Local Grants Contacts throughout Maryland

By Hazel Ward,2014-06-19 07:19
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Local Grants Contacts throughout Maryland

    Compiled by the Governor’s Grants Office

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Maryland Local Government Contacts

In addition to its network of state agency grants administrators, the Governor’s Grants Office has

    create a wide network throughout the State of people who serve as grants resource specialists at the county and/or municipal level and at school systems and community colleges. Each Department of Social Services (DSS), part of the state’s Department of Human Resources, has a primary contact on grants issues. Most counties in Maryland are now served by a community foundation, the mission of each being to serve the needs of a particular community. Local Management Boards (LMBs) help prioritize local spending decisions for children. Cooperating Collections are sponsored by the Foundation Center and encourage more detailed grants research. And Volunteer Centers can be invaluable for moving along projects.

    While all of these resources can potentially be a source of funding, they often will play a more valuable role in helping to build additional partnerships. What follows is a compilation of these resources, listed by county.


    Allegany College of Maryland: David Jones, Director of Grants & Development,

    DSS: Kim Truly,, 301-784-7105,

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of Allegany and Garrett Counties, contact: Trish Yoder,, 301-876-9172.

    LMB: Lesa Diehl, c/o Allegany County Health Department,, 301-759-5070.

    Volunteer Center: Deborah Miller, 301-724-7116,

Anne Arundel:

    County: Maria Casasco, Grants Administrator, 410-222-1879,; Yevola

    Peters, Special Assistant, 410-222-1220,;

    Sheryl E. Banks, Special Assistant, 410-222-1220,

    Schools: Lois Kleinhenn Lanier, Chief Development Officer, Public Schools, 410-222-2908,;

    Anne Arundel Community College: Kathy Bolton, Director, Sponsored Programs,

    DSS: Iris Mapp,, 301-269-4660.

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of the Chesapeake, Bess Langbein, 410-280-1102,;

    LMB: Pamela M. Brown, Ph.D., Executive Director, Anne Arundel Co.

    Local Management Board, 410-222-7423,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Lois Kelberman or Pamela Bowling, 410-222-1750.

    Volunteer Center: Fay Mauro, Director, 410-897-9207,;

Baltimore City:

    Schools: Lisa Wiseman, Grants Manager,, 410-361-9012

    Baltimore City Community College: Michelle Towson, Director of Grants Development,

    DSS: John Sullivan,, 443-378-4642.

Community Foundation: Baltimore Community Foundation, 410-332-4172,

    LMB: Family League of Baltimore City, 410-662-5500,, Kevin Keegan, President & CEO,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Enoch Pratt Free Library, Dan Owens, 410-396-5320 Volunteer Center: Kate Scherr, Director, 410-366-6030,;

Baltimore County:

    County: Meg Ferguson, Baltimore County Enforcement Hearing Office, Administrative Office,


    Schools: Angela Euculano, Grants Specialist, Baltimore County Public Schools, 410-887-3487.

    Community College of Baltimore County: Nancy Smith, Director of Grants Development,

    DSS: Jamaal Moses,, 410-853-3905.

    Community Foundation: Baltimore Community Foundation, 410-332-4172,

    LMB: Donald Schlimm, Acting Executive Director, Baltimore

    County Local Management Board, 410-887-8727,

    Volunteer Center: Baltimore County Volunteers, Scott Jaudon, Manager, 410-887-2715,

Calvert County:

    County: Timothy Hayden, Deputy Director of Finance,, 410-535-1600 x


    Schools: Cheryl Johnson, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, 410-535-7277,

    DSS: Synda Buckmaster,, 443-550-6998.

    LMB: James Stanley, Coordinator, Calvert County Family Network, 410-414-5997,

    Volunteer Centers: United Way of Calvert County, 410-286-0103, AND Volunteer Southern Maryland, College of Southern Maryland (La Plata Campus),

    Public Library Grants Collection: Prince Frederick branch, Cathy Moffatt-Bush, 410-535-0291.

Caroline County:

    Schools: Cynthia Spicer, Director of Elemetary Schools, 410-479-1460,;

    DSS: Linda Webb,, 410-819-4470.

    Community Foundation: The Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 410-820-8175,

    LMB: Susan Runnels, Caroline County Human Services Council, 410-479-4446,

    Town of Federalsburg, George “Happy” Mayer, Jr., Grants Manager,,


Carroll County:

    County: Colleen Baumgartner,;

    Carroll Community College: Kathy Maynan, Institutional Development Coordinator,

    Schools: Drew Sexton, Budget Officer, Public Schools, 410-751-3083;

    Michelle Caples, Grants Analyst, 410-751-3082, DSS: Frank Valenti,, 410-386-3336.

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of Carroll County, 410-876-5505

    LMB: Mary Scolz, Administrator, Carroll County LMB, 410-386-3600,

Cecil County:

    Schools: Mike Schmook, Grants Coordinator, 410-996-5663,;

    Cecil College: Rebecca Walker, Director, Academic Support,

    DSS: Diana Klusak, Director,, 410-996-0250.

    LMB: Barbara Smith, LMB Coordinator, Cecil County Human Services Agency, c/o Cecil County Department of Social Services 410-996-0170.

Charles County:

    County: Debbie Posey, Grants Analyst/Fiscal,, 301-638-2404;

    College of Southern Maryland: Becky Cockerham, Grants Development Specialist,

    Schools: Tony Silva, Instructional Specialist, Office of Program Support, 301-934-7366,

    DSS: Debbie Guled,, 301-392-6461

    LMB: Brenda Wolcott, LMB Coordinator,, 301-396-5242. Charles

    County Department of Social Services.

    Public Library Grants Collection: Waldorf branch, Cindy Thornley, 301-645-2864. Volunteer Center: Volunteer Southern Maryland, College of Southern Maryland (La Plata Campus),

Dorchester County:

    Schools: Jodi Coleman, Supervisor of Title 1/1, Elem School Reading, 410-221-1111 x 1003,

    DSS: Victoria Stanley,, 410-901-4243.

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, 410-742-9911,

    LMB: Nancy Shockley, Director Dorchester County Local

    Management Board, 410-228-0281.

Frederick County:

    County: Carol Abramson, Team Leader, Frederick County Grants Office, cabramson@fredco-, 301-600-1120;Ann Brown, Fire and Rescue,, 301-600-

    1918; Susan Shelton, Frederick Dept. of Aging, 301-228-2806,; and

    Marty Gallagher, Grants Coordinator, Sheriff’s Office,, 301-


    Schools: Doreen Bass, Grants Coordinator, Public Schools, 301-696-6855,;

    Frederick Community College: Kim Johnson, Asst. Director, Institutional Development,

    DSS: Deborah Lundahl,, 410-694-2429.

    Community Foundation: The Community Foundation of Frederick County, 301-695-7660,

    LMB: Christal Hanson, Director, Frederick County Office for Children and Families, 301-600-3536,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Central Library, Pat Anderson, 301-600-1383. Volunteer Center: Volunteer Frederick,;

Garrett County:

    County: Peggy Jamison, 301-334-8981,

    Schools: Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent, Public Schools, 301-334-8937. Garrett College: James Allen, Director of Institutional Planning,

    DSS: Alicia Streets,, 301-533-3027.

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of Garrett and Allegany Counties, 301-777-2158,

    LMB: Fred Polce, CSA/LMB Director Garrett County Partnership for Children and Families, Inc., 301-334-1189,

Harford County:

    County: Brenda Peisinger, Grants Coordinator

    Community Foundation: Tamara Zavislan, Director, 443-371-6062,;

    Schools: Mary Beth Stapleton, Grants Coordinator, 410-588-5263

    DSS: Jerry Reyerson,, 410-836-44955.

    LMB: Elizabeth Hendrix, Director, Department of Community Services 410-638-3389. The

    rford County LMB: 410-638-3166Ha,

    Volunteer Center: Harford County Connection/RSVP, Jennifer Davis, Dept. of Community Services, 410-638-3166,

Howard County:

    County: Thompson (Tim) Betts, 410-313-3224,; Peter Brunner, 410-313-2085,

    Schools: Tricia Murphy, Program Support Specialist, 410-313-6648,;

    DSS: Linda Zumbrun,, 410-872-8267.

    Community Foundation: The Columbia Foundation, 410-730-7840,

    LMB: Keri Hyde, Director Howard County Local Children’s Board, 410-313-1940,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Central Library, Joe McHugh, 410-313-7860.

    Volunteer Center: Michael-Anne Gomez, Executive Director, 410-715-3172,;

Kent County:

    County: William Kerbin, Housing Planner, Kent County Dept. of Planning, Housing and Zoning,


    Schools: Dawn Angrin, Grants Writer, 410-778-6594;; DSS: Paula Gish,, 410-810-7653.

    Community Foundation: The Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 410-820-8175,

    LMB: Hope Clark, LMB Director, Local Management Board for Children’s and Family Services of Kent County, 410-810-2673,

Montgomery County:

    County: Kathleen Sheedy, Health and Human Services,, 240-777-4518; Beryl Feinberg, Office of Management and Budget,;

    Schools: Lisa Wiseman, Grants Specialist, Public Schools, 301-279-3585,

    Montgomery College: Nancy Nuell, Director of Business Development and Grants,

Community Foundation: The Montgomery County Community Foundation,


    LMB: Carol Walsh, Executive Director Montgomery

    County Community Foundation, 301-610-0147,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Rockville branch only: Karen Logsdon, 240-777-0147. Volunteer Center: Molly Callaway, Operations Manager, 240-777-2607,

Prince George's County:

    County: Deanna Baker-Mims, Office of Management and Budget,

    Lavinia A. Baxter, Public Management Fellow, Office of Management & Budget, 301-952-3056,; City of Bowie: Jesse Buggs, Grants Administrator, 301-809-3094,; City of Seat Pleasant: Jane Talbert, Grants Manager, 301-336-2600

Schools: Sheila Gray, Director, Grants Development, 301-952-6361,; Maggie

    Holmes, Resource Grants Specialist, 301-952-6796,; Wardell Payne,

    Resource Grants Specialist, 301-780-2182, Prince George’s Community College: Brenda Mitchell, Director of Development,

    DSS: Loretta Tillery,, 301-909-7010. DSS/Child Support: Carole, 301-316-4046. Martindale-Padmore,

    Community Foundation: The Prince George's Community Foundation, 301-464-6706,

    LMB: Judy M. DuBose, PhD., Director, Prince George’s County

    Commission for Children, Youth and Families, 301-265-8446,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Hyattsville branch, John Krivak, 301-985-4690.

    Teresa Gardner-Williams, Director, 301-669-2800 Volunteer Center:;

Queen Anne's County:

    County/LMB: Mike Clark, Community Partnerships (LMB), 410-758-6677,

    Schools: Diane Larrimore, Grants Specialist, Public Schools, 410-758-2403,;

    Chesapeake College: Kim Miller, Director, Institutional Planning,

    DSS: Judi Beskid,, 410-758-8010.

    Community Foundation: The Foundation for Community Partnership, 410-758-6677 and The Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 410-820-8175,

    LMB: Michael Clark, Director LMB, Queen Anne’s County Community

    Partnership for Children and Families, 410-758-6677.

    Public Library Grants Collection: Chesapeake College (Wye Mills), Ginny Caputa, 410-827-5860.

St. Mary's County:

    Schools: Mark Smith, Special Programs, 301-475-5511, x137,;

    DSS: Marsha Tidler, Contract Specialist,, 240-895-7135;

    LMB: Kelsey Bush, LMB Manager, 301-475-4200.

    Public Library Grant Collection: Lexington Park branch, Diann Thompson, 301-863-8188.

    Volunteer Center: Volunteer Southern Maryland, College of Southern Maryland (La Plata Campus);

Somerset County:

    County/LMB: George “Rocky” Burnett, Exec. Director, Somerset LMB,, 410-623-2906.

    Schools: Vicki Miller, Director of Finance & Management, Public Schools, 410-651-1485,

    DSS: Joyce Cottman,, 410-677-4389.

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, 410-742-9911,

    LMB: Susanna Henson, Executive Director,, 410-651-2824.

    Volunteer Center: ShoreCAN Volunteer Center, Salisbury University, 410-546-6015,

Talbot County:

    Schools: Charles Connolly, Director of Finance, Public Schools, 410-822-0330, or Hilary Spence, Grants Specialist, Public Schools, 410-822-0330,;

    DSS: Lynn Gurley, 410-770-4978.

    Community Foundation: The Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 410-820-8175,

    LMB: Donna Kegley-Hacker, Director,, 410-770-6868. Talbot Family Network, 410-770-6870,

Washington County:

    County: Steve Goodrich, Chief Planner,, 240-313-2438.

    Schools: Terri Baker, Development Coordinator, 301-766-2974,

    DSS: Russell Citro,, 240-420-2190.

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of Washington County, 301-745-5210,

    LMB: Tom Kline, 240-313-2093, Public Library Grants Collection: Hagerstown branch, Harry Sachs, 301-791-5169.

Wicomico County:

    County/LMB: Linda Hardman. Exec. Dir., LMB, 410-546-5400,;

    Grants Workshop Teacher Beverly Ward,

    Schools: Linda Stark, School Improvement Coordinator, 410-677-4478,; Deanna Morris, Grants Specialist, 410-677-4532,

    DSS: Gaylena Bevins,, 410-713-3913.

    Municipal: City of Salisbury Government, Lore Chambers, Ass’t City Manager,

    Community Foundation: Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, 410-742-9911,

    Public Library Grants Collection: Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Erica Joseph,


    LMB: Diana Reinoso Parnell,, 410-546-5400.

    Volunteer Center: ShoreCAN Volunteer Center, Salisbury University, 410-546-6015,

Worcester County:

    County: Kim Johnson, Budget Accountant, 410-632-1194, x1005,

    Schools: Sandy Pacella, Grant Writer, Public Schools, 410-632-5003,

    DSS: Mary Beth Quillen,, 410-677-6834.

Community Foundation: Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, 410-742-9911,

    Municipal: Wayne Pryor, Ocean City grants coordinator, 410-289-8463;

    LMB: Jennifer LaMade, Director,, 410-632-1100. Worchester County Initiative to Preserve Families, 410-632-3648,

    Volunteer Center: ShoreCAN Volunteer Center, Salisbury University, 410-546-6015,; Volunteer Services, Worcester County Government

    (Snow Hill), Cyndy Howell, Manager, 410-632-5656,

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