June 2011 - Westminster Presbyterian Church

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June 2011 - Westminster Presbyterian ChurchJune


Westminster Presbyterian Church, 94 Tindall Rd., Middletown, NJ 07748 Reverend Joseph Hein (732)671-2585

    A Note From Pastor Joseph: Friends,

    Summer is nearly here thanks be to God! Before we go our separate

    ways this summer, please remember to keep Christ at the center of

    your summer fun by attending worship wherever you may be, prayer,

    and Bible reading.

    Also, please remember to keep your pledge to Westminster up-to-

    date, as the church‘s bills do not take a summer vacation. In founding pastor Harlan Durfee‘s words, ―Make Westminster your favorite charity.‖

    The next two Sundays at Westminster promise to be very special. INSIDE THIS

    The Christian Ed. staff is hard at work preparing our young people for ISSUE: thleading worship on Sunday, June 5 Children‘s Day. Each class is preparing something special for the congregation. 1 Pastor’s Message thThe Annual Church picnic will immediately follow the June 5

    2 Stewardship Children‘s Day service. We will gather on the front lawn for a

     cookout, fellowship, and fun. Bring a lawn chair and some sports Committee

    equipment and plan to stay a while. 3 What’s New at Westminster The church nurtures those baptized as children and calls them to

    make public their personal profession of faith and their acceptance 4 Welcome + New

    of responsibility in the life of the church (W 4.2003). On Sunday, Members

    June 12, Olivia Carlino, Robert Kane, Bill Mount, and Nick Rendo shall 5 Prayer Chain be presented to the congregation and the church will confirm them in

    their baptismal identity.

     As summer‘s slower pace begins to approach, I hope that you will

    stop into the office sometime this summer to say hello. Peace be with you and see you in church. Have a great summer.

     Pastor Joe

    And a Little Child Will Lead Them…

The Rev. John VanNuys, of the Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church in Crawfordsville, Indiana,

    shares this amazing story about a little boy in his congregation:

    Last Sunday after worship, an usher handed me a pledge card to pass along to our Stewardship Chair. I was about to routinely file it in her mailbox when I noticed the handwriting. I

    immediately got a lump in my throat. The pledge card was from a child. The scrawled name

    read Tyler Brunty. Tyler is a bright-eyed eight-year-old who loves baseball and singing in our

    youth choir. Then the lump in my throat got bigger and several tears welled up when I saw

    that Tyler had pledged to give to God through the church $1 per week.

I called his folks Sunday evening to ask them if they knew about this. Tyler's mom Jennifer

    said, ‗Oh, yes. Tyler asked us to please get him a pledge card.‘

    After giving him the card during the Prelude, his parents explained to Tyler that their giving as a family included Tyler and his sister; that Tyler's gift was already a part of the pledge his

    parents had made.

But Tyler replied: ‗I know that you give for us, but I want to give God something from me.‘

    He said, ‘I don't give anything now, but if I do next year, just think of all the good things God will do through my gift! That is why I want to pledge.‘ His parents looked at each other and

    smiled as Tyler happily put his pledge card in the collection plate.

Jennifer said, ‗On the way home after church, Tyler kept talking and talking about his

    pledge, asking his dad and me about the chores he could do to earn his $1 a week to give to God.‘

Hearing this story Sunday night completely humbled me -- and encouraged me. On Tuesday, I

    saw Tyler's grandmother and asked her if she had heard of her grandson's incredible act of faith and love.

Grandma Nanette nodded and said, ‘There's more: Tyler hasn't stopped talking about his

    pledge. He now wants to do even more chores so that he can give God $2 each week.‘‖

    I have been thanking God for Tyler, his family and his church. They truly inspire me. Tyler reminds me that we learn by example he is simply responding to what his family and his

    church taught him. May we all be eager to pledge to what God is doing in and through us before we know where the money will come from or what God will ask us to do.

     A note from your Stewardship Committee…

    Like Tyler, there are many members of Westminster who joyfully support the ministry of our church by sharing their gifts of time, talent and money. Over the next several months we would like to share your stories in order to encourage others in their faith-giving journeys.

    If you sing in the choir, teach a class, serve on a committee or as a member of session or deacons…you have a story to share. If you have worked on mission projects, led our children

A note from your Stewardship Committee…

    Like Tyler, there are many members of Westminster who joyfully support the ministry of our church by sharing their gifts of time, talent and money. Over the next several months we would like to share your stories in order to encourage others in their faith-giving journeys.

    If you sing in the choir, teach a class, serve on a committee or as a member of session or deacons…you have a story to share. If you have worked on mission

    projects, led our children in youth activities, or been involved in the PAR garden…you have a story to tell. Why is Westminster important to you?

    Okay, you have a story to share, but writing is not your thing. Good news we will write it for you! You can either talk to us about it or jot down ideas in bullet form and we will write it out for you. Or you can tell your story to the congregation as a Minute of Sharing.

    Please take a few minutes to pray about doing this. What does Westminster mean to you? Why are you involved in the life of the church? What excites you about the work you do here? Serving the Lord is a joyful experience, let us share the joy!



    Saturday, June 4

―Many hands make light work.‖ That bit of Americana cracker-barrel wisdom still holds true today,

    especially as it relates to our spring clean-up at church. It would be greatly appreciated if you can

    offer two hours to your church on Saturday, June 4, beginning at 10:00am. Most of the clean-up

    work involves weeding and trimming (bushes) so please bring equipment from home and a pair of gloves, and you will be prepared to help our Westminster church home look great for the summer

    months ahead. Thank you in advance.

    Note: The church clean-up day immediately follows the Men and Women’s breakfasts at 8:00am and 9:00am, respectively, at the Middletown Pancake House on Rte. 35 South. Please join us for breakfast!


    Sunday, June 5th

    Our church family will celebrate Children‘s Sunday on Sunday, June 5. We believe that God gifts each child with spiritual gifts that will help to build up the congregation, and further, that it is the church‘s responsibility to help children develop their gifts. Children‘s Sunday is designed to do just

    that - allow our children to develop their gifts for worship by leading worship under the guidance of the Christian Education committee. We invite you to attend, to encourage our kids and support the

    developmental goals of our congregation. You will find that the worship is a high energy, joy-filled


     CHURCH PICNIC thSunday, June 5

Dress casually for Children‘s Sunday worship and plan to spend a couple of hours at our annual

    church picnic immediately afterwards. The grill will be fired up and ready to barbecue! Please bring

    a lawn chair, sports equipment, and a dish to pass, and relax a little bit in the company of your church family.


    Sunday, June 12

    On Sunday, June 12 The Day of Pentecost - the church will confirm Olivia Carlino, Robert Kane, Bill Mount, and Nick Rendo into membership in our church family. The Confirmands have studied for 33 weeks, prepared a statement of faith, and successfully defended their statements before a sub-group

    of the Session. We will welcome them into membership in a festive service of celebration on the Day of Pentecost.


    Sunday, June 12

Holy Communion has been temporarily moved from the first Sunday in June to the second Sunday

    The Day of Pentecost - because our children are slated to lead worship on Children‘s Sunday, the first Sunday in June.


We welcome our new Administrative Assistant, Russ Carstens, who began

    serving our ministry on Wednesday, April 27. In addition to serving as our new AA, Russ is in the process of earning his Master‘s Degree in Communication

    from Monmouth University, from which he also has an undergraduate degree in Journalism. Russ is the son of Rich and Nancy Carstens, who have worshipped with us and served our church in a number of ways for the past two years.

Russ will be in the office Tuesday Thursday, 9am-2pm. We welcome you, Russ.


Sherri Borchers, Ellene Cecero, and Frank Clapper. Sherri, Ellene, and Frank

    became members by Affirmation of Faith on Sunday, May 15 after completing a thnew member‘s class on Saturday, April 9.


    Saturday, June 18

    A class for those interested in exploring membership at Westminster will be held on Saturday, June 18 at 11:00am. Please indicate to Pastor Joe if you would like to attend the class.

    If anyone from the congregation is interested in being a part of the Membership Committee - please see Abby Aponte.

    Prayer Chain

    Many years ago, Brian Robinson (son of Bill and Jeanne Robinson) was in an auto accident in Red Bank. He was critically injured and near death. At the time, Brian was a football hero of major proportions at Middletown High School. He remained in a coma at Riverview Hospital for many weeks. The students at the high school went nuts. Prayer was needed! Big time! Marge Laine and Marge Kelly devised a system of one Westminster member calling another and passing on the prayer request. Thus, the prayer chain was born. Thirty five years later, we continue to serve.

    Brian recovered with only a broken jaw and a few missing teeth. God answered the prayers of Westminster Church and the Middletown Community.

    Today, six women remember those who request our prayers. Sometimes those requests are listed in the blue insert of the Sunday bulletin. Call Marge Kelly at 787.0822. She welcomes new prayer chain members. For prayer requests, call the church office at 671.2585, or Marge.

Dear Friends,

    The night Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, a small group of shepherds were quietly tending their flock of sheep in a nearby field. Looking up at the stars, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But what was about to happen transformed not only the shepherds’ lives but

    billions of lives across the generations.

    Suddenly, a bright light lit up the sky, and an angel from God appeared above them and began speaking to them. The Bible gives us the original Christmas story:

    An angel of the Lord appeared to them,

    and the glory of the Lord shone around them,

    and they were terrified. But the angel said to

    them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news

    of great joy that will be for all the people. Today

    in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is

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