Unit 10 It's a nice day,isn't it

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Unit 10 It's a nice day,isn't ita,it,It,unit,nice,Unit,day,isn,UNIT,NICE

    Unit 10 It's a nice day ,isn't it?


    1. I told you not to be late again , John ,______ I?

     A. do B. did C. dont D. didnt

    2. Can you introduce the city to me?

     OK. This is the city in ______ I was born.

     A. that B. who C. which D. where 3. Oh , I forgot ______ my ruler with me. Can I use yours?

     A. bring B. brought C. to bring D. bringing 4. The radio is too cold . It needs ______.

     A. to repair B. repair C. repaired D. repairing 5. We have worked for three hours .Now lets stop ______ a rest.

     A. had B. have C. to have D. having 6. This year ______ , weve spent 5 thousand yuan.

     A. lonely B. alone C. too D. along 7. Look ?He is _____ the street.

     A. cross B. crossing C. acrossing D. to across 8. The English teacher often says in class. Lets ______ in English.

     A. talk B. say C. speak D. tell 9. What a nice MP3 player?Is it yours?

     Of course. I _____ 300 yuan on it.

     A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took 10. Our English teacher will be back from Australia ______ next week.

     A. any time B. some times C. sometime D. sometimes 11.?福州?—Millions of people know about Susan Boyle now , _____?

    _____ , she becomes well-known because of her success on Britains Got Talent.

     A. do they , No B. do they , Yes

    C. dont they , No D. dont they , Yes

    12. (青岛)Ive _____ all the photos , but I still cant find the one you need.

     A. opened up B. set up C. cared for D. looked through 13. The experts think that Indias population may be _____ that Chinas ____ 2020.

     A. much , by B. more , in C. larger , by D. larger , on 14. There are thousands of people _____ outside the gate now.

     A. are standing B. stand C. standing D. to stand 15. Do you think the rain will stop tomorrow?

    _____. It has rained for half a month. Its too wet.

    A. I hope that B. Im sure it will

    C. Im afraid it will D. I hope so

    16. Jack is really friendly , isnt he?


    A. He is sure B. He isnt sure

    C. He sure is D. He sure isnt

    17. He had a hard time ____ your lost book yesterday.

    A. find B. found C. finding D. finds


    18. Friends like you make it a lot ____ to get along in a new place.

    A. easy B. easier C. easiest D. easily 19. (泰州)This kind of computer _____ too much . I cant afford one.

    A. takes B. spends C. pays D. costs 20. (济南)We also learn how to _____ well with others at school.

    A. get to B. get on C. get down D. get up 21. My grandfather wants _____ around the world because he enjoys _____ new places.

    A. traveling , seeing C. to travel , to see

    C. to travel , seeing D. traveling , to see


    Dear sir,

     I'm writing to you about my staying at your hotel. My wife and I 1 on Saturday,

    May 15 and stayed for a week, though we were treated 2 and found the Service

    excellent, we think there are one or two matters we 3 bring your attention.

     We had hoped for a nice 4 from our busy work lives, and your ad said, "comfortable and quiet". We went to have a chance to enjoy ourselves. However, we were 5 to find that repairs were sometimes needed, but is it 6 necessary to

    start early in the morning?

     We had hoped to 7 in you "wonderful pool". To our disappointment, we found that it was closed for the whole time of our stay.

     I 8 you do not mind me writing to you 9 these things, but I would be happy if you could give me some explanations. As I 10 at the start, it is a pity, and your service is so well in other fields.

    ( )1. A. left B. arrived C. went D. returned

    ( )2. A. badly B. equal C. good D. well

    ( )3. A. should B. can C. may D. will

    ( )4. A. stop B. holiday C. break D. sleep

    ( )5. A. surprised B. happy C. glad D. sad

    ( )6. A. true B. as C. too D. really

    ( )7. A. drop B. swim C. live D. drink

    ( )8. A. wish B. want C. need D. hope

    ( )9. A. with B. for C. about D. at

    ( )10. A. told B. spoke C. said D. noticed


    When we do not understand each other’s language, we can talk with the help of signs.


    A Frenchman was once traveling in England. He could not speak English at all. One day he went into a restaurant and sat down at a table. When the waiter came, he opened his mouth, put his fingers in it and took them out again. He wanted to say, “Bring are something to eat”.

    The waiter soon brought him a cup of tea. The man moved his head from side to side. The waited understood him and took the tea away. In a moment he came again with a cup of coffee and put it on the table. The man again refused his offer. He shook his head whenever the waiter brought him something to drink, for drinks are not food.

    When the man was going away. Another man came in. This man saw the waiter, and he put his hands on his stomach. That was enough. In a few minutes there was a large plate of meat and vegetables on the table in front of him.

    So you see, we can’t understand the language of signs as well as we can understand the language of words.

    1. According to the passage, when people do not understand each other’s language, they can talk with the help of .

    A. A waiter B. a teacher

    C. an Englishman D. the hands, head and other parts 2. A Frenchman signed to the waiter .

    A. to give him some medicine B. to bring him a cup of coffee C. to give him for food D. to tell him what he said

    3. The waiter brought the Frenchman .

    A. a cup of tea, a cup of coffee and a lot of other drinks

    B. a large plate of meat and vegetables

    C. a lot of drinks and a large plate of meat

    D. a lot of food and drinks

    4. Another man saw the waiter, and put his hands on his stomach . He meant .

    A. he had stomachache B. he was hungry

    C. he was very thirsty D. he was full

    5. From the story, we know .

    A. people can only understand the language of words.

    B. people know the language of signs as well as the language of words. C. people can make a waiter understand what they want.

    D. people can only understand their own language.



    One day my brother was 1 a kite. Suddenly it rained 2 . He had

    to 3 flying his kite. The kite and his clothes were wet.

    A 4 minutes 5 the rain 6 and the sun 7 out. He

    flew his kite 8 . He put his clothes on the line(线)to make them 9 .

    How 10 the boy was!

    Xiao Ming and Xiao Fang are students of No.1 Middle School. Last Friday, 1 school, they went home 2 happily. Suddenly, they saw a

    wallet(钱包) 3 on the road. Xiao Fang picked it up. They thought they should give it 4 to the owner(失主)of the wallet. And they 5 there till it

    was dark. The owner didn't come, 6 they had to hand it in to a policeman.

    The 7 morning, the headmaster and the owner came to Xiao Fang and Xiao Ming's classroom.The owner said lots of thanks to them and offered()a letter of thanks

    to the headmaster. The headmaster praised(表扬)them for 8 they had done and

    called on(号召)the 9 students to 10 from them.







    Dear Joyce,





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