By Charlotte Ellis,2014-09-09 20:13
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    Finding a Good Job is my top concern

    Good afternoon,honorable judges! Im zhu wen ting, and I major in

    English for journalism.Im very glad to be here to attend this contest.

    Today,my topic is Finding a Job is my top concern.

    Why do I concern about it?As we all know,the financial crisis of 2008 which had a great impact on the whole worlds economy.

    Employment rate also have been affected seriously.According to the data of ILO,the unemployment would increased by 8.4million in 2009. To our university students,it is really a bad news.With the development of Shanghai,more and more people come to Shanghai and settle in here.What we face in the future is that more graduates will compete with us,that is to say,maybe one position,there will be 10 or more people apply for it.

    As a sophomore,I really feel pressed in such a severe situation. I will graduate from university after two years. And finding a good job is my top concern now. If I want to get a good job. There are two important factors according to present situation. One is the experience,the other is the ability. So from now on,I should participate in more social practice to gain experience and in school I could take part in some activities and contests to train myself,to make me be qualified for the society.

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