The Special Meaning of Something in the Bible

By Wayne Butler,2014-11-16 14:26
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The Special Meaning of Something in the Bibleof,in,In,The,the,Bible,bible

    The Special Meaning of Something in the Bible

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    We all know the Bible is a very famous religious book in the world. It has deep meaning about culture, policy, economic and so on. So I want to discuss the special meaning of something in the Bible.

    The meaning of the Bible

    The number of the bible is the one to seven. The number of all the other is from the seven. Seven is full. Many people know this. The number of the eight is not independent. Seven is a week; eight is the number of cycles. All the number of more than seven is from the number seven and combined multiplication. One is gods number. God is all peoples host.

    It stands unique. Second is the number of the Lord Jesus, but there is not complete. It also has the meaning of end. Three is the number of people completely. A complete faith is the synthesis of knowledge, behavior, and experience. The number of the three is also raised. Four is the number of the world. God thinks world can be divided into four: Babylon, the Persia, Greece and Rome. Number five is the person in front of the god. It is also not complete. Six is devil's number and the number of people. Because the person crime obeyed the voice of the

    devil, so it linked up with the devil. Seven is the number of completely. It is very interesting. We know every number has its own meaning. The people who create the Bible are great.

    The meaning of rainbow.

    In the bible, the rainbow is god and the humans vows. God

    says, "I put the rainbow in the clouds, it is as a token of the covenant betwixt me and the earth mark. When I made the cloud covered the earth, there will be a rainbow in the clouds now. I will honor me and you and every living creature of all flesh of covenant; water is no longer destroy every living creature of all flesh", god in the rainbow set agreed with the people on the ground in order to no longer use the flood destroyed the earth. Now, rainbow has many meanings. Some people think rainbow stands hope. Because rainbow always appears after raining. Some people think rainbow can give us encourage. Maybe when you see the rainbow, you can acquire a lot of power. Rainbow has different meaning in different time

    The meaning of vine

    In the Bible "vine" implies the local church and faithful. Jesus said: "you are in me, and I am in you. As the branch is in the vine and if not, it can not be strong; if you are not

    in me, also can do nothing. I am the vine. You are the branches; that in me, and I am in him, he will bear much fruit. Because apart from me you can do nothing." This is a metaphor that is a foundation of our faithful belief in Jesus (vine). If the branches are not attached to the tree, what is the meaning? Now, the store entrance has inserts a grape custom in Italy. Italy is rich in the grape wine country. Many small cities even village peasant household also can brew alcohol. In the past, in some farmer family has fermented many liquors, is self-sufficient has -odd, then planned sells some. They hang grapes near their home turf, the passerby will know The meaning of Noah Ark

    "Noah Ark" is referred to as "the ark". It is a noun derived from "history" in the Bible. God watches too much crime of the world which will destroy them. So the rise of flood has reached the world to clean. Noah follows Gods teaching and preach

    world constantly and live a life of holiness. God told Noah to build a huge ark. "Noah Ark" is the symbol of the sanctuary but also a symbol of hope. In the film 2012, there is a Noah Ark which made in China can save people from disaster. Now people think Noah Ark is a big ship which can rescue people from some dangerous situation. But we should know we should

    not change nature. As the matter of matter, we can not change the nature.

    The meaning of sentences

    There are many famous sentences in the Bible. Most of them have deep meaning. For example, it saidlove your neighbor

    as love yourself .It teaches us how to live with others.

    Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. We should have a kind heart and be friendly to everyone. Naked a man comes from his mother's womb, and as he comes, so he departs. We can not bring something when we die. So we should not think highly of money. Everyone lives simply is very important. Have a simple heart, have a simple life. I am interested in something’s special meaning in Bible.

    So I collect some of them but not all. The Bible plays an important role in western culture. It is possible for us to know the Bible completely. Because it has differences between different culture. More strength is needed but skill will bring success. We should use our strength to know different culture. I believe you can gain more from classic book.

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