English resume for SC BU assistant

By Janet Dixon,2014-06-19 13:22
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English resume for SC BU assistant

     Xiaoqian Quan (Susie Quan)

    Cell phone(+86 15921936270Shanghai/+8613675193662Nanjing


educational background

    2006.9 - 2010.6 China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) B.S. International

    Economy & Trade

    2010.9-present China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)

     M.S. candidate Social and Administrative Pharmacy


    ; pharmacy(pharmaceutical analytical chemistry ;biochemistry; medicinal chemistry;

    pharmaceutics; pharmacology; modern medicine.

    ; management(management ; HRM ; administration science

    ; laws & regulation( pharmaceutical regulation ;civil and commercial law


     ; CET6

    ; BEC intermediate ect.

     Awards and honors(

     Several scholarships & Outstanding cadres

    The sixth & seventh CPU graduate student conference thesis Successful

    Participants Honorable Mention


    2011.12-present Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. HR-TA team intern

    ; Support the whole BU in Shanghai & SC, CVM, C&D BU in Jiangsu

    Anhui about recruitment, such as Resume Screening, Interview


    ; Except for the line manager, also have supported 3TA team members,

    help to coordinate the entire recruitment process goes smoothly .

    ; Maintain the Sina micro blog 辉瑞投资上海外部招聘”,which is one of the

    path to connect the internal and external communication.

    ; Office daily work.

Campus experience

    2011.9-2011.11 theorem of statistics minor course teacher

    ; The number of students is over 110,prepare for the lessonenrich the

    class content design the exam paper Enhance the ability of clear

    &logical oral expression, then be familiar with the statistic software. 20110.12.31 graduate New Year's day party host

    ; Took charge of the host of college graduate New Year's day party

    participating in the former preparationso that improve the intimacy

    between classmates

    2010.10-2011.11 CPU business college Graduate Union secretary general

     ; Made the PPT of FDA Lecture series graduate student BBShost

    the plenary per weekcoordinate the human source of every mega-event.

    ; Hosted the sixth “圣和药业graduate student BBS which

    successfully invented some celebrities in medic in medical ,such as The

    Beijing health bureau chief Laiying Fang.

    ; Undertook the FDA Lecture seriespreparation and invented many

    famous medicine enterprises in Nanjing and other places .

    ; Participant in prepare to conduct the seventh “方圆药业杯”graduate

    student BBSsuccessfully invented Academy Guowei Sang NDRC chief

    engineer Hongren Zhu ect.

    2006.7 - 2008.11 CPU business college student union minister of life

    ; Sponsor the ninth taste of youth”、the tenth “食全十美”gourmet festival

    ; Struggle to get the sponsor from Nanjing Longre IELTS\training

    institution ;得到学校后勤集团等多方面的大力支持;学生参与数量达

    到历届之最。Lead the team to win the year best department occupational skills

     ; Have Good skills in written and spoken English.

     ; Skilled operating Micro Office and other Office software


    ; open-minded &prefer the challenging work

    ; with the ability of good communication & team work Collaboration

    ; Self-confidence and sense of responsibility, sureness

    ; Strong adaptable & compressive ability


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