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By Gene Mills,2014-05-01 06:30
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    Manual on How to Configure BRAS Client Authentication

    on Mac

     The configuration method has been tested under Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.5 and10.5.6.


    1. Open the Apple menu and click on “System Preferences”.

2. Double-click on the “Network” icon and open it.

3. Click on the plus sign in the lower left corner and create a new “VPN”


    4. Now select L2TP over IPSEC for “VPN Type”, input a service name (free choice) and click on “Create”.

    5. Input the address to “Server Address” and enter your BRAS user ID to Account Name”.

    6. Click on the button “Advanced” and tick the item “Send all traffic over VPN connection”.

7. Download the document options from the website and put the document into the file folder

    /etc/ppp” (You might be required to enter your password for system installation).

    8. Go back to the “Network” interface, select the newly-created connection, click on the button Connect” and enter your BRAS password into the pop-up dialog box. Done!

9. If you want to disconnect the connection, just go back to the previous interface and

click on Disconnect.

Good Luck;

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