A Chinese Culture

By Edith Hawkins,2014-06-19 09:19
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A Chinese Culture

    A Chinese Culture Kongfu

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     Kongfu, it is also called martial artsor Chinese wushu,

    originated from the old ancient. It happened because of the war between different groups. In that time, if people want to obtain the food, they must beat down other people, even wild animals. They fight by their fist or some ordinary tools, such as stick.

     After experiencing amount of times to struggle with life, they master the skill of assault and defense without weapons gradually. Those actions, including beating, kicking, dodging and leaping, developed to the sprout of early Chinese boxing.

    From the content, we can divide Kongfu into two major

    parts---unarmed boxing and drilling with instruments.

    In terms of boxing, various kinds of ways can demonstrate it. Shadowboxing(太极拳),Drunken fist(醉拳),Shaolin boxing(少林

    ),Snakestyle boxing(蛇拳) and so on. Every kind of boxing has its own

    feature. When it comes to instruments, I have to mention eighteen types

    of weapons, namely, sword, sable, stick, whip, hammer, halberd, shield, etc.

    In Chinese wushu, there are plenty of groups. Among of them, Shaolin Sect and Wudang Sect are the most famous groups.

    Concluding these two groups, we could know that there are several

    common characters in Chinese wushu. Firstly, movement and silence are combined, using silence to constrain the movement. Secondly, toughness and softness are united, controlling toughness by softness. Lastly, focusing on defense, not attack, and advocating soldierly virtue.

     I am really willing to introduce a class of Kongfu which is experiences by myself, that is Baduanjin (八段锦), a kind of Qigong.

    At the earliest, it is used by shaolin monk. They pay their main attention to entire limbs, and combine with breathing and aspiration, concentrate themselves on it;by means of long time practicing, to enhance their

    health greatly. Afterwards, the monk modify and perfect Qigong gradually, then it started to be popular from Ming Dynasty up to now. Thus, as a result, I luckily have the chance to experience and I want to say, thats extremely amazing.

    Take a deep breath, you will feel that is seems all of your body is opened, and then aspirate slowly, you will feel how relaxed you are. It is indeed a terrific try, if you are interested in it, not hesitate to take chance.

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