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    Lihou Zhang

    Address: School of Communication Engineering Jilin University (Nanhu District)

    Chaoyang District Changchun City

    Postal Code130012 Birth Date December 2, 1987 GenderMale

    Politics statusLeague member Tel18943620318 E-mail

    Education background

    A graduate of information engineering major School of Communication Engineering Jilin University 2012

    ; Ranking the top 50% in our university.

    ; A master of signal system analysis based on communication theory, digital signal

    processing, random signal processing courses.

    ; Having a good knowledge of C language, assembly language, and writing related

    simple procedure, And participated in the Electronic Design Contest with


    Personal abilities

    ; English ability: passed CET4(482),can speak English fluently ,and can talk with

    others without any difficulties.

    ; IT ability: familiar with office applications such as C language, word,

    PowerPoint, Excel and so on.

    ; Social ability: fluent and smooth language, strong logical ability, good at

    communicating with others and have strong team spirit.

    Work experience in student organization

    ; 2008-92009-9 Deputy minister of readers association of Jilin University

    Organized the competition of Encyclopedic Knowledge

    ; 2009-92010-9 Routine deputy president of readers association of Jilin


    Organized Winterthe dusty memory” an essay solicitation activity

    ; 2009-92010-9 Deputy minister of public relation department of Federation of

    Student Associations, Jilin University Nanhu District

    Organized Tianyi Cup Ten best singers contest of Jilin University Nanhu


    Organized the first competition of simulated workplace interview of Jilin

    University Nanhu District

    ; 2010-92011-9 Deputy president of public relation department of Federation

    of Student Associations, president of students union and League branch

    secretary of Jilin University Nanhu District

    SuccessfullyorganizedHuashu nightChangchun universities alliance show

    evening party

     Organized the first Jilin University Daren show

Social activity

    ; I sold some daily necessities to the freshmen with my classmates in 2009

    Feelings: For the first time I learnt how to sell and how to face failures such as others refusal.

    th; I volunteered for the 25 National Badminton Tournament elderly in 2010.

    Feelings: Although I havent received any payment, I did a dedicate work because I believe that once you decided to do something, you should try hard to do your best. ; I founded Nanhu second-hand book store with my classmate in 2010.

    Feelings Through this process, I learnt how to think and how to plan, I realized that complete a project is actually a process from realize the problem to solve it. ; I have been teaching at Youxin education organization since July 2011.

    Feelings: This is a systematical and complicated work. From preparation to teaching, from teaching to talking to the parents, every procedure needs careful design and prepare. I realize that happiness always comes from helping others. Self-assessment

    I have great love for life and I am outgoing and positive. I like helping others and I am diligent. I have a solid professional foundation and independent logical thinking ability. I can shoulder pressure and have strong team spirit. I am good at communicating and I have the experience and ability to organize big night parties. I like adventure and have self-management and the ability to study. Once I decide to do something, I will never give up. In additionI have the experience of being

    a tutor, so I think I can do well as a communication trainer.

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