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By Jesse Harrison,2014-06-19 13:32
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ESSAY-Michelle 0961028

    Modern Family New Family Style

    Thanks to the American TV series modern family, we Chinese students are

    getting to know more about the new family style. A modern family may refer to a dad-dad family, dad- stepmother family or any other plausible family structure.

    Modern family is totally different from the widely acknowledged nuclear family which consists of father, mother and children. In China most of the families are nuclear families and the structure of nuclear family is quite fixed. The style of modern family is to some extent hard to get approval among the senior residents in China. On the other hand, the new-generation shows great capability of receiving new ideas; they may be lenient on modern family issues. In some other words, different people have different views on modern family. As far as I am concerned, modern family has its own strength as well as weakness.

    To begin with, modern family reflects the advancement in peoples moral

    standards. Several decades ago, divorce is a humiliating thing in China, let alone divorce and remarry someone else. As time goes by, many of us find it’s

    not fair for those who are struggling to find their soulmate. If two people cannot live together anymore, separation could be a better choice. Peoples moral

    standards then begin to progress, and thats why dad-stepmother or

    mum-stepfather families gain same treatment and respect in our society. The case of dad-dad family as well as mum-mum family is also the evidence to

the advancement of peoples moral improvement. Countries like Netherlands,

    Demark, Sweden have made it legal for homosexuals to get married and adopt children.

    Secondly, modern family definitely shows us a lot of angles of love. In Greek and Roman mythology, we find the prototype of modern family. Love has its own shape in different peoples eye. Modern family acts like a good tunnel for

    different people to publicize their love, hoping to get best wishes. We see different loves in modern families, love from kids to stepparents, love from one dad to another dad. Those loves brought out by modern family make the world a better place to live in. Different beliefs, social status, educational background retreat when true love comes and thats what modern family tells us. I enjoy

    the harmonies just like the TV drama Modern Family presents, the structure

    may be different but life is absolutely interesting and wonderful. Last but not the least, we cannot deny the fact modern family is becoming a trend in both western and Chinese society, what worries me most is that people may neglect the importance of traditional nuclear family. Some people even deliberately constitute a modern family so as to follow the fashion. Especially in China, many young people feel it cool to fall in love with same gender person which confuses me a lot. Also when some people are ambiguous about their preferences, they often choose to be a homosexual. No matter how the world changes, I stick to the point that nuclear family is the core of society. I respect modern family and appreciate the courage of fighting for

love, but modern family can be part of it not all of it.

    In conclusion, modern family acting as new family style has left us plenty food for thought. While both advantages and disadvantages exist, it symbolizes the development of society. I am happy to see the emergence of modern family and wish it can hand in hand with nuclear family to make the world a better place.

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