadrupled the national debt What does they refer to? And why does Al gore

    mention this?

    they refers to the republican administration led by senior George Bush. By mentioning this, Gore asked Americans not to elect another Republican candidate as the next president.

P art 7 BBC News 2007-2-27

    News item 1

    New words: halt: stop; in the wake of: soon after or shortly after; 1 What will the 6 nations discuss?

     To discuss new ways of bring pressure to bear on Teran.

    2 What did International Atomic Energy Agency show?

     Iran is still moving ahead with its enrichment(铀浓缩) activities

    3 What did US warn?

     Irans economy will suffer if Teran does not abandon its nuclear programs 4 What did Iranian President reject?

     He rejected any change, saying the nuclear program was like a train with no brakes;刹车? and no reverse gear;后退的齿轮?

    News item 2 listen to it by yourself

    The highest United Nations court, the International Court of Justice, is ruling today on whether Serbia should be held responsible for the deaths of 200,000 people in the Bosnian War(波黑战争) of the 1990s. S. reports from the Hague;海牙?.

    Bosnia and H. versus Serbia and Montenegro is a historic case. It's the first ruling on the entire Bosnian War. Bosnia wants compensation, claiming the Bosnian Serbs were

    under the control of the Serb government. But Serbia argues it never waged campaign of genocide;种族灭绝? against Bosnia Muslims and that the World court has no jurisdiction in the case, as Serbia was not a UN member when the murders happened.

News item 3

    plight: adversity ; persecution: abuse

    2 What did the London-based Think-tech warn?

    The minority groups in Iraq are facing unprecedented levels of violence and could

    be soon be eradicated unless their plight;困境? is recognized immediately and

    acted upon.

    3 How long have the minorities lived in Iraq?

     More than 2000 years

    Listen to the rest of the newscast

    Four high ranking Guatemalan police officers have been killed in a prison where they themselves were being held on suspicion of murder. The four officers were being held at a maximum security prison in the Town of K.

World News from the BBC.

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