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Mapping tool



    How do you unpack a training package?

    Each unit of competency has a number of components that require careful analysis. The table

    below identifies the different components of a unit of competency and briefly describes each


Component Example Explanation

    Unit Code: TAADES401B TAA This unit of

    competency is part

    of the Training and


    Training Package.

    DES This unit of

    competency belongs

    to the Design

    stream within the

    Training and

    Assessment Training


    4 Certificate IV level.

    01 The first unit within

    the Design stream.

    A Version 1 of this

    unit of competency.

    Unit Title: Use Training Packages to Provides a description of the

    meet client needs job function, ie „What is the

    work activity?”

    Unit Descriptor: This unit of competency Expands on the information

    specifies the outcomes provided in the unit title and

    required to use Training notes any relationships with

    Packages as a tool to support other industry units, ie

    industry, organisation or “What does the work activity

    individual competency involve?”

    development needs.

    Elements: Define the basis for using Describes the skill outcomes

    Training Package/s that contribute to a unit, ie

    “What skills are required to

    perform the work activity?”.

    Performance Criteria: Discussions are held with Specifies the level of

    relevant personnel to performance required to

    confirm training and/or demonstrate achievement of

    assessment needs of the the Element. Italicised

    client. terms are elaborated on in

    the Range Statement.

    Range Statement: Training/assessment Adds definition to the unit

    organisation refers to: by elaborating critical or

    a Registered Training significant aspects of the

    Organisation (RTO), ie, an performance requirements

    enterprise/organisation of the unit. The Range

    registered to deliver Statement establishes the

    recognised vocational range of indicative meanings

    education and training or applications of these

    services; includes TAFE requirements in different

    institutes, private operating contexts and

    commercial conditions. The specific

    colleges/companies, aspects that require

    enterprises, community elaboration are identified by

    ? Commonwealth of Australia | Licensed under AEShareNet S Licence



Component Example Explanation

    organisations, group training the use of italics in the

    companies and schools. Performance Criteria.

    Evidence Guide: A person who demonstrates The Evidence Guide provides

    competency in this unit must advice to inform and support

    be able to provide evidence appropriate assessment of

    that he/she can source, this unit. It contains an

    interpret and use a Training overview of the assessment

    Package to adapt or requirements followed by

    customise competency identification of specific

    standards for an industry, aspects of evidence that will

    organisation or individual. need to be addressed in

    determining competence.

    The Evidence Guide is an

    integral part of the unit and

    should be read and

    interpreted in conjunction

    with the other components

    of competency.


    This unit specifies the competency required to use Training Packages and accredited courses as a tool to support industry, organisation or individual competency development


    Employability Skills

    This unit contains employability skills.

    Application Of Unit

    Training Packages represent the national industry benchmarks for nationally recognised

    vocational outcomes in the vocational education and training system. Accredited courses

    represent other industry benchmarks for vocational education and training. Being able to

    use Training Packages and accredited courses is a core competency required of all persons

    with a training, assessment or associated role operating in recognised vocational education

    and training.

    Unit Sector

    Learning Design

    Performance criteria

    Element Performance criteria

    1. Define the basis 1.1 Discussions are held with relevant persons to confirm for using Training training and/or assessment needs of the client Package/s and

    1.2 Training Packages and/or accredited courses which accredited

    could satisfy client needs are identified and sourced courses

    ? Commonwealth of Australia | Licensed under AEShareNet S Licence



    Skills and Knowledge

    Required skills:

    Required skills and attributes include:

    ; communication skills to collaborate with others on using Training Packages and

    accredited courses, for example:

    o discussing issues

    o asking questions

    o accepting feedback and instruction

    o interpreting written information.

    Required knowledge:

    Required knowledge includes:

    ; the function of Training Packages and accredited curriculum as national

    benchmarks in a competency-based training and assessment system of vocational

    education and training

    ; the different purposes for which Training Packages can be used

    ; the structure of Training Packages and accredited courses and the role and purpose

    of each endorsed/accredited component

    ; the language and terminology used in Training Packages and accredited courses, for


    Range statement

    Training and/or assessment ; a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), ie an organisation refers to: organisation registered to provide recognised training

    and assessment services; includes TAFE institutes,

    private commercial colleges/companies, enterprises,

    community organisations, group training companies

    and schools

Evidence guide

    Overview of assessment To demonstrate competency against this unit candidates must

    be able to provide evidence that they can source, analyse,

    interpret and use a Training Package and an accredited course

    to contextualise or adapt competency standards for an

    industry, organisation or individual.

    ? Commonwealth of Australia | Licensed under AEShareNet S Licence

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