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    Accreditation and Recognition of Pharmacy Technician Training Programmes

Requirements for competency based qualifications and knowledge based qualifications for pharmacy


You must use this document to:

    ; demonstrate how you meet the criteria. Guidance on what sort of information and supporting evidence you need to provide is detailed on the right

    of the template and;

    ; List all the supporting documentation submitted with this template. Guidance on the documents that you will need to submit is provided.

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Standard 1 Patient and public safety

    1. There must be clear procedures to address immediately any concerns about patient safety arising from pharmacy technician education and training involving patients and the public

     Evidence should include relevant policies and how they are implemented and quality management data.

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance and evidence

1.1 Supervision is in place to ensure that the practice of All those who teach, supervise, give counselling to, employ or work with trainees are responsible for

    pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians does protecting patients and the public. Patients will be protected through explicit and accountable

    not jeopardise patient safety supervision and by the provision of clear and transparent standards of conduct based on our Pre-

     registration Trainee code of conduct

    Trainees must never be put in a situation where they are asked to work beyond their competence

    without appropriate support and supervision1.2 Pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians only

    undertake tasks in which they are competent, or are

    learning to be competent, under adequate supervision

    Patient safety must be paramount at all times. Where there are serious concerns about the trainee’s 1.3 Assessment and monitoring systems are in place to

    performance, health or conduct, immediate steps must be taken to protect patients and the public. ensure that pre-registration trainee pharmacy

    Trainees must not be allowed to continue their education and training if they pose a risk to patients technicians are able to practise safely and effectively and the public. at a level that is consistent with their stage of

    education and training. Causes for concern should be

    addressed promptly


    All those responsible for the education and training of trainees have a responsibility to share 1.4 Provision of appropriate support relating to health,

    information relating to their trainee’s health, conduct or performance to ensure that those providing conduct and professional progression is available to

    tutoring and supervision are properly informed. The trainee must agree to this. Where the trainee pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians does not agree,, or is not able to agree,, those responsible for education and training must consider the trainee’s right to confidentiality and any serious risk posed to patients, the public, themselves or

    colleagues when deciding whether to share information with other people involved in the education

    or training of the individual. In some circumstances, if the trainee is not able or willing to agree to

    such information being revealed to other people involved in their education or training, they should

    not be allowed to continue.

    Trainees must be aware of their responsibilities in relation to identifying and raising concerns about 1.5 Trainees are not allowed to complete an accredited or

    patient safety and or the conduct of others that is not consistent with good professional practice as approved programme if they are a risk to patients and

    set out in the Pre-registration Trainee Technician Code of Conduct. the public

    Trainees must be aware that from 1 July 2011, it is an offence for anyone who is not registered with 1.6 Training providers delivering an accredited or

    us to pretend to be a pharmacy technician. approved programme use the Code of Conduct for

    Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians to

    ensure that professionalism is embedded in trainees

    and to act as a guide to what constitutes acceptable

    and unacceptable practice, attitudes and behaviours

    in relation to fitness to practise.

    Standard 2 Selection of trainees


    2. All selection procedures must be open, fair and designed to identify those applicants who will practise safely and effectively and

     uphold the standards of the profession

     Evidence should include selection policies and procedures, analysis of selection data and training records of staff involved in selection

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance and evidence

    All admission requirements must be clearly set out in information that is made available to potential 2.1 Selection policies and procedures must provide those

    applicants. submitting the application and those making the

    Guidance for applicants and employers should include information about resources, including costs selection decisions with the information they need to and time that might be involved in undertaking their course or period of training. make informed choices Information should also make it clear that successfully completing all elements of pharmacy technician education and training means that applicants are eligible to apply to register with us;

    however it does not guarantee registration. Clear reference should be made to the fact that the

    pharmacy regulator will undertake checks on character and health issues before approving

    application to register

     2.2 Those responsible for selection must be trained to

    All staff involved in selection should have been trained appropriately and are aware of relevant apply selection guidelines consistently and fairly. They

    legislative requirements.must be trained to be able to promote equality and

    diversity and follow current equal opportunities

    legislation and good practice

    Standard 3 Equality, diversity and opportunity


3. All aspects of pharmacy technician education and training must be based on principles of equality, diversity and fairness and meet

    the requirements of all relevant legislation

     Evidence should include information collected, relevant policies and how they are implemented and monitored.

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance and evidence

    This standard is intended to ensure that trainees and applicants are treated fairly on the grounds of 3.1 Information about equality and diversity issues must

    gender, race, social background, disability, religion, sexual orientation and other forms of be collected routinely, analysed, recommendations

    discrimination. It is also concerned with encouraging diversity in the profession to reflect modern developed, implemented and monitored society.

    3.2 Equality and diversity training records must be

    collected routinely and fed into quality management

    and enhancement mechanisms where appropriate

    Equality, diversity and opportunity awareness pervades the other standards and all activities.3.3 Information about how issues are identified and

    addressed as part of the quality management and

    enhancement systems and how outcomes are

    disseminated should be collected and reported.

    Standard 4 Monitoring, review and evaluation


    4. The quality of pharmacy technician education and training must be monitored, reviewed and evaluated in a systematic way

     Evidence should include course regulations, quality data (including data relating to the quality and consistency of any assessments of safe and effective practice) and evidence from all those involved in teaching, learning and assessment.

     Criteria to meet this standard


    There should be procedures in place to ensure that assessment, resources and the quality of teaching 4.1 The standard will be demonstrated by systems and

    and learning is monitored. policies that encompass the following information

    There should be mechanisms for monitoring trainees’ progression against the outcomes defined in the about roles and responsibilities, lines of accountability curriculumand authority to act of those involved in education and training together with the timing of monitoring reports and reviews.

    All aspects of education and training must be covered including:

     entry to education and training ;

     quality of teaching and learning (including the ;


     appraisal of and feedback to trainees ;

     assessment of trainees ;

     supervision, including training ;

     educational resources and capacity ;

     appeals ;

     malpractice and plagiarism ;

    There should be clear quality management systems in place for the curriculum, which should be fit for 4.2 There must be procedures in place to check the

    purpose and demonstrate consistency, validity and reliability in measuring outcomesquality of teaching, learning and assessment and to

    ensure that standards are being maintained. These must be monitored using a variety of methods and approaches such as staff appraisal, student feedback, patient feedback and peer review.


    There should be clear quality management systems in place for workplace-based progress 4.3 Any problems identified through the gathering and

    review/appraisals, where both must be fit for purpose.analysis of quality data should be addressed promptly

    and the actions taken clearly documented. It must be

     clear who is responsible for this.

Standard 5 Support and development for trainees

    5. Trainees must be supported to acquire the necessary skills and experience through induction, effective supervision, an appropriate and realistic workload, personal support and time to learn

     Evidence should include systematic feedback from those who are being supported and quality management data, such as CPD portfolio feedback reports, tutor and trainee evaluations.

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance

    Trainees must have appropriate support. Training providers and employers must produce information 5.1 Trainees must have access to pharmacists and/or

    about the support networks available including named contacts for trainees with problems. All tutors pharmacy technicians who are able to act as role

    and training provider staff should be provided with a summary of the support and development models and provide professional support and opportunities available to trainees. guidance Trainers must make sure that trainees are properly supervised. Special support and guidance must be provided for trainees whose health, behaviour or skills give cause for concern. Where concerns arise

    because of a trainee’s disability, full consideration must be given to making reasonable adjustments

    to enable the trainee to complete the outcomes and application for registration.

    Support and development should include health, welfare and conduct issues in so far as it affects their


    All trainees should be provided with a summary of the support and development opportunities

    available to them.


Standard 6 Support and development for those providing education and training

    6. Those involved in providing the teaching and learning must be supported to acquire the necessary skills and experience through

    induction, effective mentoring, continuing professional development and personal support

     Evidence should include staff development records, job descriptions and personal development portfolios and evidence of appropriate personal and

    professional development.

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance

    Any pharmacist or pharmacy technician who comes into contact with trainees should recognise the 6.1 Supervising pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

    importance of role models in developing appropriate behaviours towards patients and the public and must have an identified source of support from the colleagues. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with particular responsibility for teaching and training provider assessing trainees must be appropriately qualified.

    All those involved in providing teaching and learning should be provided with a summary of the 6.2 Staff involved with the delivery and/or assessment of

    support and development opportunities available to them.the programme must undergo a designated period of

    training and development in teaching, learning,

    assessment and trainee support

    Standard 7 Management of initial education and training

7. Education and training must be planned and maintained through transparent processes which show who is responsible at each stage

    Evidence should include details of arrangements between the training provider and employers, such as clear plans and learning contracts between stakeholders and outcomes of quality monitoring and enhancement processes.

    The education and training delivers trainees who are able to demonstrate the learning outcomes and are able to practise safely and effectively under supervision and to apply for registration with the GPhC


     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance

    Systems and structures must be in place to manage the education and training of trainees. They must 7.1 All education and training will be supported by a

    take into account of: defined management plan with a schedule of

    ; Access to and availability of suitable facilities responsibilities as well as defined structures and

    ; Management of student progress processes to ensure the maintenance of standards in ; Communication networks to support trainees and tutors the arrangement and content of education and Systems and structures must be in place to manage the relationship between the training provider training to ensure effective delivery and employer. They must include: ; Robust communication networks

    ; Clear lines of authority and responsibility

Standard 8 Resources and capacity

    8. The education and training facilities, infrastructure, leadership and other staffing must be sufficient to deliver outcomes Evidence should include the curriculum vitae and job descriptions of relevant staff, routine quality assurance and enhancement processes, GPhC quality

    assurance and enhancement processes such as accreditation visits and site visits and regular reviews of resources and infrastructure

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance

    All training providers must have a pharmacist or pharmacy technician who has professional 8.1 All training providers must have a pharmacist or

    responsibility and sufficient authority to deliver outcomespharmacy technician who has professional

    responsibility and sufficient authority to deliver


     8.2 There must be:

    Resources and facilities must be appropriate to developing all levels of outcomes sufficient staff to deliver the education and ;

    training and support trainees’ learning


     appropriately qualified and experienced staff ;

     access to appropriate learning resources ;

     facilities that are fit for purpose ;

Standards 9 to 11 Curriculum

9. The programme must develop the required skills, knowledge and understanding

    Evidence should include programme specifications, training materials, mapping to the curriculum and standards and procedures for programme review

    and development.

     Criteria to meet this standard Guidance

    9.1 For competency based qualifications, the programme The curriculum requirements are set out below

    covers the knowledge, skills and understanding set out

    in Appendix 1

    9.2 For knowledge based qualifications, the programme The curriculum requirements are set out below

    covers the knowledge and understanding set out in

    appendix 2


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