The Writing Process

By Henry Young,2014-09-23 20:36
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The Writing Process

    The Writing Process

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    There are several questions haunting my mind from the very beginning of learning to write English compositions. What sort of compositions would be regarded as good writing? Are there any evaluation standards ? And what does the writing process involve? I have been trying to find out these answers in all my efforts to learn to write.

As for the first two questions I’ve mentioned, I have admitted that good writing

    is quite a subjective concept which varies in different people , culture and eras. However, there are a lot of classics commonly recognized after years of tests. These good writings show similar characteristics: coherence, clarity, profundity , etc. Therefore, in order to write good English , it is necessary to read good English works in different forms.

    In terms of the writing process, the depth and breadth of accumulation and experience are of significance, which can help us to develop original subjects and strong arguments. As for specific steps of writing, it is better to make an outline or mind map first according to the requirements of writing. Comparing the outline to a blueprint of a building, then we need to find concrete materials to make our work well organized and strong-supported. Last, revising is indispensable to correct errors of grammar and vocabulary. If time permits,we can also add something new or delete needless parts.

    All of these above are my experience of writing and I am looking forward to improving my English writing.

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