The DC Trooper - Washington, DC Chapter, 82nd Airborne Div Assn

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The DC Trooper - Washington, DC Chapter, 82nd Airborne Div Assn


     Dick Yates, Editor 2000 No. 4 November 5216 Cather Road Springfield, VA 22151

     CHAIRMAN’S CORNER From the Secretary:

     Fellow Troopers, During the next few days I will be sending letters to Approximately 30 Washington DC Chapter members With the arrival of November, the Chapter is

     Who are on the DC roster, but are still assigned to faced with some of the most significant events of the

    calendar year, the election of officers and the Their old chapters, ie. 325, 504, 505, Central Veterans' Day activities. As you know I have listed PA Chapters on the national association roster. If the vacancies for 2001. You’ll see the updated list you receive this letter, please return the transfer form enclosed in this newsletter. Once again, I ask you to th before November 10. The deadline for the “Early step forward and throw your hat in the ring. As for th Bird” is November 15. Also include your 2001 dues, Veterans’ Day, our Project Officer, Dick Yates is

    doing a super job in putting our hospitality room If unpaid, to the Chapter Treasurer, Peter Gentieu. If operation together. As many of you know this is a you know you are receiving newsletters from another high profile operation. The success of which will say chapter, please contact me for the transfer form. a lot about the DC Chapter and our professionalism. Let’s fill the Paraglide’s Early Bird columns with DC The success of this operation is contingent on

     Troopers Troopers stepping forward to volunteer with food,

    set-up, clean-up and bar operations. Look at your Alexandria, VA calendars and let Dick or me know what time you Richard Yates can devote to support the hospitality room. Go get Secretary um Dick! 703 256-7397

    Secretary Airborne All The Way”! Bill

703 256-7397 or

     Event Schedule 2000

     Nov 10-12 Veterans’ Day

     Dec 16 Christmas Party

     NEXT General Membership MEETING: 4 SEP 2000 at 1300 Ft. Myer Chapel Center


The general membership meeting of the Washington, DC Chapter was held in the Religious thEducation Building, Main Post Chapel, Fort Myer, Virginia, October 7 2000.

    Vice Chairman Colonel Bob Woods opened the meeting at 1300 hours with 27 members present. Our Chaplain Emeritus Trooper Dick Owen gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

     ndCopies of the September 2 meeting were passed out to the members for review Trooper Bob Beck made a motion to accept the September minutes, seconded by Dave O’Malie and approved by the members.

    Secretary Yates read a letter from a member living in Texas. Trooper Frank Larimee has established a missionary camp for disadvantaged children, 9 to 12 years. He’s calling this ndendeavor “82 Airborne Division Missionary:, also a letter from Chaplain Dick Owen, noting his retirement from the office of Chaplain effective at the close of this term. Bob Woods thanked Dick for his many years of faithful service to the chapter.

    Chapter Treasurer, N. Peter Gentieu brought the meeting to a standstill with a very sad traffic story which brought many a tear to the membership. Peter passed out the Treasurer’s Report for review. Bob Beck made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Bud

    Dutton and approved. This pass month Peter has received six paid for life and 21 regular renewals.

    OLD BUSINESS: Bob Woods displayed his sign-up boards for volunteers to work the AUSA th“Army 10-Miler” October 15, 2000; the “Fall Membership Drive” October 21, 2000 and the “Veterans’ Day” hospitality suite November 10-12, 2000. Many volunteers signed-up, but we

    need more. Others may sign-up at the November meeting.

    Army 10-Miler Chairman Peter discussed the race, our duties and the rewards. We have three runners and nine volunteers. Report at 0600 hours, South Parking of the Pentagon.

    Fall Membership Drive Chairman Bob Woods informed the members of the 21 October drive at Fort Belvoir and Fort Myer. We will be looking for potential members and sales of the chapter ndT-shirts, patches and 82 cozies. Hours are from 1200 to 1600 hours. Bob also reminded the thmembers to re-up before the November 15, Early Bird close. Veterans’ Day Chairman Dick ndYates reports the days of operation of the 82 Airborne Association hospitality suite will be thNovember 10, 11 and 12 from 3 PM to midnight. The Chapter will have $1,000 to operate the suite and to purchase good quality snacks and beverages. Volunteers are needed to decorate ththe suite on Thursday, NOV 9 at 1300 hours. Takes about one hour. This is a fun event, please come and join us.

    NEW BUSINESS: The Nominating Committee of Ed Maltese and Bud Dutton will present the year 2001 nominees for the officers and the vacant directors positions at the November 4th general membership meeting.


    Skip McGrath reports, Colonel Louis Mandez is recovering from a stroke and broken hip. COL Ed Maltese reports the passing of Colonel James Kaiser’s wife. Jim is also in poor health.

    The 50/50 Raffle was won by Forrest Simmons. Forrest donated $15 to the chapter.

    Chaplain Emeritus Dick Owen gave the Airborne Benediction. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bob Beck, seconded by Bob Woods and approved.


    Don’t forget, elections are coming in November. Some key officer positions that will need to be filled are: Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Chaplain. But, you don’t have to wait until then to get

    involved with Chapter operations. We still need folks to fill the following vacancies:

     1. SGT at ARMS

     2. Veterans’ Day Hospitality

    3. Quartermaster

    4. Board of Directors (3 vacancies)

     Veteran’s Day

    On Friday, 10 November, the Washington DC Chapter in conjunction with the Reuben Tucker Chapter will host the Veteran’s Day activities and hospitality

    room at Fort Myers. Our Chapter has responsibility for the hospitality room in the Day’s Inn, Route 50, across from the Henry Gate. The room will be open 10-12

    NOV at 1300 each day. We need as many Troopers as possible to support our operation. If you can give any time, call Dick Yates, Chapter Project Officer (703 256-7397). The Schedule of Ceremonies (Tentative) is as follows:

     st FRI, 10 NOV - 1 Ceremony at 1035

     nd1. Tomb of the Unknown, 82 Abn Div

    2. 508 PIR Assn

    3. 1SG Funk Gravesite

    4. 555 PIR Assn

    5. Golden Brigade Assn

    6. 325 GIR th7. 13 Abn Div Assn

     stSAT, 11 NOV - 1 Ceremony

    1. Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

    2. Korean War Memorial


    st SUN, 12 NOV - 1 Ceremony at 1035

     th1. Tomb of the Unknown, 11 Abn Div

    2. Womens’ Military Memorial nd3. 82 Abn Div Assn th4. 187 RCT Assn

    5. Gen Robinson Gravesite

    6. Gen Ridgeway Gravesite th7. 11 Abn Div Assn

    8. 173d Abn Brigade

    9. Tucker/504 PIR

     Christmas Party

Again we are blessed to have one of the Grand Dames of the Chapter, Skip

    McGrath putting together the Chapter Christmas Party. It is scheduled for the th16 of December at 1830 at the Ft, Myers Officer Club. Attached is a sign-up

    and meal selection sheet. Don’t forget to mark this date on your holiday


     Welcome New or Transfer members

    MG John J. Marcello

    MAJ Daniel B. Allyn

    MAJ Denise A. Delawtet

    MAJ Allene T. Martin

    CPT Norman P. Kirby Jr.

    CSM William E. Hoffer

    CSM John W. Mc Connell

    CSM Robert F. Phifer

    SGT Andrew M. Smith

    Charles E. Gagen

    Joseph E. Hollar, Jr.

    Scott A. Poe

    Charles P. Schaffer

    James J. Stevens, Sr.


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