Male Catheterization

By Melvin Black,2014-04-26 19:27
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Male Catheterization

    Male Catheterization

    Skills Checklist

    Child’s Name: _______________________________

    Person Trained: _____________________________ Position: _____________________ Instructor: _____________________

    Demo Return Demonstration

     Date Date Date Date Date Date Date A. States name and purpose of procedure. B. Preparation:

     1. Completes at ___________________ time(s)

     (In emergency, complete earlier than later)

     2. Complete where ________________

     (Consider privacy and access to bathroom)

     3. Position for catheterization

     4. Identifies body parts:

    a. Scrotum

    b. Foreskin

    c. Meatus

    d. Glans

     5. Identifies potential problems and appropriate actions C. Identifies Supplies:

     1. Type of catheter

     2. Lubricant

     3. Urine receiving pan

     4. Cleaning material D. Procedure:

     1. Washes hands

     2. Gathers equipment

     3. Positions child for catheterization

     4. Arranges equipment for procedure

     5. Puts on clean gloves

     6. Lubricates catheter and places on clean surface

     7. Cleans:

    a. Prepares cleaning materials

    b. Retracts foreskin (if needed)

    c. Holds penis at right angle from body

    d. Pulls penis straight

    e. Cleans meatus and glans

    f. Uses swab only once

    g. Wipes a minimum of 3 times

     8. Grasps catheter about 4 inches from tip

    9. Inserts well-lubricated catheter into penis with

    consistent pressure (if muscle spasm occurs, stop

    momentarily and then again use slow even pressure) NEVER


     10. When urine begins to flow, inserts 1/2 inch more

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    Male Catheterization

    Skills Checklist/page 2 Child’s Name: _______________________________

6. Allows urine to flow by gravity into the shallow pan or toilet

    7. Child-Specific: If ordered, gently presses bladder to help


    8. Removes catheter slowly when urine stops flowing

    9. Stops and waits until all urine stops flowing

    10. Dries and dresses

    11. Washes equipment and puts used catheter in home container

    12. Documents procedure in observation log

    13. Reports any problems to parents

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