Test for S1A Unit 2

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Test for S1A Unit 2Test

    Test for Unit 2

?. Multiple choice: 1*20=20%

    1. She _____ such a beautiful hair style before.

    A. never saw B. had never seen C. never sees D. has never seen 2. CHANEL is a worldwide brand, which is peculiarly _____ for women.

    A. suitable B. fitting C. suits D. is right for

    3. Dont scold your children too often; scolding might have _____ bad effect _____ them.

    A. /; on B. /; to C. a; on D. a; to

    4. Look, the nurse _____ some medicine _____ the wound in the soldiers leg.

    A. applies, at B. applied, to C. is applying, with D. is applying, to 5. It is wise _____ you to apply what you learn in the book _____ your daily life.

    A. for, for B. for, in C. of, for D. of , to

    6. --How did you find the film yesterday evening?

    --Just so-so. It _____ pace.

    A. lacked in B. lacking in C. for lack of D. lacked

    7. Mum, I have finished my homework.

    --Oh, if you _____ not to disturb me, you can watch TV.

    A. offer B. support C. guarantee D. want

    8. When I graduate from this famous university, Ill _____ what I have learnt to everyday work.

    A. use B. apply C. devote D. stick

    9. How about six oclock outside the park?

    --That _____ me fine.

    A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits

    10. Silk feels _____ softer than any other material.

    A. quite B. far C. many D. more

    11. Mr. Liu, an expert _____ health, often says a _____ diet can help us _____.

    A. in, balance, healthy B. at, balanced, healthful

    C. on, balanced, healthy D. at, balancing, health

    12. _____ confidence will lead to a failure in the exam for some students.

    A. Lacking of B. Short of C. Lack D. Lacking

    13. When Tom got the news that he could go abroad for his summer holidays, he was_____.

    A. happily B. unhappy C. unhappily D. on top of the world 14. In western countries, there is a custom that children can get presents form their parents _____

    Christmas and _____ their birthday.

    A. on, at B. in, at C. at, on D. by, on

    15. Im so angry and I cant bear it ----- those cats _____ me _____ my sleep.

    A. robbed; from B. robbed; of C. stole; from D. stole; of 16. The earlier you send your letter of _____ , the more likely you are to get the job.

    A. use B. application C. thanks D. complaints

    17. Her elder brother was looking forward _____ as a soldier.

    A. to being treated B. to treating C. being treated D. to treat

    18. The night club, _____ last month, was popular with the college students near it.

    A. being opened B. to be opened C. to open D. opened

    19. Its important and necessary _____ himself now since he is already eighteen years old.

    A. for him to care about B. for him to care for

    C. of him to care about D. of him to care for

    20. --Dont forget to turn off the lights before leaving.


    A. I dont. B. I wont. C. I cant. D. I havent.

?. Blank filling: 2*5=10%

     A. the key to B. A balanced diet C. keep healthy

     D. applied to AB. felt on top of the world

    21. Nowadays many people take some forms of exercise such as walking, running and swimming

    to _____.

    22. More than 100 people _____ the company for that position.

    23. She _____ when she learned that she won the first prize.

    24. Some teachers think hard work is _____ success, while others hold the belief that intelligence

    is more important.

    25. Having _____ and taking plenty of exercise will surely do good to your health.

?. Cloze: 1.5*20=30%


     During rainy days and cloudy weather, your hair becomes a victim. The sun and the humidity can 26 your hairs scalp and result in dry, drab, brittle or frenzy hair. 27 how to protect

    your hair:

    (1) 28 a leave-in-conditioner during these sticky months to avoid static electricity.

    (2) If during a 29 day, the sun 30 peeps from in between the clouds then apply your

    skin suncare lotion to your hair, as the sun is 31 harsher and this is 32 to do

    severe damage to your hair.

    (3) Be 33 of using shine serums these months, they contain silicone which can worsen

    the frizz.

    (4) Wash your hair 34 often during these months 35 let it absorb atmospheric


    26. A. comb B. scratch C. damage D. lose

    27. A. Theres B. Heres C. Its D. Thats

    28. A. Apply B. Supply C. Buy D. Sell

    29. A. sunny B. cloudy C. hot D. cold

    30. A. immediately B. hardly C. unexpectedly D. possibly

    31. A. more B. lot C. further D. even

    32. A. possibly B. probably C. likely D. maybe

    33. A. sure B. careful C. sensible D. silly

    34. A. less B. frequently C. rarely D. lot

    35. A. so B. but C. or D. and


    Hair dyes,染色( & health

     A new review of research finds no significant link to cancer. To be extra safe, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests: Dont change color frequently. Start 36 later in life.

    Apply with gloves. Keep the dye on your head as briefly as possible. Rinse,冲洗( well.

     Like many other folks of my age, I see a few grey hairs when I look in the 37 . You can

    either accept the change (It makes me look distinguished) or 38 it with dye. More than a

    third of women dye their hair; a growing number of men 39 , too.

     With millions of people using these chemicals, there is concern over the health effects. A study published back in 2001 actually linked permanent hair dyes with cancer. The FDA has been 40 this since the 70s. In 1978, it proposed a cancer 41 on hair dyes, and manufacturers soon

    quit using ingredients,配料(linked to cancer in animals. Since then, the FDA has monitored potential risks. Many studies have been done, 42 the results have been inconclusive.

     Recently, Canadian and Spanish researchers looked at the studies that had been performed to date. The researchers did not find strong 43 of a marked increase in the risk of cancer among

    personal hair dye 44 . But they thought several studies raised enough questions to justify more investigation.

     Thats reassuring for those who use hair dyes. Still, moderation is 45 . The less exposure

    to dyes you have over your lifetime, the better.

    36. A. learning B. coloring C. working D. changing

    37. A. mirror B. picture C. window D. bedroom

    38. A. fight B. clean C. eliminate D. renew

    39. A. hope B. do C. prefer D. apply

    40. A. looking up B. looking for C. looking back D. looking into

    41. A. treatment B. signal C. warning label D. symptom

    42. A. and B. but C. because D. as

    43. A. link B. case C. reason D. evidence

    44. A. manufacturers B. salesmen C. users D. promoters

    45. A. an issue B. a problem C. key D. difficult

?. Reading comprehension: 2*10=20%


     Some tips for general hair care:

    (1) Comb your hair regularly. Combing helps spread the natural oils through hair, making it look

    shinier and healthier.

    (2) Massage scalp regularly to increase oil secretion,分泌(.

    (3) Avoid scratching scalp with finger nails or fine combs, because damage to scalp causes

    damage to hair.

    (4) Leave your hair untied for a t least four hours a day. This eases the pressure on your scalp and

    gets blood circulation back.

    (5) Always wash your brush and comb when you shampoo your hair. Avoid lending your brushes

    and combs to others.

    (6) Dont wash your hair in soaps or harsh shampoos. They are highly alkaline,碱性的(and will

    upset your hairs natural pH balance.

    (7) Follow a balanced diet rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, the essentials for healthy hair.

    Especially good are iron, sulphur, zinc-B complex and vitamin C.

    (8) It is essential that you make regular trips to a hairdresser every six to eight weeks otherwise

    there is a danger of getting split ends in your hair. However, by keeping your hair clean and

    conditioned following the plan above you will be able to ensure that your hairdresser is able

    to really get the best look and shape to your hair.

    (9) It is also important to drink a lot of water and keep your caffeine content down to a minimum

    by drinking very little tea or coffee, chocolate or any cola drinks.

    46. According to the passage, it is no good _____.

    A. making your hair shiny B. washing your hair

    C. scratching your head D. avoiding scratching

    47. It is indicated in the passage that _____.

    A. wed better keep combs for private use. B. wed better borrow combs form other.

    C. wed better stop using combs. D. wed better lend combs to others

    48. Which of the following will do no harm to hair?

    A. Strong tea. B. Black coffee. C. Coca Cola. D. Boiled water.

    49. What is NOT mentioned in the passage?

    A. Wow to care your scalp. B. An improper diet may do damage to hair.

    C. Wash your hands before massaging scalp. D. Pay a visit to your hairdresser regularly. 50. Which of the following is the best title for the above passage?

    A. Tips for Hair Style. B. General Hair Tips.

    C. Ten Tips for Hair Coloring. D. Ten Hair Problems.


    Cara Lang is 13. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, in the U.S.. Last Thursday, she

    didnt go to school. She went to work with her father instead. Every year, on the fourth

    Thursday in April, millions of young girls go to work. This is Take Our Daughters to Work

    Day. The girls are between the ages of 9 and 15. They spend the day at work with an adult,

    usually a mother, father, aunt, or uncle. They go to offices, police stations, laboratories, and

    other places where their parents or other family members work. Next year, the day will

    include sons, too.

    The Ms. Foundation, an organization for women, started the program about ten years

    ago. In the U.S., many women work outside the home. The Ms. Foundation wanted girls to

    find out about many different kinds of jobs. Then, when the girls grow up, they can choose a

    job they like.

    Caras father is a film director. Cara says, It was very exciting for me to go to the

    studio with my dad. I saw a lot of people doing different jobs. Many businesses have special

    activities for girls on this day. Last year, Cara went to work with her aunt at the University of

    Massachusetts. In the engineering department, they learned to use scales. They learned about

    many other kinds of jobs, too.

    Right now, Cara does not know what job she will have when she grows up. But because

    of Take Our Daughters to Work Day, she knows she has many choices.

    51. What is Caras father?

    A. An engineer. B. An official. C. A moviemaker. D. A professor

    52. According to the passage, Take Our Daughters to Work Day is _____.

    A. on every Thursday in April B. a holiday for girls of all ages

    C. a day for girls to know about jobs D. a day for girls to get a job easily 53. What is Ms. Foundation?

    A. a woman B. an organization C. Caras aunt D. a girl

    54. On this special day, Cara has done all the following EXCEPT that_____.

    A. she learned to use scales B. she worked as an actress

    C. she went to work with her aunt D. she used toothpicks and candy to build a bridge 55. What is probably the best title for the passage?

    A. Cara Lang, a Fortunate Girl

    B. Take Our Daughters to Work Day

    C. Childrens Day and Work Day

    D. Ms. Foundation, an Organization for Women

?. Translation: 20%

    56. 记住不要过度使用吹风机。(remember)

    ___________________________________________________________________________ 57. 我们将竭尽全力来保证孩子们的安全。(guarantee)

    ___________________________________________________________________________ 58. 务必要经常洗头;这对你的头发有好处。(sure)

    ___________________________________________________________________________ 59. 老师表扬了这个男孩;这让他感到欣喜若狂。(on top of the world)

    ___________________________________________________________________________ 60. 不仅仅是生活的方式;生活压力也会影响头发的质量。(effect)

    ___________________________________________________________________________ 61. 有些人认为电脑在我们日常生活中非常重要;然而有些人却认为电脑毫无用处。(while)



    1-10 DACDD DCBDB

    11-20 CDDCB BADBB

    21-25 keep healthy, applied to, felt on top of the world, the key to, a balanced diet 26-35 CBABC DCBAD

    36-45 BAABD CBDCC

    46-50 CADCB

    51-55 CCBBB

    56. Remember not to overuse the hairdryer.

    57. We will do/ try our best to guarantee childrens safety.

    do what we can

    58. Be sure to shampoo/ wash your hair often, and it will do good to your hair.

    59. The teacher praised the boy and it made him feel on top of the world.

    60. Last but not least, not only life style but also life stress has an effect on hair quality/ the

    quality of hair.

    61. Some (people) think computers are very important in our daily life, while others think/

    consider that they/ computers are completely useless.

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