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SYSTEM (HOW TO START) - VeMMANGGISTo,to,How,Start,start,how


1) STEP 1

    Must sign-up all the pre-enrollees under our network. Share with them the benefits of ULTIMATE PACK. Why? If we not share the ULTIMATE PACK to our Paid

    Member, we are not a good upline. It is because ULTIMATE PACK is cheap, long-last, good testimonies and profitable. Learn the benefits of ULTIMATE PACK. It’s a must.

After sign-up our prospects to become paid member, must teach BACK OFFICE

    in myvemma & vemmabuilder websites. This is to make sure our new members knows what they will earn and monitor their network. If the Paid Member / new downline is near to your place, try to send the product by yourself. Service them. Better to meet, so we can easy to explain about the system to them. If our downline is outstation or far from our place, you must regularly keep in touch with them. Update new info or new promotion by call, email, skype, yahoo messenger or sms.

2) STEP 2

Bring new prospect or downline to online meeting, event or weekly meeting. Attend

    meeting to gain knowledge, troubleshoot the problem, consult upline and know the update of Vemma. It is very important to attend meeting or event.

3) STEP 3

Share the Marketing Plan to our downline. Let them know how to make money.

4) STEP 4

    Train The Trainer - identify your potential leader, and then ask them to join intensive training & actively to participate for the event or meeting which conduct by upline or company.

5) STEP 5

    Duplication. Do what your successful upline do, talk what your successful upline talk, act what your successful upline act and you will earn what your successful upline earn. Never stop learning. If you stop learning, you stop earning!!


    Sign-up and teach back office

    Attend meeting / event / online + offline

    VFT (Vemma Fast Start Training)

    VeMMA ONLINE FAQ Skype Meeting

    The Marketing Plan - share to downline / prospect

    Train the Trainer (TTT) Identify Leaders in



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