The supply chain function

By Pamela Robinson,2014-05-31 07:53
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The supply chain function

In a nutshell (my key takeaway):

    The supply chain function is going to see strong, strategic investment this year because companies see clear opportunities for improvement and competitive advantage in partner networks, visibility, collaboration, and speed. Yes, there’s a strong and compelling need for speed. And while it

    wasn’t the headline topic for any session, it was the underlying accompaniment for every strategy. To compete effectively in today’s

    marketplace, companies are quickly realizing that real-time information and decision making are at the crux of best-in-class strategies. After all, tsunami season or not, real-time execution is the name of the game. ; The need is strong, but the varying definitions of the problem and the

    assorted vendor-convenient solutions clearly left practitioners wanting.

    We at E2open share that perspective, which you can learn more about

    in this two-minute video: “Supply Chain Control Towers: Don’t Believe

    the Hype.”

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