How has learning English helped you in life

By Gene Smith,2014-11-17 02:45
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How has learning English helped you in life

    How has learning English helped you in life

    Fristly, I’m a English major student, so we have a lot of time talk with foreigners, and maybe I will go abroad after I graduate, so English can help me make more friends, especially foreign friends.

    Secondly, English can make our lives more

    stcolorful and more convenient. We live in the 21

    century, and the world is so developed that everyone is under much pressure. So I would like to travel somewhere relaxing and quiet in my spare time to relax myself. During the time I will meet lots of interesting people and some visitors from other countries. And it is best to use English to chat with them if necessary. Maybe I can help them out of the trouble.

    Thirdly, because the world is more competitive than before, so if we learn English we can get a much better job.

    forth, English can also improve my confidence, because everytime I practice my spoken English I will speak loudly that will add my confidence. And when I talk to other people with English just like I’m

    a foreigner that cannot only improve my oral English but can increase my confidence.

    Last, its easy reading English newspapers,

    watching English movies, listening to English songs and so on.

So English help me a lot in life.

Thats all, thank you!

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