eLEAD CRM, a leader in the Automotive Customer Relationship ...

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eLEAD CRM, a leader in the Automotive Customer Relationship ...CRM,the,The,Crm

Feb 21, 2005

    Marketing Message announcing eLEAD CRM as a new Certified Lead Management

    Vendor by American Honda Motor Company. Inc., Acura and Honda Divisions for Honda/Acura Interactive Network.


    eLEAD CRM, A leader in the Automotive, Customer Relationship Management industry, is honored to be selected as a Certified Lead Management vendor by American Honda Motor Company, Inc., Acura and Honda Divisions, and announces it’s newest addition to

    their suite of products, eLEAD Evolution.

    eLEAD Evolution is a web-based CRM software solution that integrates seamlessly with all major Dealer Management Systems (ADP, UCS, Reynolds and Reynolds, and Arkona). eLEAD Evolution has the same user interface as Microsoft Outlook, and features “dashboard” screens that organize all incoming data including, prospects and tasks for dealership personnel. All customer contacts are housed in one record in eLEAD

    Evolution, whether the contact is online, on phone, or an in-dealership showroom opportunity.

    eLEAD Evolution is technically advanced, yet easy-to-use, software that manages a dealership’s customer base and provides the ability to regularly prospect the database via

    direct mail, email and phone, is appropriate for any size dealer and fully integrates with eLEAD CRM’s suite of customer relationship products and services, including it’s data-

    mining and marketing tool, “GoldDigger;” complete professional desking tool “eDESK;”

    and built-in Internet Lead Management Tool “Weblink.”

eLEAD Evolution is also the only CRM software that completely interacts with eLEAD’s

    state-of-art, All-American Call Center; with over 500 trained telephony experts, that will

    contact virtually every customer that touches your business each and every day, via a live scripted call allowing you the opportunity to recapture potential lost sales and service opportunities by setting appointments that bring those customers back into your dealership. Call packages include prospect calls from all sources such as showroom, phone and internet, as well as our GoldDigger sales and service call packages and a variety of additional inbound and outbound customized telephony solutions.

    In addition, eLEAD CRM offers email, direct mail and direct call marketing to dealership’s existing sales and services customers and to dealership prospects through eLEAD Direct and Service Direct, which offer hard-hitting targeted direct mail and email campaigns’ integrated with live telephone follow-up from our call centerproviding you

    with marketing campaigns with verifiable ROI that you can count on!

    Please call us and we will send a sample tin of our Fresh baked, Gourmet Chocolate chip Cookies, for you to experience our recipe has been enjoyed by happy customers throughout the country for more than 20 years. --generating increased CSI and customer loyalty. We will also include the DVD presentation of eLEAD Evolution, It gives you a

    front-row seat of our Call Center and shows you how eLEAD CRM’s suite of products

    integrateproviding you with a full-circle CRM solution that is unmatched by any Automotive CRM or technology company in the business!

     Our Training Division Take the Lead also offers in-dealership telephony, internet, sales

    process and technology training by retail experienced trainers and consultants, as well as, online software training courses through eLEAD University.

Upon installation of eLEAD Evolution, our Performance and Success account

    management team monitors data and proactively provides solutions and feedback to dealerships in all areas of sales and service.

You will find that at eLEAD CRM; what sets us apart; is our people, and that we pride

    ourselves in being a “service fulfillment organization’ that will not only implement but

    also execute our systems and procedures that will provide you with an even greater return on your marketing investment. And with the full-circle of CRM solutions we can

    provide, we will help your dealership grow additional profit in all departments.

    eLEAD CRM’s family of products can be used alone or collectively. To find out how eLEAD CRM’s full suite of products and services can help you immediately drive additional sales and service retail $dollars$ to your bottom line. Call 866-444-7923, toll free, or email: and visit us on the web:

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