Unit 4 Earthquakes

By Roberto Arnold,2014-06-26 06:06
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Unit 4 Earthquakes

    Unit 4 Earthquakes

    Test for Grammar

    Name_________ Class_________ No._________ Mark______ I. 单项选择

    ( )1.The famous basketball star,_______ tried to make a comeback, attracted a lot of attention.

     A. where B. when C. which D. who

    ( )2.She heard a terrible noise, _________ brought her heart into her mouth.

    A. it B. which C. this D. that ( )3.York,______ I visited last year, is a nice old city.

     A. that B. which C. where D. in which ( )4.The English play ________ ny students acted at the New Years party was a

    great success,

    A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which ( )5.Is this factory _________ you visited last Sunday?

    A. the one B. which C. that D. where ( )6.They ask about the things and teachers ______ they still remembered in the school.

    A. which B. that C. whom D. that and who ( )7.I will always remember those days ______ I spent with him sailing on the sea.

    A. on that B. on which C. when D. which ( )8.His English, ______ used to be very poor, is now excellent.

    A. that B. which C. it D. whom ( )9.George Orwell, ______ was Eric Arthur, wrote many political novels and essays.

    A. the real name B. what his real name C. his real name D. whose real name ( )10.__________ is reported in the newspaper, talks between the two countries are making progress.

    A. It B. As C. That D. What II.将下列句子改写成定语从句

    11. Have you found the bike? You are looking for the bike.

    12.The book is very interesting. I bought the book yesterday.

13.I saw some trees. Their leaves were black with disease.

    14. The girl is our monitor. She is playing the piano over there.

    15. He was born in a town. The town is far away from the city.


    I. 1.D 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.B 7.D 8.B 9. D 10 B


    11.Have you found the bike (that/which) you are looking for? 12.The book ( that/ which) I bought yesterday is very interesting. 13.I saw some trees whose leaves were black with disease. 14.The girl who/ that is playing the piano over there is our monitor. 15.He was born in a town that/ which is far away from this city.

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