Customer's Questionnaire

By Lawrence Cox,2014-05-01 05:50
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Customer's QuestionnaireCust

    Screening Questionnaire

Material ship to address:

    325 Waverly Ave. Mamaroneck, NY 10543

    TEL:(914) 381-7500

    FAX:(914) 381-8500 version 030405A

Customer Contact:

    Company Name:

    Street Address:

    City, State, Zip:




Preferred shipping carrier for returning samples:

Feed material:

    ; Name

    ; PSD

    ; if a significant percentage of particles are of the irregular shape irregularity

    factor, typical minimum and maximum sizes

    ; bulk density (also, if possible, volume density)

    ; moisture (if it is a powder)

    ; concentration (if it is a slurry; please, also mention if concentration is

    calculated by weight or by volume)

    ; temperature of feed at source

    ; abrasiveness

    ; chemical aggressiveness

; explosiveness

; tendency for agglomeration

    ; any other special characteristics worth mentioning at your point of view

    Liquid Separations

    ; % solids of slurry

    ; Viscosity of slurry

    ; Liquid Medium Water Solvent Other -

    ; Other characteristics of the mix

    Customer's requests:

    ; required feed capacity (if the feed material is slurry, please, mention if required

    feed capacity is calculated by slurry volume or by solids weight)

; required efficiency

    ; required cut point (if possible, also mention the d50 and d90 point)

; for how many fractions has the material to be separated

; what is the product, the undersize, the oversize or both

    ; contamination tolerances (allowed percentage of the undersize in the oversize)

    ; loss of product tolerances (allowed percentage of the oversize in the undersize)

    ; any other special requests worth mentioning at your point of view

    Existing processing with this material (if applicable):

    ; machinery used

; if the machinery used are vibratory screeners, please, specify existing situation,

    such as model and size of screeners, number of them, mode of operation, used

    screening media (meshes, polyurethane mats or other) and existing results,

    such as existing cut point, feed capacity, efficiency, lifespan of meshes (or

    other screening media)

    ; what isnt satisfactory for an end-user in the current processing (blinding of

    meshes, short lifespan of meshes, poor efficiency, low feed capacity, desire to

    go to finer separation, which current equipment cannot provide with, anything


    ; what did an end-user do to fight those problems and what were the


    Special limitations and /or requests (if applicable):

    ; space and weight limitations (length, width, height, weight please, specify)

; dynamic load on a support structure limitation

; limitation of use for the materials the Ultimate Screener? is made of (carbon

    steel, stainless steel, rubber, silicone, polyurethane, nylon)

    ; request for special motors (water-proof, explosion-proof, special electric-proof

    class). Regular class of motors on the Ultimate Screener? - IP 65

    Any other data and/or comments you see useful sharing:

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