You see someone looking conceited or pompous

By Lori Hudson,2014-06-11 06:58
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You see someone looking conceited or pompous

     Ponder . . .

1. You see someone looking conceited or pompous. Something happens that makes the

    person appear foolish. Write in a way that subtly makes fun of that person.

Who is the What is the What is the What is your

    person? Doesn’t person doing? incongruity the thing conclusion think

    have to be a that goes wrong, which “human condition”?

    person’s name; the person may not

    can be the “role.” even be aware of

     that occurs?

2. You have great plans, but, oops, they fall apart. What was the plan? How did it fall


3. Child to Adult

    Phrases / sentences to describe Phrases / sentences to Your conclusions about aspects of your child life. Think describe aspects of your where you are / who you innocence, play, plenty, no life now. Busier? More are now compared with worries. If that description is stressful? More work / where you are / who you not true for your childhood, see less play? What else? are now.

    if you can go back in your

    memory far enough to see if

    you ever had this sense. If not,

    try to imagine it; imagine what

    you might want your child to


    4. Write about a time you had a sense of something indefinable, something bigger” than you?

     Ponder . . .

    5. Nature

    How do you feel when you How do you feel when you If you could choose to be

    are in nature? Maybe are in school / at work? in one more than the

    camping or hiking? Being What might you gain? other, which would you

    in the woods? By a lake or What might you lose? choose? Why?

    the ocean? Looking at the

    stars? What might you

    gain? What might you


6. Describe someone who is beautiful on the outside and the inside!

    7. Write an “ode” to something in nature. Describe and praise and ponder this thing.

8. What do you want to accomplish before you die? What would you miss if you were aware?

9. Do you know anyone who has considered suicide? Did they share with you or can you guess

    what the appeal was? Did they share with you why they changed their mind?

10. Explain your understanding of the “Occupy” movement.

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