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Define the followingDefi

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    Define the following Chapter 19-1 East Africa

Olduvai Gorge -

Aksum -

Berlin Conference -

Cash crop -

Masai -


    1. What contributed to the rise of early civilizations in East Africa?

    2. What effect did international trade have on East Africa?

3. What happened at the Berlin Conference on 1884-85?

    4. What African countries managed to remain free of European control?

    5. How did colonialism cause conflicts in East Africa after independence?

    6. Why is it risky for East Africa to rely on cash crops?

7. Why is East Africa’s agricultural base changing?

8. What threatens East Africa’s wildlife parks?

9. What two major ethnic groups inhabit East Africa?

10. Why did the Mau Mau rebellion occur?

    11. How do the Masai and Kikuyu compare in the kinds of work they do?

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    12. What is East Africa’s most critical health-care problem?

    13. What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?

    14. How does the difference affect AIDS statistics?

    DISASTERS! Famine in Somalia (pages 436-437)

    15. What was the principal natural cause of famine?

    16. What human factors complicated the famine in Somalia?

17. How did Somalia’s history cause famine?

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