Never stop dreaming

By Mark Turner,2014-06-26 02:47
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Never stop dreaming (我觉得很好;同志们;


Never stop dreaming

    Leave the excess baggage of yesterday's mistakes and dare to enter into all the

    tomorrow.Leave yesterday to history and

    resolve to begin each fresh new day,daring to

     make dreams become a reality.

    Dreams cannot be bought ,sold or traded.Dreams are the part of us that no one else can claim

     rights to possess.

    Dreams are what keep life full of passion (

    力? and vitality ;同上?。Don't allow others

    to define who we are or what our desires may

    be.When we allow others to define our

    boundries(极限?,we become the limits that

     others have imposed (强迫?强加于?on us.

    Dreams are our own and belong to no one else,never admit defeat to a wasted life by

    forsaking (追求? your dreamsLife is

    sweetened by friendship ,we encounter(相遇?

    along the high way that journey into our


    Dreams are complex and take years to

    accomplish while holiday onto the simplicity

    of a very young child.Don't allow life and the

    demands of making a living to force you to put

    dreams on hold.Please keep dreaming and never

     give up on yourself.

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