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Purpose of the Group - Dairy Australiaof,OF,Group,The,the,Dairy,dairy,THE,DAIRY,group

    Position Description

    Position Title Industry Analyst

    Position Holder Vacant

    Functional Group Trade and Strategy (T&S)

    Team/ Department / Unit / Function Industry Strategic Analysis

    Immediate Manager Commercial Research and Analysis Manager

    Date July 2013

Purpose of the Group

    To support Australia’s position as an internationally competitive, innovative and

    sustainable dairy industry, Trade and Strategy undertakes a broad range of activities on behalf of internal and external industry stakeholders. These include: ; Encouraging a more favourable international market environment for Australian

    dairy exports

    ; Building active preference for Australian dairy products among key

    consumer/customer groups

    ; Providing high-level technical support to industry and government on emerging

    trade and natural resource management issues

    ; Analysing major production, consumption trends in domestic and international


    ; Developing accessible knowledge bases on future drivers of industry profitability,


    ; Coordinating strategic planning within DA (including stakeholder consultation and

    reporting on the impact, effectiveness of DA programs and activities)

Purpose of the Strategy & Knowledge group

    The Strategy & Knowledge team is responsible for the gathering analysis and dissemination of market data and intelligence, as well as facilitating strategy development for Dairy Australia and the wider industry.

    The Strategic Analysis team is responsible for monitoring, analysis and reporting on the key drivers affecting the profitability of the Australian dairy industry. The team works closely with the Industry Data Group, other Dairy Australia business groups and established information networks to analyse data, combining it with other information and market research to develop insights and provide thought leadership to Dairy Australia and the wider dairy industry.

Job Purpose

    The Industry Analyst will join the Strategic Analysis team to support Senior Analyst and Commercial Research and Analysis Manager in monitoring, analysing and reporting on the Australian and global dairy industry developments.

    The Industry Analyst will be specifically responsible for monitoring and analysing domestic and international developments and impacts on the Australian Dairy Industry, and contribute analysis and insights to Dairy Australia publications such as Dairy Situation & Outlook.

    The role also involves the coordination and distribution of a number of regular publications and reports, as well as providing a help desk service for stakeholder enquiries.

    Work undertaken as part of the role has the parallel goal of working together with other members in the analysis team to be recognised as Australia’s premier source of dairy industry information and analysis.

Major Responsibilities

    Monitoring & Analysis

    ; In conjunction with the Senior International Industry Analyst and Commercial

    Research and Analysis Manager, monitor developments in key demand and

    supply regions particularly with a focus on dairy production inputs.

    ; Develop monitoring and analysis tools for input costs to dairy production. Work

    with the Analysis team to develop models, and industry publications. ; Respond to ad hoc queries from industry and government stakeholders. ; In conjunction with the Senior Australian Industry Analyst and Commercial

    Research and Analysis Manager, work with Industry Data Group to improve data

    integrity and cultivate new data sources for cubes.

    ; Investigate opportunities for data visualisation and work with the relevant Analyst,

    Commercial Research and Analysis Manager and Industry Data Group in

    development and implementation of the Business Information tool. ; Assist with preparation of Board briefings where required

    ; Represent Dairy Australia and the dairy industry to groups when required.

Publications & Communications

    ; Produce, coordinate and disseminate regular publications to dairy industry. ; Contribute to major publications and presentations as required. ; Maintain web and extranet content as required.

    ; Assist in the maintenance of up to date contact information for the wider



    ; Develop and maintain and relevant networks to support knowledge and insight


    ; Seek and expand information exchanges that enhance the knowledge base of

    Dairy Australia and the industry and build relationships with key contacts.

Key Relationships


    ; Industry Data Group

    ; International Market Development

    ; Dairy Library

    ; BOP (Contact Management, Finance)

    ; Farm Productivity & Delivery


    ; Major dairy companies

    ; Dairy Industry Organisations

    ; Government

    ; Suppliers


    ; Excellent numerical and analytical skills

    ; Excellent written and verbal communication skills the ability to translate a large

    amount of information and complexity into timely and concise analysis ; Excellent Excel spread sheet modelling ability

    ; Ability to work with others in a team

    ; A commitment to high levels of customer service

    ; Sound judgment and common sense, attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines.

Mandatory Qualifications/Experience

    ; University Degree and/or post-graduate qualifications in agribusiness, economics or

    related discipline.

    ; Two to three years relevant experience, preferably in the agribusiness/food sector,

    however suitable graduates would be considered for this role

    ; Demonstrated analytical and report writing ability.

    ; A current Australian driver’s licence (travel beyond public transport networks will be

    required from time to time)

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