Molecular basis of virus evolution

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Molecular basis of virus evolution

Viral Evolution - Peter C. Angeletti and John T. West

Bios 998 Special Topics 2 credit hrs,

    2:00 3:15 TR, N172 Beadle

No class on Spring Break 3/12-3/19

Lecture Topics:

    1) Key concepts in Evolution and their mechanistic relationships with rdvirus evolution 1/10-1/12 (Meet in Morrill Hall Museum 3 Floor)

     Judy Diamond

    2) “Environmental Experiments” - rabbit eradication with paramyxovirus

    in Australia (i.e. Frank Fenner), hemoragic fever viruses. 1/17-1/20

    John West

    3) Classical studies of virus evolution and evolution of viral diseases:

    their emergence, epidemicity, and control - Faroe Island epidemics.

    1/24-1/26 Peter Angeletti

    4) Evolution of self-replicating RNAs “RNA world” – modeling w/

    SELEX. Origins of RNA viruses. 1/30-2/2 John West

    5) Mechanisms of RNA virus evolution. 2/7-2/9 John West

    6) Evolution of influenza viruses: rapid evolution and stasis; Avian Flu

    2/14-2/16 West or Angeletti

    7) HIV evolution, antigenic escape, drug resistance and Quasi-species

    Visiting speaker: Miguel E. Quinones-Mateu, Cleveland Clinic

    2/21-2/23 (Seminar: Feb. 22 4 PM).

    8) Algal viruses and giant virus evolution. Origins of eukaryotic

    organelles. 2/28-3/2 Jim Van Etten / David Dunigan.

    9) Plants and plant viruses, host defense evolutionary relationships.

    3/7-3/9 Roy French

    10) Spring Break no class

    11) Archael virus evolution Visiting speaker: Mark Young,

    Montana State University 3/21-3/23 (Seminar: March 22, 4 PM).

    12) Plants and plant viruses, host defense evolutionary


    3/28-3/30 Jack Morris

    13) Innate immune mechanisms and host/virus co-evolution;

    microRNAs. 4/4-4/6 Anisa Angeletti

    14) The origins of viral genes, cellular sequences in viral

    genomes. Viruses as the engines of evolution by creation and delivery of

    genes to host genomes (i.e. Luis Villareal). 4/11-4/13 Peter Angeletti

    15) Molecular evolution of papillomaviruses and small DNA viruses.

    4/18-4/20 Peter Angeletti

Course Overview:

    One lecture will be given by an instructor on each Tuesday and follow-up papers chosen by the instructor will be presented by students on Thursday of the same week. Students will be graded on their class participation and paper presentation.

    In this course we will explore host and viral pathogen evolutionary relationships. We will consider several examples of the effects of virus epidemics on viral and host genetics. We will discuss environmental experiments human use of

    viruses as a means to control animal populations.

    We will challenge dogma by considering whether directionality of gene flow between virus and host supports the concept that viruses contribute a large degree of host genetic diversity.

    We will discuss the origins of viruses starting from the “RNA World” and we will discuss systems to model RNA and DNA virus evolution in the lab. An important topic will be evolution of HIV: escape from immunologic pressure directed at neutralizing epitopes or from drug selection; evolution of HIV quasi-species. We will also consider whether viruses can evolve toward increased pathogenicity instead of attenuation. We will revisit examples of Influenza rapid evolution relevant to the current Avian flu threat.

    Plant and Algal viruses will allow us to explore not only host/virus defense relationships but to consider whether theories that complex viruses gave rise to eukaryotic organelles is supported.

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