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    Designed and Developed by Supersonic Software Published by Hasbro Interactive

Readme File

    28 August, 2000

    US English Version 0.02



     Quick Start Guide

    1. Default Controls

    2. Processors Successfully Tested & Supported 3. Supported Video Cards

    4. Known Video Card Problems

    5. Obtaining Video Card Drivers

    6. 3D Performance

    7. Changing Video Card Options

    8. Networked Play

    9. Amendments

    10. Technical Support

    11. License Agreement

Quick Start Guide


     How to play Breakout

The object of Breakout is to smash, destroy and bash your way through


    levels in order to rescue your friends, and defeat the Evil Batnix.

See if you can beat each level at the highest ranking - Superstar!

1. Default Controls


    You control the game via the following keys:

Move left Cursor Left

    Move right Cursor Right

    Move Down Cursor Down

    Move Up Cursor Up

    Use powerup/Select in menu Enter key Menu/Return from menu Esc key

    Change camera/Back in menu F1

Change bat mode B

    Change bat character C

    Change powerup P

Slight angle left Q

    Medium angle left A

    Slight angle right W

    Medium angle right S

You can also use a Joystick/pad or mouse. To do so, change the setting


    Player 1 in the Select Controller dialogue box to the required


    When using a Joystick or mouse the following keys will control these


Menu/Return from menu Esc key

    Use powerup/Select in menu Button1/Enter key Change powerup Button2/Numpad4

    Change bat mode Numpad1

    Slight angle left Numpad5

    Medium angle left Numpad2

    Slight angle right Numpad6

    Medium angle right Numpad3

    Change camera/Back in menu F1

Most of these keys are redefinable from the Configure Controls dialogue


    accessible from the Start Menu

    2. Processors Successfully Tested & Supported


Intel Pentium with MMX

    Intel Pentium II

    Intel Pentium III

    Intel Celeron

    AMD K6-2 3DNow! (via DirectX7) AMD K6-3 3DNow! (via DirectX7) AMD K7/Athlon 3DNow! (via DirectX7) AMD Duron

    Cyrix MII

3. Supported Video Cards


The following video cards have been successfully tested.

    However Breakout requires that the latest video drivers are used.

    These are available from your hardware manufacturer.

    Please see "Obtaining Video Card Drivers" for details

3DFX Voodoo1 4Mb PCI

    3DFX Voodoo2 12Mb PCI

    3DFX Voodoo3 2000 16Mb PCI

    3DFX Voodoo3 3000 16Mb PCI

    3DFX Voodoo3 3000 16Mb AGP

    3DFX Voodoo3 3500 16Mb AGP

    3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 64Mb AGP

3D Labs Permedia 3 Create!

    ASUS GeForce 2 GTS 32Mb DDR AGP

ATI Rage/Rage II PCI

    ATI 3D Rage II

    ATI Rage 128 Fury 32Mb AGP

    ATI Rage Magnum 128 32Mb AGP ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP

    ATI Rage Fury Maxx AGP

Creative Voodoo2 8Mb

    Creative Voodoo2 12Mb

    Creative RivaTNT2 Ultra 32Mb AGP

Creative TNT2 Vanta 32Mb PCI

    Creative TNT2 32Mb AGP

    Creative GeForce 2 32Mb AGP

Diamond Stealth III 32Mb AGP

    Diamond Viper 770 16Mb AGP

    Diamond Viper II 32 Mb AGP

    Diamond Monster Fusion 16Mb AGP Diamond Viper 330 4Mb AGP

    Diamond Viper 550 16Mb PCI

    Diamond Hercules Beast 8Mb AGP (Savage3D chip)

    Diamond Monster 3D

ELSA Erasor 3 32Mb AGP

    Guillemot Maxi Gamer TNT2 32Mb AGP

Impact Video+MPEG 2 Decoder

Intel Express 3D 8Mb AGP

    Jazz MM Inc. Adrenaline Rush 3D 8Mb PCI

Matrox Millenium 4Mb PCI

    Matrox Millenium G200 8Mb AGP

    Matrox Millenium G400 Dual Head 32Mb AGP

Nvidia GeForce256 32Mb AGP

    Nvidia GeForce256 64Mb DDR AGP

Orchid Righteous 3D

S3 Virge DX 375 4Mb PCI

    S3 Savage 3D 8Mb AGP (Hercules Beast)

4. Known Video Cards Problems


If your card and problem appear in this list, try the proposed solution.


    on how to do this can be found in "Changing Video Card Options"

Creative Exxtreme Permedia 2:

     Per-vertex alpha-ed polygons are not supported. Similarly some pixel formats

     are unsupported so many effects will not appear correctly.


     None for hardware mode. You may prefer software mode.

Matrox M3D / PowerVR:

     There may be severe visual artefacts when running the game in hardware

     accelerated mode using this card. Colorkeying is non-functional, so black or

     magenta outlines may be visible. Additive or subtractive alpha modes are not

     supported so many effects, water and glass may not display properly. Per-vertex

     alpha and gouraud value support and DirectX z-buffering occasionally fails to

     work correctly.

     Note: Using this card in addition to another hardware accelerator will result in

     this card replacing the accelerator device in the list of selectable devices. This

     is a feature of the hardware.


     Run in software mode

Matrox Productiva G100:

     Translucent surfaces will appear pixellated due to the use of stipple alpha.


     None for hardware mode. You may prefer software mode.

Matrox Mystique:

     Translucent surfaces will appear pixellated due to the use of stipple alpha.


     None for hardware mode. You may prefer software mode.

VideoLogic Neon 250 PowerVR2:

     Some polygons may incorrectly appear in front of others because of the depth

     sort method used on this card.


     None for hardware mode. You may prefer software mode.

5. Obtaining Video Card Drivers


You can download these drivers from the Internet. If you are experiencing

    problems with Breakout, look for your video card below to find the Web

    address where you can download the appropriate drivers.

If none are available, try using the reference drivers for your graphics




















6. 3D Performance


    There are several possible causes of unsatisfactory video performace:

    a: Check your system specification. Systems slower than a P200 MMX may run

     quite slowly.

    b: If you have a dedicated 3D card then ensure that you are using it. See "Changing

     Video Card Options" for details.

     (in some instances 3d cards will run more slowly than software. In this

     case try running in software to see if you prefer this)

    c: The default screen resolution for Breakout is 640x480. If you have a fast PC

     then selecting a higher resolution will give improved visual quality at the

     expense of some speed. If you find that the game runs too slowly, try selecting

     a lower resolution. See "Changing Video Card Options" for details

    d: By default the Detail Level is set at High for best visual quality.

     Try selecting Medium or Low for improved performance. See "Change Video Card

     Options" for details

    e: Outdated or incorrect drivers can also result in slow video performance. Visit

     your graphics card manufacturers website for the latest drivers for your card.

     See "Obtaining Video Card Drivers" for details

6. Changing Video Card Options


Running the game using Hardware


1) Run "Play Breakout" from the Start menu

    2) Select your 3d card from the Video Display Card list

    3) Click the "Hardware" button in Renderer Type

    4) Select "Continue"

    * None of the cards in your machine may unghost the "Hardware" button. This may mean that you do not have a 3d Hardware Card installed in your machine.

    If you are certain that you do have a 3d hardware card installed, you should install

    the latest drivers. If this still does not work you should contact your hardware


    * you may have several entries in the Video Display windows. In this instance

    follow the procedure above and test each one in turn, and use the one that

    performs best.

Running the game using Software


1) Run "Play Breakout" from the start menu

    2) Select "Primary Display Driver" from the Video Display Card list 3) Click the "Software" button in Renderer Type

    4) Select "Continue"

Changing the Screen Resolution


1) Run "Play Breakout" from the start menu

    2) Select resolution from the "Video Settings" list

    3) Select "Continue"

Changing the Detail Level


1) Run "Play Breakout" from the start menu

    2) Click either "High", "Medium" or "Low" in Detail Level 3) Select "Continue"

    * Lower detail levels will improve the performance of the game on your machine.

    Detail levels work in conjunction with video cards and screen resolution,

so you

    may wish to try several combinations of video card, resolution and detail level

    to determine the optimum performance on your machine.

8. Networked Play


To play through a DirectPlay lobby


    Services such as the MSN Gaming Zone and GAMES.COM provide a simple and fun way to

    meet new opponents and challenge them to a game. Installing Breakout registers it

    on your computer as Lobby-enabled so these services will automatically recognise it.

    Visit your favourite gaming site and follow their instructions for starting a game.

To start a game manually


    Click the "Play aNetwork Breakout" icon in your Breakout start menu group.

    You will be asked for a player name; this is used to identify yourself to the other

    players but does not have to be unique.

    You also need to choose a connection type. The types of connection listed will vary

    depending on what software and hardware your computer has available.

    + To play a game over a local area network (LAN), you will normally want to use

     either TCP/IP or IPX.

    + To play over the internet, you will need to use "Internet TCP/IP Connection for

     DirectPlay" (see below)

    + To join two computers with a serial (null-modem) cable, choose "Serial


     for DirectPlay"

    + To connect two computers directly with a modem, choose "Modem Connection for


    Click 'OK' and follow any instructions specific to your chosen connection type. You

    will be presented with a list of games available on that connection. Double-click

    one, or select it and click OK, and you will be taken to the chat screen.

    To host a game yourself, click 'Create' and give the game a name so people can

    recognise it. You will be taken straight to the chat screen and up to three more

    people may connect to the game.

TCP/IP and the Internet


    To play a game of Breakout over the Internet, you need to use TCP/IP. We recommend

    you play the game through a "lobby" service such as GAMES.COM (www.games.com) as

    this simplifies the connection process greatly.

    WARNING: To join a game on the internet, players will need to know either the

    computer name (e.g. computer.myisp.net) or the IP address (e.g. of

    one of the other players. Malicious persons may be able to use this information to

    disrupt your connection or the operation of your computer. Don't give your network

    address to someone you don't trust.

To create a game:

    When prompted for a computer name, leave it BLANK and click 'OK'. Click the Create

    button to create a game.

To join a game:

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