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    May 1-31,2004

    ?May 1-7, Chinese airlines had that major Chinese airports were able to transportationagreementwithKenya,which operated22%moreflightsthanthelastyear accommodate A380. is the 52nd agreement between Hong Kong period,carried2.057millionpassengers,with ?May 15 The first 5-seat business andotherairtransportationpartners. an average seat rate of 64%. aircraftmanufacturedbyChinamadethefirst ?May 24 Xingyi Airport completed

    ? By May 4, Sanya Fenghuang flightinNanchang. the initial approval to Instrument Landing InternationalAirporthadhandledpassengers ?May 17 Cathay Pacific won "the System, navigation facilities and aided over 1 million safely, with the whole year most excellent airlines" award by "Robb lighteningsystem. passengertransportationexpectedtobreak2 Report", an authoritative magazine in USA ?From May 25 to July 18, Beijing million. onluxuriouslifeandtravel. CapitalAirportwillcarryouta55-dayrepair

    ? May 3 Shenyang Aircraft ? May 17 China Eastern onitseasttaxi-waybridge. Corporation delivered over 3000 A320 Administrative Bureau of CAAC jointly with ?May 25 Hainan Airlines launched emergency cabin doors. Mid-southAdministrativeBureaucarriedout airservicefromXi'antoJiuzhaigou.

    ?May 10 ICAO started a half-month approval on China Eastern Airlines Wuhan ?May 26 Beijing Aviation Material auditintermsofflightsafetyonChinacivil Branch's ability in launching Wuhan-Osaka Institute started to establish an aviation aviation. airservice. materialbase.

    ?May 11 The present Flight Safety ? May 18 A freight charter of ?May 26 The first air travel super Committee of Taiwan was renamed as Flight AzerbaijancrashednearUrumqiInt'lAirport, market in China was opened in Nanjing, with SafetyInvestigationCommittee. with7aircrewsdead. severalairroutesontourismintroduced.

    ?May 12 Resulted from the oil price ?May 18 Jinggangshan Airport made ?May 26 Hainan Airlines launched growth,72aircarriersoperatingairroutesto anofficialoperation. return air services from Haikou via Shantou Hong Kong including Cathay Pacific and ?May 18 Hainan Airlines Yangzi to Hangzhou.

    Dragon air raised air oil additional fee on River Express launched freight charter ?May 28 The extension project of cargotransportationby33%. services from Qingdao to Seoul. Huangshan Airport and its new domestic

    ?May 12 A successful trial flight was ?May 18 The first coordination terminal were completed. made at Nanchong Gaoping Airport. meeting among IATA members in the ? May 29 CAAC determined to

    ? May 13 Shenzhen Airport Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and suspend approving part of Russian air Corporation signed an agreement with Macao in 2004 was held in Hainan Province. carriers'additionalfreightcharterstoChina. Lufthansa Cargo Transportation Company, ?May 18 A successful trial flight was ?May 29 The first international according to which each of the parts will made at Guangzhou Baiyun New Airport. freightchartertoSouthAsiainNanjingwas invest RMB 160 million yuan to establish ?May 21 Both the air support area launched.

    Shenzhen Airport Int'l Cargo Station and the air cargo station of Baiyun New ?May 29 Shandong Airlines launched Company. Airportpassedtheinitialapproval. airservicefromJinantoSingapore.

    ?May 14 Dragonair established office ?May 22 All the aircrafts at Banna ?May 31 The draft of the emergency in Guangzhou. Airport were grounded by the failure of cabin door of ARJ21-700 middle fuselage

    ?May 14 At Beijing A380 Airport blindedlandingsystem. wasdetermined.

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